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  1. This is absolutely gorgeous. Where can I find more? Do you guys do video game arrangements?
  2. That actually made me tear up a little bit. Right in the childhood.
  3. Update in the first post! We're wrapping this up!
  4. We're definitely not dying. The issue is that when all site staff are unpaid volunteers, circumstances sometimes arise that put OCR work at a lower priority in our personal lives (This is also why progress seems slow at times, as Meteo pointed out). That happened with me and I've been practically absent the last couple years. I've recently returned though and I'll be updating this thread regularly. Keep an eye out the next couple days for an update! 3/7/19 EDIT - Apologies for the delay. I'm waiting a bit longer to hear back from some project managers with updated info.
  5. I'm super interested. Count me and my gf in for that list for now.
  6. I may drop a claim a bit later but for now you can mark me down as a performer on alto and tenor sax
  7. I've actually got multiple wips for an entire Pokemon TCG album I've been working on over the years.
  8. Put together a teaser of some of the music on the album. Check it!
  9. Yeah, I dig the vibe you've got going on. Definitely cool sounding. First thing that sticks out to me is that the climax of your buildups are clipped pretty heavily which is the result of being too loud, basically. Once everything gets heavy around 0:54, the only thing that remains distinct is the kick and hat. Everything is super muddy and in serious need of some EQ'ing; cut out those unnecessary frequencies and make sure everything has its own place in the soundscape. Very subtle panning could help a bit too. As far as arrangement goes, the source itself doesn't have much substance but you could derive some sense of melody from it and potentially throw a lead over what you've got that would help vary things up and add a bit more excitement. Looking forward to hearing what you do with this dude, definitely a solid start.
  10. YOOOO, WE'RE IN EVAAAAAL Tracks are 98% done, the art is PHENOMENAL, and everything at this point is on DaMonz, me, and staff. It's been a long road, friends, but WE'RE ALMOST THERE. Thanks for all your hard work everyone =)
  11. Since the album is so close to completion, Brandon is retaining control of the FF3 album despite lacking forum privileges and it will still be released on OCR. He has been informed of this and agreed to it so I'm not sure why he's confused.
  12. Probably going. Apparently badges are selling out fast and I won't have the money to get one for another couple weeks. That on top of not having a room at this point in time make it seem difficult/near impossible to work out. But if I can get a badge and room, I'll be there.
  13. Shoot me a pm with a wip and we'll talk In other news, first post update! Ch-check it out!
  14. Hello, I am late. 1) Rainy Turtloid (X6) 2) Slash Beast (X4) 3) Squid Adler (X5) 4) Wire Sponge (X2) 5) Split Mushroom (X4)
  15. Alright so I've been wanting to bulk up a bit for years now but I have no idea where to start, mostly because of my slim diet. Most food doesn't sit well with me in the sense that many textures will make me flat out vomit, causing me to really be wary and admittedly a little afraid to try new foods. I've always heard that changing your diet is the first step, more important than actually working out and stuff. Unfortunately, that's where I'm stuck. To give you an idea, a typical grocery trip (after cutting out all the REALLY unhealthy things) consists of me getting: Blueberry bagels and cream cheese cereal, usually rice Chex bananas a gallon of whole milk orange juice dry roasted peanuts sometimes bacon and...yeah, I practically survive on this aside from the rare stop at some fast food joint with friends (usually Chicken Express or Burger King) for some chicken strips. Anyone have any ideas?
  16. Hey guys, just wanted to stop by real quick and let everyone know what's going on. I'm currently computerless, been that way for almost a year now it feels like, and since going back to school, life's been super hectic and I've had no time to focus on anything but school. Unfortunately, nothing has really changed on my end. In fact, things are getting even more hectic with the end of semester coming up but Emery got in touch with me recently asking about the project and I realized it had been practically dead for a while. So in an attempt to actually finish this project, I asked him to step in and get the ball rolling again until I can devote more time. I apologize deeply for the wishy-washiness of this project status but I'm sure between the two of us, we'll finally see the light of day. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far and thanks in advance to everyone who will contribute in the future. We'll get this done yet!
  17. Put me somewhere between Bartlett/Memphis, TN
  18. I do like that it's shorter. The title is a quote of what the Thwomp in Monstro Town says when you talk to him. You have to hear him say that at least three times before you can get the key to continue. That being said, I've been considering re-titling the project (and a somewhat loose theme for artwork) to involve Tadpole Pond since it's basically a music school. Any ideas or suggestions on either point?
  19. UPDATE IN FIRST POST Lots of tracks opened and we need remixers badly! Shoot me a pm if you're interested in a(nother) track
  20. What people decide to remix has no effect on OCR's mission statement. If there are only remixes of old games coming in, that does not go against the mission statement. We're still appreciating and promoting video game music as an art form. To answer the original question though, newer VGM as a whole has become more cinematic or atmospheric and the material is more difficult to translate to other styles. That and the already presented fact that most people remix for nostalgic reasons. If you're remixing for fun and not getting paid (everyone on OCR), you'll remix something you're passionate about. Also, MIDIs are more readily available for older sources which makes them more accessible. Then why is the thread titled "Why Don't You Remix New VGM?"
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