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  1. This is awesome! Very nice mix of energetic rock and sid-goodness. I've never heard any Romancing SaGa music, but this still blows my socks off. High quality production too with nice clear sound. Good job.
  2. This really could use a remake. The instrument quality is pretty bad, although I like the sound of the lead-synth. And what's more important, is that the arrangement simply rocks, and I really like the piano solo. The part that begins at 2:25 is also great. A great remix that suffers a bit from not-so-great instrument quality.
  3. I didn't get to play Axelay until last year, and I finished it a couple times even so the music really got to me. What's different in it to most game soundtracks is that the bass stands out on some tracks really nicely, and this remix no different in that. Guitar playing is great here and I like the overall sound of everything. There's nothing too surprising though, but enough difference to the original to keep it interesting.
  4. Awesome. That is all I have to say. Ailsean really hits the spot with this short but sweet remix. The sound is just right with little roughness and guitar sounds great. Only complaint is that the drums aren't as good as they could be, but they still do the job nicely. One of Ailsean's best remixes and one of the best CC remixes.
  5. I love the original and this remix does justice to it big time. Instrumentation quality is top notch, and although it pretty closely follows the original, I like the different vibe of this a lot. At 2:15 is where this remix really shines, I just LOVE the mix of bells, choir and acoustic guitar. Excellent still after all these years.
  6. Very beautiful and all around a great song. Style is definitely Dale North and instrumentation is of high quality, I especially like the piano.
  7. Very laid back and chilly. djpretzel's description about smoking some ganja and playing arkanoid is spot on too. Track manages to keep things interesting for the whole length and instruments are of surprisingly good quality.
  8. Awesome bass. The flute playing the melody is very beautiful and the other instruments like acoustic guitar and the subtle piano really make the combination more than the sum of its parts. The ending is a bit sudden, otherwise really great stuff.
  9. Really great remix. Lots of cool stuff going on, synth sounds very cool and smooth, and the various effects used are used with taste. Overall a great remix!
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