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  1. Well, your average person associates chiptune sounds with video games, which is why I said that. It's for effect. But I'm hoping for covers of certain popular tango songs in chiptune style.
  2. Sometimes. Only certain songs. Piazzolla actually has a reputation for being pretty difficult to dance to due to the complexity and the sheer length of some of his compositions. 5+ minute songs aren't great for social dancing (I should mention it's Argentine Tango, and so very casual, not Ballroom). Our university's tango teacher is ranked #2 in the US right now, and she HATES dancing to Piazzolla. I like listening to some of the compositions though. I'll take a look at your stuff soon and contact you. Anyone else is still welcome to throw their hat in the ring. Nothing wrong with options.
  3. I suppose this is the most appropriate place for this, since it's technically recruiting and there's no dedicated spot for this kind of request. It's not a game cover I'm after, but I am after a chiptune song. I'm a tango dancer, and my friend and I are hosting a practice event a few times this month. She and I want it to have video game themes. In addition to our classic and alternative tango music, we're slipping in some under-the-radar game additions, like Tomohito Nishiura's Professor Layton themes (PERFECT for tango! Gotta love that accordion), and some NieR songs (I adore waltz-ey timing for tango). Songs most people wouldn't expect to be from a game because it's just damn good music. For the final song however, we want a signature exit. We want to play some classic/common tango songs most of the people in that crowd would know, but we want it in Chiptune form. A real in-your-face game theme to something they already love! And I'd like to commission someone to make it, since I haven't developed the skill myself. The intersection of video game-players and tango dancers isn't significant, so this sort of thing doesn't pop up often. I'm of course willing to pay you for your valuable time and services, but I'd like to know what interested parties will charge. If your per-song rates are very reasonable, this will NOT be a one-off. There's lots of wonderful tango music that could do with a charming 8-bit cover. Tango music generally ranges 2-4 minutes, 3 being the average. Thanks! If you have any of your work on the site, or even on personal sites, let me know so I can give it a listen!
  4. Alternatively, you could add tracks from ToS 2 and make the wait even LONGER! It's just being thorough after all. Same world and what have you.
  5. You have no idea how excited I was to see a remix of Sirus Village. Now I have a 5th version! It's certainly different than the other four that are on the soundtrack. But it's a good thing! Alas, if only you had remixed The Blue Cocoon Master ~ Kolis instead. Far and away my favorite, though Sirus Village is a close second. Legend of Arcana 3rd. Why the hell didn't Kolis get a variant on the OST? >_> Anyway, this brought back some really good memories, thank you for that. Played this when I was a kid too. Appropriately named. Such a tragic event never undone.
  6. I normally am not all that big on this particular track but I would actually listen to this in mixes. I wonder if the vocalists had fun doing the Sephiroth chant.
  7. Jeeze. I remember when I was a kid I had a birthday party where I asked for a Super Mario cake. I got mario jumping, but the people didn't have frosting the color of his skin so he was like mexican mario. >_> Why the frick would you even bother going through with the design if you aren't going to get something as critical as skin color for a character right? I would have rather not had it at all, I remember looking at it with a "wtf..." look on my face.
  8. Indrik

    Epic Love

    No clue if this is even remotely close, but: http://www.lobitlandscapes.org/label/epiclovesongs.txt Most songs have a central theme, and in the case of songs dealing with love it's either about being in love (currently or unrequitedly), or heartbroken. Most don't go through a narrative where it starts out with one and ends on something else. You can't develop that without some form of narrative since your lyrics are generally based around the theme you start on.
  9. Only wish it didn't end so abruptly. This is one of the best pieces I've heard here with strings in it, and this one is entirely strings. Hope to hear more from you soon.
  10. A. This is pure awesome. I love the work of both Ailsean and Kaijin. Nice job. B. I was simultaneously listening to this and browsing the internet. I happened to be on the OneUp Studios forums. While reading one of Mustin's comments, I couldn't help but pay closer attention to his signature image than I usually do. Wait until about 12 seconds in and then look at this image: http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/5307/cutegirlvp5.gif You should do something with that on this forum too Mustin.
  11. If the violin took a bigger role throughout the whole thing, this would be on my playlist forever. If you don't intend to do another work like that, at least edit this one use more of the other instruments that only briefly appeared.
  12. I think it depends on what aspects of a game equate to fun for you. Advanced controls and "skill" don't do a whole lot. Having to learn the ins and outs for a while is annoying and become less of a form of entertainment. I don't think that having simple control layout make it "simple fun." If you watch a movie that requires a ludicrous amount of interpretation, like Waking Life for example, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're getting a better experience. If the plot is gone through for you without you having to guess as to what things represent or the eventual outcome, which is a great deal of quality movies out there, it doesn't mean that what you watched was of less quality.
  13. That was silly. XD Who did the voice for the woman that Gato called during that part towards the end? 3rd to last segment I think.
  14. This was kind of love/hate album for me. Certain ones I adore (namely Army Girl, I Don't Fight Boys, and Mercenary Boxing), but the others..... not so much. I like the Guile's stage one, but my main grievance with it is the Zelda music bit at the end. It kind of kills it. I figured it was some artist tag or something that the remixer did, but it just shouldn't have been there. I don't know what made trenthian choose that name either.
  15. I love it overall. I personally dislike the way the 4th set of lyrics was done. I don't think it meshed well with the rest of the song, the deep voice and the way of saying those lyrics didn't fit. However, hearing pixietricks' singing is always a pleasure, and every other segment of the song was great. The 4th segment is overlookeable because of it.
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