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  1. This is a great mix. no need for me to try to spell out exacly how, its been covered. The remixes by these elite are starting to make me depressed. I thought when i was browsing this site 2 years ago, 'hey i could do a remix' but everytime i got some tunes together the site got better without me. heh. now the mixes here are better than any other material in mainstream or otherwise. Music 10 vocals 9 material, hey its FF isnt it? 10
  2. This song will melt speakers in my Freightliner for many weeks. Well done! This is exactly the kind of mix I love too, the multi theme, guitar lead, dancable, FF track. Good for keeping awake =^,^=
  3. I agree. I like some rap tho, just not this one its weak. That being said Ive heard a lot LOT worse from PROFESSIONALS so. i guess this is a neutral review.
  4. just thought id come back and say im STILL listining to this track. noice!
  5. I never played marrowind. Usually I don't download everything from the site but after reading the blurb I got this one. Needless to say I've been around awhile but I don't post much out of laziness. This was a awesome mix. Just frikkin awsome. Great job fray and judges for 'guidance' But mostly great job fray.
  6. This mix is of a very high quality no doubt but It just seems a little too much like a score for a chopper fly over shot in a Lord of the rings movie. Origional, well done but not a favorite. minute 3:22 it gets the best stuff and, well then its over.
  7. Everything quoted from previous comment. Can't say it better. You are a living legend here, this mix is not just a 'here you go' attempt either its musical and wonderful. Jade Gemini you ROCK.
  8. well 10 months after my initial listen I wrote a note to myself on a dollar. I had to come back and leave gratz. When comparing remixes like this, using soundbytes from the game and excellent remixing ability, this mix is simply Freestyle dojo. A standalone remix that becomes an institution. "Oh did you like that ___ sf2 mix? I mean its no FSD but..." I'd like to wish Mike luck with whatever he's working on, I know he's easing off the mix for awhile, he will be missed.
  9. Great work. Still runnin the greatest site. Fyi. If anybody listens to CNET radio... I got through last friday on "Free plug friday" and spoke to desmond Crisis. I plugged OCR and he went there on th air and spoke to me a little, he actually shortened me up (politly) and after asked if the site was legal. well hell i dont know or care. as stated above by a reviewer... Long live OCR. FyreWave@hotmail.com RE: free plug
  10. This one is Awsome!. I loved this game and this remix pushes all the buttons for frustrating memories and thinking Nintendo was the greatest acheivement of man. Thanks Mr. Staircase!
  11. Good but not great. I liked DKC Ambient Gemini better. Nonthless I like dreamy mixes like this. Id like to see one from an up tempo song. This original peice is already soft.
  12. forgot to install the bass. Gave my sub a much needed break but not my ears. A little more range on both ends could be useful too. good melody tho, came from good material. Not too fond of this mix.
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