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  1. This is a great mix. no need for me to try to spell out exacly how, its been covered. The remixes by these elite are starting to make me depressed. I thought when i was browsing this site 2 years ago, 'hey i could do a remix' but everytime i got some tunes together the site got better without me. heh. now the mixes here are better than any other material in mainstream or otherwise. Music 10 vocals 9 material, hey its FF isnt it? 10
  2. This song will melt speakers in my Freightliner for many weeks. Well done! This is exactly the kind of mix I love too, the multi theme, guitar lead, dancable, FF track. Good for keeping awake =^,^=
  3. I agree. I like some rap tho, just not this one its weak. That being said Ive heard a lot LOT worse from PROFESSIONALS so. i guess this is a neutral review.
  4. just thought id come back and say im STILL listining to this track. noice!
  5. I never played marrowind. Usually I don't download everything from the site but after reading the blurb I got this one. Needless to say I've been around awhile but I don't post much out of laziness. This was a awesome mix. Just frikkin awsome. Great job fray and judges for 'guidance' But mostly great job fray.
  6. This mix is of a very high quality no doubt but It just seems a little too much like a score for a chopper fly over shot in a Lord of the rings movie. Origional, well done but not a favorite. minute 3:22 it gets the best stuff and, well then its over.
  7. Everything quoted from previous comment. Can't say it better. You are a living legend here, this mix is not just a 'here you go' attempt either its musical and wonderful. Jade Gemini you ROCK.
  8. well 10 months after my initial listen I wrote a note to myself on a dollar. I had to come back and leave gratz. When comparing remixes like this, using soundbytes from the game and excellent remixing ability, this mix is simply Freestyle dojo. A standalone remix that becomes an institution. "Oh did you like that ___ sf2 mix? I mean its no FSD but..." I'd like to wish Mike luck with whatever he's working on, I know he's easing off the mix for awhile, he will be missed.
  9. Great work. Still runnin the greatest site. Fyi. If anybody listens to CNET radio... I got through last friday on "Free plug friday" and spoke to desmond Crisis. I plugged OCR and he went there on th air and spoke to me a little, he actually shortened me up (politly) and after asked if the site was legal. well hell i dont know or care. as stated above by a reviewer... Long live OCR. FyreWave@hotmail.com RE: free plug
  10. This one is Awsome!. I loved this game and this remix pushes all the buttons for frustrating memories and thinking Nintendo was the greatest acheivement of man. Thanks Mr. Staircase!
  11. Good but not great. I liked DKC Ambient Gemini better. Nonthless I like dreamy mixes like this. Id like to see one from an up tempo song. This original peice is already soft.
  12. forgot to install the bass. Gave my sub a much needed break but not my ears. A little more range on both ends could be useful too. good melody tho, came from good material. Not too fond of this mix.
  13. Very enjoyable. melodic and mild. A good progression, however percussion could use some volume. I think this has many of the qualities of any of the best remixes I've heard. Good effort. Good mix. Mabye too short even.
  14. I am already a fan from the earlier DKC2 remix by Protricity. This FF6 peice is in the same company of Death on the snowfield and Terra in Black. An excellent job of creating a mood as though traveling somwhere. Very nice style and attention to detail, sounds as if it took quite some time. Great work.
  15. I thought this mix is well deserved of a "sweet!" Having never heard the origional gives me a nice neutral perspective on it as a standalone peice tho not remix. Love the voices, couldve made it longer without losing my interest. Good stuff.
  16. Sweeeeet! Very nice sound throught. It might be my DL but it ended abruptly sounds like a cricked started to chirp then died. Awsome music here. Stuff this good I dont hear anywhere but here, keep it up. Oh wait you did keep it up. That FF6 Enchanted esper is also a fine peice. Both sounding very unrushed and professional. 10!
  17. the first 15 or so seconds i was already getting ready to check out another song then BAM that piano reminded me why I download all you guys's remixes. Awsome melody! great work here all the way thru. Now i have a 60second rule. I like the name too however I don't know why. 9/10 great stuff.
  18. I love this trac. I actually used it to convince a few of my friends to visit here. The old bait and switch to electronica move. PUNCH OUT! www.FyreWave.com ahh soon.
  19. Hey its a good step for the site to attract the attention of Composers. I'm glad DJP wrote what he did. However I don't know how the actual remix got a 'highly reccomended' mark This sounds like some of the stuff i fiddle around with on Fruity loops. Really this mix needs.... some work. Sounds like first stage "Wolfchild" (SNES) music. with a few cool background effects. www.mp3.com/fyrewave
  20. I really enjoyed this mix. I think the bassline is clean and not to overpowering, and the highs are crisp even with the nice echo scattered. Strings are always good if not too loud, nice. Good to see the follow thru too on the beat, some remixers feel the need to vary the song for the sake of variety. One objection - too short. I think the melody solo near the end should have been recoursed with a standalone bass solo n some more jammin. I think this one is right up there for top 10 awards if there ever are any! ok im done FW
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