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  1. I'm guessing people haven't commented much on this because they're left stunned by it. It's an amazing track which truly fits the idea of going up alone against Dracula himself. Fantastic work by Sam Dillard, as always.
  2. I just had to come out of lurking to comment on this one. Loved it when I first heard it as part of Harmony of a Hunter, and I'm really glad to see it posted on the site. It's a fantastic arrangement of one of my favourite Metroid tracks.
  3. I've been coming to this site and thoroughly enjoyed the music here since 2001, and although I've never really taken any part in the community I find myself coming here at least once a day to browse the music, look around and read some comments and reviews. It's one of my favourite sites on the whole internet, and as such I feel that I should contribute in some way, even though I am no musical artist. So I decided to donate 50 US$ to keep the site alive. It's not much, but I hope it will be of some help. I look forward to hearing more great music from all of you guys.