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  1. Awesome. I was a fan of your Day & Night mix back when you posted in here on the WIP boards. Love the percussion (little bell type things?). A very epic sound going. Besides the little bells, you don't have much in the high end, and it sounds a little...squashed. It's also a little repetitive. I suggest perhaps throwing in a little sax here and there? Maybe? Or is lava zones and sax too cliche? Definitely nice start, but there doesn't seem to be much of a melody, it sounds more like the background to a movie. And while that may not be a bad thing, I think it needs something more (and perhaps that has some highs in it). Can't wait to hear more!
  2. Wall-jumping Sonic in 3D would be amazing. ..well, if the rest of the game isn't awful.
  3. Problem there is the bulb though. You blow that...you blow lots of money away.
  4. ...I'm sorry. DAMN. I guess if there's ONE reason to work at Circuit City... Even more DAMN (I don't have the money, but my fiance and I reeeeeeally want a TV (it's so small and so old it only has a video in and mono audio). But we won't have money until mid- January (refund checks from financial aid). ...how long is your discount in effect?
  5. Are you talking about the single SFII movie or the short animated series (SFII V)? Because the animated series was pretty sweet, too.
  6. I posted this idea last year, and I'm posting it again: there are plenty of WIPs that need reviewing as well, so don't forget to visit the WIP forum after you review a mix that has already been posted!
  7. The screens look good - colorful and stylish, like the old 2D sonics. Now, if they manage to make the sword fighting stylish (the way sonic has always been stylish), as in this screen and this screen, then it will make me hopeful. I mean, Sonic just looks cool in these shots, as he should, since he's sonic.
  8. If by updated, you mean sluggish, slowed-down, and a removal of almost every advanced technique, then sure, I'd call it updated too. The only way I'd consider brawl being updated is that there are different characters (you can't even completely say "added characters" because some were removed) and a more expanded single-player. Which is fine, but most of the meat of smash is in the versus mode.
  9. In case anyone happens to be in the area of northwestern North Carolina in January, I will be hosting a large-scale tournament on January 24th. It'll be in Boone, NC. Melee singles and Brawl doubles. Check here for more info. It's a-gonna be sweet.
  10. If we could find a way to put OverClocked ReMix, OCR, ocremix.org or something on the shirt (maybe the top of the back side?) related to OCR, then wouldn't that help bring new people to the site? I mean, would you not be curious if you saw a guy with a shirt that depicted a girl tripping over an alligator, who was laughing? Or a guy walking into a party where's there are just skeletons with a sign saying "No Flesh Allowed"? Or even a hamburger made with neighbor in between two buns? I know it would certainly pique my interest/curiosity.
  11. Well thanks! I bet I surprised you when I won that first one . I will admit though, that if I have a choice, melee wins over brawl. Also, the lag and the giant buffer window brawl has hurt me a bit, as I rolled into smashes more often than I had wanted ("stand straight up. no, no...don't roll to the right...dead" the reason i rolled was because I was using the control stick to DI to the right, but with the lag, the game thought I let go of right later than I did, and with the buffer window being huge, counted it as me wanting to roll). No johns though, no johns, as I'm sure you had the lag as well. Fun matches, would play again.
  12. If anybody lives in VA, TN, or NC I'm trying to hold one at my university (ASU in Boone, NC) on either Jan. 24th or 17th. Hopefully it'll have a large turnout. A lot of people from around the state seem interested.
  13. Slowdown is pretty nice, like the water sounds. Before the slowdown, which was welcome, it was a bit repetitive and predictable. I like the arrangement after the slowdown much more than before; there's a lot going on with an interesting melody. Before it seems a bit...boring. Of course, this could just be my opinion, but there's nothing really keeping me listening until the slowdown. Perhaps throwing in some notes a little off the beaten path would help. I like what you've got, but at least for my personal taste, up to the slowdown needs more to keep me interested. Good stuff, though.
  14. Not a bad fox there Jam, but I couldn't help feeling like there should be some upsmashes after some of those waveshines. :24 and :29 comes to mind. (:29 would be more difficult because you'd want to turn around).
  15. http://www.box.net/shared/7p1s1cfsws Woo, update. Changed the part before the solo piano ending a lot. Added sax and flutes to it. Changed little things here and there, finished editing drum velocities. And more little things. I think it's real close to being finished, so definitely any feedback is wanted and appreciated. Thanks.
  16. Agreed. Yay Peach! I just can't stop playing as her. But it's so damn difficult to kill...
  17. I assume this is what was referred to.
  18. Don't get aim, get trillian or pidgin. You'll thank yourself.
  19. Because I am practicing for a melee tournament and don't want to get screwed on saturday after playing brawl, which is slower, and online, which is even slower. I'll get back to brawl after this weekend, though, and then I'd love to play you.
  20. Awesome. I picked up an Emerald Blue controller when I was in Japan a couple years ago. But white? Awesome. Looks much better than other white controllers of other consoles.
  21. Here we go again, another version. Been busier lately and haven't had a whole lot of time. Changes: added more verb (mostly on piano), changed a couple notes and velocities here and there, and started working on changing the velocities of each drum hit. So far I'm about halfway done (keep that in mind when reviewing, please, the velocities are constant starting at about 3 minutes in). It's very slow work. Also increased a bpm from 95 to 96 at one point (yeah, I know, no one is going to know, but I'm a CS major and 96 is a much better number that 95 so I changed it). I also increased the overall tempo at the end and then threw it in a blender: instead of a straight tempo line, it goes up and down very rapidly which average is faster than it was, anyway, it sounds a bit more like a person is playing it now, especially since I've edited the velocities even more. Oh, and there's bass now, I can't remember if I've upped a version that fixed that problem (my speakers automatically boosted the bass, so it was much louder than it really was). Changes to come: -The section before the final solo piano section is going to be much more cohesive and much more climactic, incorporating most of the instruments that appear in the mix. -Increase the volume of the intro -Mess with the overall volume in different sections to create a more dynamic feeling within the whole of the piece After that, if there are no big things that I need to fix, I'll probably submit it. Please leave any comments, both good and bad, if you will. http://www.box.net/shared/7p1s1cfsws
  22. I think it's more of a glitch and less of a ..."feature." And by feature I mean how much of a feature regular tripping is. As far as I've found, it isn't easily replicated, so I think it's more of a glitch. ...of course, that could also be me hoping it's a glitch and that it wasn't intended. I have the worst luck sometimes, damnit. I was peach playing against a lucas in a tournament. I go to pick up a turnip. She reaches down, it makes the little "you picked up a turnip" sound, and I just saw something black. And by just, I mean that the lucas did a pk fire and I was just within range. I didn't even see the bomb she picked up because that pk fire blew it up before it was completely out of the ground. Yep, I lost a stock. I also lost a stock at 13% on Lylat Cruise during the tournament. I forget how though. I do remember it was a gimp and I was very upset about it.
  23. Ha ha ha. Ha ha. Ha. Yes (unfortunately - he's actually DEAD LAST on SBR's 1.0 tier list, but eh. Yeah though, he's pretty bad).
  24. I meant that I personally felt that brawl felt like a step backwards because I play smash competitively. I do know others that prefer brawl over melee, and fewer still that prefer it's gameplay (the others are part of the group that want to win easily without much practice or skill). While melee does have it's balance issues, they generally aren't as bad as brawl's are (at least for now, who's to say what the metagame will uncover eventually, if there's enough interest in competitive brawl). Like I said a little while ago, I've seen a pichu at least 3-stock a fox (it was a while ago, I don't remember the exact results). Oh, and I forgot to mention: Autograbbing the ledge from Up-B - OUT Though perhaps something can be done about it. Take, for instance, Marth's up-B. If you, I don't know, hold down the B-button or something, and he passes the ledge before he finishes, instead of going past it he'll grab the ledge with his hand and either A) flip onto the ledge with no invincibility and his standard options to either attack, climb up, or jump depending on what button is pressed as he flips from the ledge (though you can't hang there) or invert himself for a short while because of the momentum (he'll be upside down hanging on the ledge with no invincibility) and then you could choose to attack on the stage, jump off the ledge, climb up (more of a "fall down" at this point), or hang back on the ledge. Jam: don't play jiggs. Play Metaknight. He's like jiggs, only better. Just sayin'. Edit: Does anyone know what EVO and MLG are doing about melee/brawl? I heard that EVO2008 was brawl, but I don't know if they plan to continue with it for '09.
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