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  1. I can't really comment much on piano technique or arrangement, since that isn't my forte. But I'd like to say that I really enjoyed listening to this! I really liked your variations on the themes, and I thought it came together very well. Did you play it by hand?
  2. Very nice sound. As one of the comments says, the notes are very slightly off, but I suppose that isn't really helpful. This piece gives off a creepy yet pretty feeling. I look forward to your future remixes!
  3. I know how it feels to be antsy about getting feedback and all. I went through the same phase, but I also learned that feedback requires patience on these boards (due, in part, to how long it takes to respond to a remix)--so I try to provide feedback to mixes that don't have many replies. OK, so! I'm new to this piece, but I've given it a few listens and I think I can understand the gist of it. I'm gonna do a little stream of consciousness about your remix because that makes it easier for me to write honestly: The water noise at the beginning is a bit obnoxious to me. The initial sound of waves is nice, but the bubbly part after that was a bit wonky. Okay, moving on! Nice low-pass sounds in the backgrounds, but perhaps with a bit too much resonance. The drum kit sounds odd and out of place--it has too much reverb and is overall too bright, IMO. I'd experiment with different sounds if I were you. The stutter in the main backing chords was a bit jarring, but sounded pretty cool I suppose. Honestly, though, it's hard for me to tell how much this piece adheres to the source due to a lack of melody--I'm assuming you're going to throw that in later. Good effort so far. You've got a pretty good starting point. I'd recommend listening to it over and over again and cutting out things that you don't like. Don't worry: you'll always come up with better ideas to replace those
  4. I definitely hear the connection--perhaps you're thinking of the JP version? This one is definitely a remix of this one: http://youtu.be/MZppmoy-uYk You have a lot of good sounds going on in here. I like the dance/rock hybrid sound in this mix, and I think the production is decent. A little sidechaining could make the drums sound punchier, which is probably what you'll want for the heavier parts of this piece, since it's a dance track and all. But, I'd keep the mellow areas as-is, very reverb- and delay-heavy. That said, this mix is pretty conservative. I love the improv you've put into this, but I think you could stand to add a little more. I say this mostly because the original piece is already a kind of dance/rock piece, and most of your track is note-for-note the same piece. All in all, great effort! Keep it up!
  5. Thanks for the feedback, timaeus! I'm using Emotional Piano for the piano. Perhaps it's the filter I'm using at the beginning that makes it sound off? I'll see if I can make it less robotic. Not really vinyl--it's actually the same snare used in the rest of the song, but with crazy distortion and filters on top. As for the shortened snare that comes in later, perhaps I can replace that with a less mid-y sample and only use the mid-heavy snare after the intro. Yeah, I'm definitely still working on my composing/programming of melodies in general. I'll try to make it more portamento and add vibrato and all that to see if it improves at all. I've temporarily lost the muse for this one but I'm gonna make the needed fixes and update it in due time. I've finally gotten it through my thick skull that repeating sections is lazy and makes the music boring. I'll work on finding a balance of new material and cohesiveness. Thanks again!
  6. I'd like to leave a note about the cymbal roll/splash effect, because I notice it every time it happens. I can tell it's the same one and it's used quite a few times--perhaps alternating sounds or changing it up a little each time would make it less noticeable.
  7. Nice composition, but sounds very robotic. I'm assuming this was written out in a sequencer? I would definitely recommend playing it by hand or getting somebody else to play it so that it sounds more organic
  8. This mix has some good sounds so far, but definitely needs more... everything. I wouldn't say this is super far from the source (barring the synth on top), but I definitely hear a lot of new sound. It does get kinda repetitive, though. I guess that's pretty easy to do though, since the original is pretty darn repetitive too. Further in the mix, I'm hearing a lot of that synth line on top of it all--it sounds nice, but it starts about a third of the way in and repeats until the end of the song. I would definitely want to mix up the arrangement some. Keep at it, though--you've got good synth sounds, and I'd like to see where this one goes.
  9. I suppose it is pretty conservative so far, true. But it's got nice sounds, and I'm sure you're already putting lots of new stuff into it. Really liking the 9-bit sound, and the solo synth is pretty smooth. I'm looking forward to the next WIP!
  10. Thanks dude! I'm glad you like it, and I really appreciate you taking a listen. I use Ableton for my DAW and my main synth is massive. I <3 Massive! Of course I care, and I do enjoy Drum&bass. I think you've got a good start there, but I'd definitely recommend posting to this forum to get feedback from a lot of folks
  11. I just finished a new electro-house track! I'd say it's got some heavy influence from Mord Fustang and a little less from Far Too Loud. Enjoy! http://soundcloud.com/kruai/cyberlove-original-mix
  12. I hate to keep bumping this, but I'd love to get some feedback from somebody. I'll keep making tweaks on my own 'til then. Thanks!
  13. Sorry, quick bump--I'd love to get some feedback on this mix. I'm messing around with it some, but it's hard for me to know what needs fixing sometimes. Anyone else wanna take a listen?
  14. Although I think the excess delay on the sax works for the sound of this piece, part of me is sad: the sax is beautiful, and I'm sure the clean recording is great. I'm loving this piece as a whole, though. Keep up the great work!
  15. Thanks! I try not to fit into just once genre, but eh. Yeah, I love the music from Touhou! So pretty and catchy. Even though DnB isn't your thing, thanks for taking the time to listen
  16. Awesome! I haven't heard this genre before. Very nice work so far. To my ears, though, the chiptune sound clashes with the guitar... perhaps that the tuning of the guitar?
  17. Hi all! Working on a new remix of music from Touhou 12 "Undefined Fantastic Object". It contains "Fires of Hokkai", "Player's Score", and motifs from various tunes within the game. I'm experimenting with this guitar sound--I'll probably try to get someone around here to record the guitar part if it's doesn't sound up to par. Linky! https://soundcloud.com/kruai/fantastically-undefined-wip/s-W0dRc Let me know what you think! -Kruai
  18. Thanks guys! I've updated my remix with some pretty decent changes. I've changed: -Got rid of the chromatic buildup and made it work with the actual chords -Doubled the pluck synth at certain points -Extended the DnB-esque section and gave it a little melody -Balancing/sub differences -Updated drums and uplifters -Other small changes Here's the link to the new one (WIP 2): http://tindeck.com/listen/yhvn I'll update the main post in a sec. I think I'm about done with this piece at this point in time. Tell me what you think!
  19. No need to apologize! That's the kind of advice I'm looking for (though I expected something along the line of "it's not powerful enough" haha). I'll mess around with it some and fix the DnB part in the middle because it bothers me now. Thanks for your input, OA!
  20. Hey all, I'm working on a remix right now and I think the best way to categorize it would be "drumstep". However, I don't really have any experience with this genre. Can I get some feedback on what I have so far? Links WIP 1: http://tindeck.com/listen/mffk WIP 2: http://tindeck.com/listen/yhvn Thanks for listening!
  21. Hi all! I'm working on a rhythm-platformer for the PC with some friends, and I'm doing the music and coding. This is the first piece I'm posting from the game, and ironically enough, it's the final boss music. It's a remix of the main theme of the game, put into three different genres. http://soundcloud.com/kruai/keres-misguided-savior Let me know what you guys think! The game's music is dynamic, but I can make singles out of them if you guys like this one.
  22. http://tindeck.com/listen/wmvg Here's the near-final version. Does anyone have more any more feedback for me? I'm thinking about submitting if not.
  23. Hey guys, Been doing a lot of non-game music remixing lately. Here's my most recent one, of Muse's Supermassive Black Hole: http://tindeck.com/listen/vmjp Thanks for listening!
  24. All righty--I actually already did away with the second clip (All systems, full power) because it felt odd. And because he sounded like a pirate. I would really like to find a way to keep the "How about THIS" stuck in the mix, though. I'll try to find a way to work that out better. I really wish I had a, and could play the, guitar. I know I need better samples; this is unfortunately the best guitar sound I've had so far.
  25. James Bond, huh? Thanks for your feedback! Anyone else got any critiques they can put past this mix? I'd like to make any major edits while it's fresh, and I'd like to hear everyone's input!
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