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  1. Is anyone else having trouble connecting? I'm using chatZilla if it matters. Had a friend try it with a regular client, it won't connect.
  2. I got to play a little bit of the SSE before I had to catch a plane to florida for a week...I'm REALLY antsy not being able to play at all until Saturday night. I just know that everyone is getting great and discovering all this stuff, and I'm stuck behind...hopefully I'll get to play for a while and catch up, but right now it's driving me nuts. I was great at melee and was actually the one to teach all the advanced stuff from melee to anyone interested at my school, and have been greatly anticipating online play to play others from here and around. I'll be adding you guys as soon as I get back, but before being able to play I'll need to unlock everything and actually get USED to brawl and get all the melee-second-nature things out of my head.
  3. To those running the gamestop midnight tournament: I know you can't bring your own, but do you get to choose which controller you use? As in, do they require everyone to use the wiimote, or do they ask if you want to use a gamecube controller, classic, or wiimote?
  4. You could also go to sf2midi.com and look through their ethnic instrument soundfonts.
  5. I certainly do indeed . Aww, the final? I was hoping it would be longer (it still says WIPv2 in the description of the ID3 tags). Is the saxophone recorded by you or did you find samples? If you recorded it, what make/key/etc..? It's a wonderful sax.
  6. Now, I'm not one for orchestrated music, but after listening to Kanjika's "The Secluded Stronghold," I think I may have to change my mind. That was such a wonderful piece of music. A first listen through the whole project left me kinda "Uh...this is good, but most of the musical styles I don't like." However, now it's more of "Well damn. I don't know which I want to hear next because they're all great." I especially love Xenon Odyssey's Lava Passion WIP. Are there any plans to finish it? Love the sax in there so much. I take it the version on your website is the version after the one included in the project?
  7. Do you guys take a look at the author before listening? In other words, if you know the person submitting has had other remixes on the site before, does the name even subconciuosly affect your decision if you're on the fence? And the same for new remixers, but with the other way? If you're on the fence, is it more generally a "no" so that you can hopefully get a better quality mix in a little while as a resub? If I were to submit a mix now, what would be the average time it takes to get judged? And if it got accepted, what's the average time it would take to make the front page? How many mixes that have been accepted are still waiting to make the front page? Good idea for a topic, by the way.
  8. Are the cutscenes for brawl configured to show the little "1up" etc.. arrows above the characters? Because if not, based on some of those pictures, the in-game graphics looks AMAZING.
  9. Take a short break and either listen to something of a completely different genre or multiple genres for a while. After a while, you'll start to think to yourself "I like what was done here, that sounds nice, didn't like that because..., etc..." Then, go back and listen to your tracks and you should be able to better identify what doesn't work and what does, or even how something needs to be changed. Give your ears a break from the same type of sounds.
  10. You could also right-click on the device and select "Initialize Patch." It will load the init patch, which is nothing.
  11. I think it sounds pretty good. Very chill; I can see myself listening to this after a long day or just relaxing. I'm not overly familiar with the source, but it seems like you incorporate enough of yourself to be worthy in that regard. It could possibly use a little more, maybe a short flute addition here and there in the background.
  12. Glad to hear that Angel Island is in, but they seriously need to give the Hydrocity zones some lovin'.
  13. Eh, technicalities . Anyway, just keep in mind that it's still early. I also changed a little on the parts before it (but not too much, mostly the beginning part). http://www.box.net/encoded/7692195/115828323/c3cfc03181b3cea35d800606cf9382d7
  14. Thanks for the review. I'm actually pretty happy with my pad work, though I wasn't sure it was going to turn out alright when I first started. And yeah, I'm working on the transitions (they used to be worse). I think I'm still going to keep the single-instrument transition at 2:11, because I think it's a nice break. But the others will get some work. I was thinking of bringing the bass part of the piano out very slightly and pushing the flute slightly back, but I think I'll try a different bass instrument (if I can find one). Also, the seventh you are talking about, which instrument do you mean? I should have some time to work on it today, and I've already started work on the next section. However, the transition is absolutely awful (but I just wanted to get to work on that section and worry about the transition later). It starts off with saxes, an alto and a tenor, playing a slightly altered section of Ice Cap in a different key signature (instead of C,C, bB, it's bE,bE, bD). And then one of the guys thinks it's boring, so he does something a little different. And then the other guy does the same, and then there's what's basically ice cap being "dueled" between two saxes for a short while. But, I have no volume work done, no panning, no nothing. Just some notes with an instrument (and I don't even know if the saxes sound ok). I have some exaggerated differences to remind myself of what I'd like to do (makes these notes a little louder, etc..), but nothing set in stone or even worked on. So it's like a WIP of the WIP. Anyway, I appreciate the review and thoughts on it. I should hope to have a little more done later today and post it for early thoughts on it (perhaps I need better saxes to to expand things, etc..).
  15. Mmmm. Nice intro that builds up nice and smoothly, without it being "BAM song." Instruments appear into the mix nicely. Very interesting melody. I love this kind, it doesn't have a set ryhthm; it moves and changes. Percussion is very well done as well. I must have accidentally deleted this (I was looking for it and couldn't find it), because I know I would not have purposely deleted it.
  16. Thanks, I'd appreciate it. It's great to have input and critique from someone other than myself
  17. What about mixes in the WIP boards? While I understand that reviews are needed for completed and accepted mixes, I do think that WIPs by new composers need some attention as well, which in turn can create more accepted, high-quality mixes. I've just started into remixing music, and I know I could use some reviews of my WIP (Secrets Hidden in the Deep) so that eventually, maybe I can have a completed mix on here to share. I know there are other (mostly somewhat known) remixers who get a lot of attention on their WIPs, but I also know there are others who are just entering into remixing/composing music that get little to no reviews, let alone good reviews (I mean good as in explaining what works, doesn't work and how to fix it, not "Good trumpet, sucky soundscape"). It can be hard without the opinions and knowledge of others to create something good. I came here to post my first WIP and get ideas of how to make it better, and I got almost none (especially on my latest version), which I suspect is because I am not known, someone looking at the WIP boards will think "I don't know him, so I don't know if he's good, but I know who AkumajoBelmont is, I like his stuff, and he has a WIP with vocals in a thread just above this guy's, so it'll probably be good. I want to listen." I say let's review some accepted remixes (which deserve reviews becauase it's been accepted), but let's also not forget about the WIPs who will eventually become accepted remixes (hopefully, if new remixers continue to get critique).
  18. They were under custom names. You could see how many games QWST won compared to HIJK. Or even better, the guys who think it's cool to use hiragana and katakana to replace alphabetical letters... Anyway, but yeah, in melee you could see wins, losses, blah blah blah almost everything.
  19. Love the Chamber of Life. Best place to practice teching (and really the only fun level on super sudden death). If you can tech well and don't get gimp killed (i.e. die without having an opportunity to tech) you can last until ~500%. I'm certainly glad it's coming back.
  20. You mean those other two. Mathos is in that pool, and unless you have crazy powershielding skill and lots of anti-falco skill, you ARE going to get lasered. A lot. He's known to be one of the best SHLers.
  21. Exactly. But if it's the only technique you have, then you have to do it in chunks of maybe 1/4 a measure, or even less. But at things like that, it's pretty dumb, as you say. But if it's all you got.....
  22. Hard to do, but not impossible. A person can't really tell the difference between say 124 and 124.5 bpm without a metronome or some other thing constantly reminding them of what 124 bpm is. So, depending on how much of a tempo change you want, you could have it at 124 for half a measure, and then at 124.5 at the next half, then 125 for the first half of the next measure, etc... I'm not saying use a new file for each tempo change in a gradual change, use the tempo change in the events dialog. Have a listen to the WIP and you'll see what I mean (the ending increases tempo from 100 to 128 in 8 measures, or a 3.5 bpm increase per measure, but since Reason can't do an event change of non-integers, the first measure is 103 (3 bpm increase), the second is 107 (4 bpm increase), the third is 110 (3 bpm increase), etc..) Sure, it's not 100% gradual, but it still doesn't sound "stepish." It's the best thing you can do with Reason 3 and below if you don't have a program to make it a slave. Besides, it's technically impossible for a computer to generate a seamless transition because a computer is digital, and somewhere, it's got to define how long a step is, even if it's only 1 picosecond (which it's not at this point), it's still a step and not gradual. But that's really damn technical and of course the human ear cannot tell steps in lengths of single picoseconds (or nanoseconds or milliseconds - anyone know the resolution where humans can detect something non-gradual?).
  23. You CAN do a gradual tempo change, I use it in my current WIP (see here: http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=10486 - mostly check out the speed up at the end of the WIP as the slowdown near the beginning will likely change- oh, and leave critiques please, it tends to slip under the radar), but while it is possible, it does require a bit of work; how much so depends on how "gradual" you want it to be and how less "step-like" you want it.
  24. You could do what I'm doing with Reason 3 and have separate .rns files for each tempo changes, and then stitch them together in Audacity (free) or some other program.
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