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  1. I'd like to ask permission to possibly use all or part of this remix in a custom New Super Mario Bros Wii project I am working on. We are making custom levels, music, backgrounds, and even custom tilesets. You would be credited in the notes that are released with the game, and even possibly in the game itself.
  2. thanks for the feedback guys... I'm always happy to see what others think... that's why I posted it... it's a constant learning process for me
  3. If the argument can be made that almost all remixers with an Artist profile wouldn't care if the information is provided, would it not be OK to allow the remixers to ask that certain information not be given on the profile page? Surely a few omissions at the request of an individual will not be counterproductive to the website. For instance: Name: JasonP27 (Jason Patterson) Roles/Credits: Idiot (27) Aliases: John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt Birthdate: Information Omitted Upon Request Birthplace:Information Omitted Upon Request I found out my fiance's middle name early on in our friendship/relationship via the Internet... and she wondered how I knew it... and even when I told her she didn't remember putting her middle name online anywhere... and that it was publicly available just by searching. There are people that may try to keep their identity on OCRemix.org and YouTube or Facebook separate, and just because you are able to make the connection that the two users are one in the same does not mean that the user intended that. I think if you want to be able to give that information in an Artist Profile without the artist having a say, the only way is to put it in as part of the terms of an accepted submission. If an artist wishes their remix(es) to appear on OCRemix.org, that they must accept that certain information may be gathered and provided by the staff.
  4. thanks for the links, though when I tried to download the Squidfont one I ran into a dead end... but Googled it and found it elsewhere
  5. set the port (upper right) for Colossus to 1 for instance, then for each MIDI Out also set the port to 1 and also set the channel for the MIDI out to the corresponding channel in Colossus for the instrument you want it to be. Same thing can be done for other VSTi like Edirol Orchestral, but not all VSTi can load multiple instruments
  6. I just bought a Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme... but not the cheap one... I got the X-Fi XtremeMusic, cause it supports ASIO 2 for low latency and what not. The RRP (MSRP) for it was around $300 AUD ($240 USD) a few years ago, but I've found at some online shops from $160 AUD - $230 AUD. Anyhow, I got it off eBay for $90 AUD ($36 of that is just the shipping from USA). I won't be getting my MIDI keyboard controller (probably Oxygen 61) for months though
  7. it may be possible, at least I would think, but then again it would all depend on your controller too... which is?
  8. after I get my USB keyboard, I'll need a better sound card to reduce/eliminate latency... however, after I buy my USB keyboard I won't be able to afford much regarding a sound card... I won't need to record using the inputs, or need digital in/out, or MIDI ports or anything like that... I will just want the latency to be gone as best as possible for a cheaper card... will the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme accomplish that? would anyone recommend it?
  9. ok thanks, when I get it and hook it up I will report my findings here for others, and any solutions to any problems that I find and fix... was going to get it for my birthday (Aug 5th) but looks like Christmas or later is now the deal
  10. http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=251401&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=60 you can find updated version of all 10 though a couple of them are supposedly "leaked" versions and are not guaranteed to be working for everyone (some people still get the loudness problem)... vstcafe has 4 out of the 10 released as stand-alone... they should be stable
  11. I am seriously considering purchasing the M-Audio Oxygen 61. I live in Australia, so getting it shipped here from the USA is not an option really, but thank goodness I found a decent online store based in Australia that sells these sorts of things. The cheapest I have found it though has been $279 AUD (about $219.96 USD) + $28.00 shipping at electricroom.com.au which is a bit more than zzounds.com sells it for ($169 USD w/free shipping) I have a Pentium D (2-core) processor with 1GB DDR2 RAM and Vista 32bit. The audio card that came with the PC is one of the Realtek High Definition Audio cards (on-board I think). Will I experience much latency using a USB MIDI controller such as the M-Audio Oxygen 61 with my current setup?
  12. After reading all 34 pages of this thread, I just have one question for the judges. Say a submission is only OK in production (EQ etc), and the instruments used could be a little better, but the song is very good musically and very creative. Is it possible for a song like this to still get a YES? Would it be more likely to get a NO (RESUBMIT) than a song with opposite problems? (i.e. good producing, great instruments, lacking musically) OK, that was two questions.
  13. If y'all want my WIP for a "bonus track" you can have it, but I can't really make it sound much better http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=23747
  14. I was unaware of that issue... I didn't think there would be a problem in that respect because a couple of the MIDI controller/keyboards I saw online the other day actually used USB 1.1, so I figured it wasn't sending that much information or it would use USB 2.x... would the same thing happen if hooking up a MIDI controller/keyboard to an external device that connects to the laptop via USB?
  15. anyone have $2000 for a ticket from Brisbane (Australia) to LAX to Dallas and back? Too bad it isn't in the Philadelphia area sometime in December. I will be returning home to Lancaster PA for that month for my honeymoon and to visit my family for Christmas.
  16. lol with FLStudio (and probably other sequencers) you can use your computer keyboard to play/record some basic stuff. I don't have a MIDI keyboard (yet), and I am one of those musicians that play by ear better than read the sheet music, though I can do that just fine too. Sometimes it helps when creating a song to just hit the keys on the PC keyboard to actually hear out loud what I am trying to do, and I have even used it to record simple melodies and even chords, and then fixed them up in the sequencer later. I think your laptop should certainly be capable of working with a MIDI keyboard without any problems, no need to really wait for a new PC or anything, but I don't know I could be wrong, it's happened once or twice in my life.
  17. Well, this is my first time for any of the OCR competitions, I am thinking about trying this out, but no promises! I was hoping maybe to listen to the compositions created for a couple of the previous CMC comps to see how others have conceptualized those Comp's Themes into songs. Is there any way to do that? edit: nevermind found some
  18. I am familiar with the Airship Theme, but not the Zelda one. Could you provide a link to hear the Zelda one? Actually, links to both songs would be best so others can help as well.
  19. thanks for the link to TweakHeadz Lab! I have learned a little something today already
  20. if all else fails you could record them yourself if you run the game in an emulator on the PC... you can disable individual channels of sound in the emulator so that the music will not mess up your recording etc
  21. glad to have helped... now I also know about the separate pattern tempo mysel
  22. I tend to use the randomize tool to give myself more ideas on how to manually change the velocity. I will use it and then playback and tweak to make it sound more natural. It saves me so much more work because a lot of the notes fall to a velocity I am happy with to begin with, and I only have to change a few of them. Some instruments react differently to the randomize tool. I find sometimes only a little change is needed to change the dynamics of the instrument, other times it barely does a thing. You'll have to experiment finding the range of velocity/dynamic you want for each instrument, simply by trial and error. Start with a little, use History (or Ctrl+Z to undo) and try again until you find the right range. The range of randomness that you are looking for is simply the lowest velocity to the highest velocity you are wanting for that part. Changing the channel (volume, pitch etc) is the only way to manipulate some instruments, for instance with Edirol Orchestral VSTi slide notes don't work to bend pitch, so you have to draw pitch bend by hand by selecting Channel Pitch. hope this helped you
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