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  1. For MSN I use the address send_here22 [at] hotmail [dot] com. Thanks!
  2. Doesn't have to be Doom-esque whatsoever, in fact something different would be cool, whatever kind of music that fits the game. But nothing wrong with Doom-esque as long as it's good haha! I'll drop you a line soon, thanks for the offer. P.S. I AM NOT SPAMBOT:razz:
  3. You're kidding me, right? Have you checked out the link? If you'd rather not click the link in case you're still skeptical, just search "Marines of UAC Exigency" on google and you'll find lots of forum posts regarding the project etc., that should clear it up. You can also search the same thing on Youtube to see an old teaser trailer. Excuse me if it came across as too fake or advertising, just looking for a little help my game music brothers haha:razz:
  4. (EDIT: Some people thought I was a spambot. If you'd rather not click the link in case you're still skeptical, just search "Marines of UAC Exigency" on google and you'll find lots of forum posts regarding the project etc., that should clear it up. You can also search the same thing on Youtube to see an old teaser trailer). Hey there! Regular listener of OCRemix's quality tracks. I make music myself, as well as a few game remixes but I haven't submitted any here/ Today I present to you the opportunity, for a community that clearly loves oldschool games as much as I do, to soundtrack an epic reiteration of a classic game. Well, not exactly just a reiteration. I urge you to check this page out: http://www.moddb.com/mods/5073/marines-of-uac-exigency This is a mod I'm working on for Doom II, in the enhanced sourceport of the engine called EDGE. I've been working with Doom for the better part of my gaming life, and with EDGE for almost as long. With this mod I am effectively trying to make the most complete, entertaining and dynamic singleplayer experience for Doom, ever - not to mention feature a rich and twisting story with memorable characters. I would love to have the ultimately talented people of OCRemix help me out in building a truly kickass soundtrack for this thing! Of course you will be thanked gratuitously, but you will also be credited heavily in the documentation and the in-game credits, so no need to worry about the recognition there. "But Nick/RePENT!" you say. "I thought you said you make music yourself? Why can't you do it?" I could do it, and in fact have already made two tracks for the project. However, I would not attempt to fully soundtrack this project because I want everything in it to be of the highest quality that this engine can handle. While I can handle that in terms of graphics, gameplay and level design, I don't feel I am competent enough musically to do the rest of the mod justice. In essence, QUALITY CONTROL, a quality control that rules myself out! This project will be ongoing for a while in multiple episodes and will give you the opportunities for plenty of different styles (everything ranging from intense guitar-raging to reflective and wondrous ambient tracks, from uplifting symphonic epics to atmospheric disturbing noise). Thanks in advance for any help you offer. Any questions you have about this thing I'd be glad to answer! And no, the engine is no longer limited to MIDI/MUS, we're talking real music tracks! -R P.S. If you have voice acting talent, that is also hugely valued for this project and I'd love to hear from you.
  5. I'm sorry... but I have to say I think this a pretty weak entry. It really sounds like hardly any work was put into it, and the result is something not far off from any MIDI of the original track you can download off the net.
  6. Excellently arranged and played, however in terms of the recording, I felt the left and right hands were panned too far apart! Like, really too far! Great job otherwise!
  7. Just.... holy shit. The audio production work that obviously went into this, as well as the solo instrumentation, blow me away. Keep it up, PLEASE, for the good of the people!
  8. Excellent atmosphere, production, drum programming, headbanging good metal mixed with classic doom themes... but not in the boring, repetetive way that the original songs did it! I find this better than any song on the The Dark Side of Phobos project to be honest.
  9. Likewise. This piece is actually way too good to be so casually reviewed. Granted, it's a bit on the short side, but it's packed with complex arrangement, fantastic musicianship, and it's just an incredible piano piece to listen to.
  10. For some reason I love the daytime town music, and at 1:17 they do a great job of rocking it out here. I love it. HOWEVER, as usual with Minibosses Castlevania material (if you've heard their CV III Medley then you know), it's just toooo slow!! The music loses a lot of its edge and often ferocity when played too slow. Maybe I'll just speed it up in an audio editing program... Otherwise, a practically flawless mix. Not so much a remix as a re-play though.
  11. Hmm, I'm really liking "Live at the Sandopolis" lately, the metal sensibilities are really appealing to my metalhead side haha.... My favourite track keeps changing.
  12. Hahaha no shit! It's my favourite as well for the same basic reason (at least, for now...), and seems to be the favourite among a lot of people.
  13. You probably don't need to hear this again, but this music is seriously kickass and very well executed. Stands alone as quality stuff whether you know the Sonic music or not; I only know some of it and I still really enjoy this project.
  14. I think what strikes me most about this piece is just the pure solidity of the execution. It's just so perfectly performed and produced for the style, you can't help but be satisfied with this highly entertaining and addictive track as it chugs its way out. Great jumpy, lively guitar playing on this track. The only thing I would have liked changed are the sound effects at the beginning and the end. They sound really weak. A great rushing stream sound would have done wonders to equal the high-energy approach of the rest of the track (especially at the end), as the sound effects used sound like water swirling around in a bathtub. However, the use of the splash effect around 1:58 really does work nicely! Great stuff, and I love anything based on CV3 source material, one of my favourite video game soundtracks ever. Keep it up.
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