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  1. All right so here's the dealio. Done doing most of what I want to do with it for WIP2, but I'm glad I saw what you said because I was seriously considering doing that. What I have now for the rock guitar is a pretty mediocre sounding amp layered on top of the original guitar. Unless I can find somebody to play it (or a good VST to cover me), I'm gonna stick with clean guitar. Thanks! I'll post my WIP2 soon.
  2. All right, I'll make some parts rock guitar (though I'm not very good with that effect), but I'd rather not change it for the part at 2:33. It would kinda kill the polka effect. I'll try to lower/amplify the bassline, dunny why I made it so quiet in this song. I guess I thought it sounded a bit too busy. But without bass it makes me kind of depressed. Also sorry about that file size, I'll change that next time (I just like 320KBPS).
  3. Hi! I'm working on a remix to an old song. I'm about three hours in and I'd like to know what you think of it. I try my best to mix lots of genres and make it sound like something people aren't accustomed to hearing. If you have any suggestions or critiques, please let me know! http://www.mediafire.com/?ynxhywx3thw Also, it doesn't have a name yet. If you have suggestions for that I'll gladly accept them as well Thanks! Kruai Edit: Whoops, noticed the random cutoff at the end. Pretend there's a fade there >.>
  4. A very cinematic remix. I feel like this should be put in a suspenseful movie or other. Anyway, good job--it sounds nice!
  5. Hey, I'm here too I like this piece a lot. Another one straight onto my iPod!
  6. I guess I thought the ending was kinda meh, but the rest is awesome!
  7. DANG IT. I expected that But yeah I'll just put it on newgrounds as usual, haha. Thanks for the input!
  8. I made a song somewhat recently and I'm pretty happy with it, but I'm pretty sure I can't submit something like this to OCRemix. Basically the only source material I have for this is the voice of the turrets, and while one could argue that that they are musical enough to be BGM, it's not source enough to remix. But any input would be great! http://www.mediafire.com/file/gt4crgozzyy/Fatal Courtesy.mp3 Thanks, kruai
  9. Ooo, thanks a lot windkirby. I will definitely try to change up the climax a bit (when I have the time - it will be a while before I submit it if I ever get there). That's definitely the most positive comment I have ever gotten about my music
  10. Thanks Rozovian! But I wouldn't say I "know my way around the toolbox" just yet. I appreciate the clarity of your post.
  11. C'mon, a hundred views and one reply? Please listen to it... please?
  12. Oops yeah. It is from Sonic Advance, dunno why I put that... but I don't think I can change the thread title XD And thanks for the reply
  13. Remix is called "Egg Rocket Groove." This is my second attempt at remixing anything: http://www.mediafire.com/?sz33mmmotae Could I get some input on this? Thanks!
  14. Thanks everybody for your constructive answers. They have helped a lot!
  15. Yeah, that is expensive. Well fine then, I guess I'll learn how to play guitar or something.
  16. All right, so I'm in kind of a predicament. I would really like to use guitar (i.e. heavy metal and such) but cannot play guitar. Soundfonts are gross and my samples don't sound good when I mix them. Is there a VST or something I can use to program the notes without actually having to play guitar? PS I have downloaded a cabinet impulse and whatever else it was I needed from the guitar tone tutorial... I just don't know how to create the sound to apply it to. Thanks in advance!
  17. Thanks, but I think I'm gonna try something else for now. I'm tired of this song, unfortunately.
  18. OK yeah, got the conservative part. And I've been looking for better samples/VSTs/whatever the heck you're supposed to use on remixes (Seriously - are you supposed to use VST, samples, soundfonts, what???) but I'm kinda stuck. Could you please share how you make remixes, then? I may have started out completely wrong.
  19. Ouch! But yeah, I kinda knew that was coming. I think this is a start-over But I'm not quite sure what you mean by the general midi thing. I mean I'm using VSTs and stuff, or do you mean besides that?
  20. It was originally meant as more of a re-orchestration, so I'm sure this probably will be labled as "sticks to close to the original." But yeah... been working on this for three days now and I'm wondering what you guys think of my first possible remix? Any clear, descriptive criticism would be appreciated - thanks! Asa Edit: mp3 version heh http://www.mediafire.com/?cgdyusuydyz
  21. Your face is whack. Oh burn! No, in all seriousness, I need more!! It is the essence of my soul...
  22. I wish they'd go back to Hideki Naganuma's music... that stuff was whack. I like that style and am sad that there are no more of his new songs to put on my iPod.
  23. LAAAME. Oh well, try this one. Also the distortion thing happens in here too (I mean the general way the drums sound - is that distortion?)
  24. If you're going for the krunk, deliberate one, choose #2. However, if you wanted to use it in a song, I would recommend using #1 for a short section and throw in a few upbeat instruments, then return. I like the idea behind this beat!
  25. Oh, sorry... This can be locked/deleted then. I'll be more logical next time. Thanks for the help anyway though!
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