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  1. I'm a big fan of Uematsu-san's work and I would be a great and distinguished honor to meet the man, the myth, the legend.
  2. This is just awesome. Just out of curiosity did the Wheel Of Fortune theme inspired you to make this remix? cause I'd swear some of the parts of this song sounds make it sound like I'm watching Wheel.
  3. yeah universe 2 would most likely be like universe 1 and you have to go through the gay @$$ed quest mode (dance master mode in the more recent PS2 DDR games). I'd just wish they go back to the earlier DDR games where u had to unlock a new song for every 5th song played (or pass depending on the requirements).
  4. Does anyone in here have Capatin N: The Game Master intros?
  5. Hey everyone did you guys pick up Supernova 2 for PS2 yet? I kinda like it, but i still wish that they did away with the stupid Dance Master Mode (its called Hyper Master Mode in the game but its still the same stupid consept).
  6. ya know i join up on that once a long time ago but didnt win anything but it was quite fun. basically the game play was this you first select 6 pokemon then you select 3 pokemon out of that 6 to put into battle then you waited for the end result since you couldnt pick which attack to use against the opponets or anything of the sort. i think thats how it work but of course my mind is a little rusty. I hope this info helps you out.
  7. http://stepmaniathings.com/themes.php well this wasnt the site that i originaly got the SSR (Sonic Sonic Revolution) Theme, but meh close enough
  8. There i think its now better
  9. not my fault that this messageboard has a bad img posting ablity
  10. hey were can i find SM on the PSP? that would be very interesting.
  11. hey thanks that worked perfectly
  12. ok i know how to add bgs and banners to the individual songs but how do i add a banner to the group folder?
  13. Ive try to do one myself but then after i found dancing gorilla and ran it through and i felt that the autogen program did a better job than i did. so id figured if i want do to my own simfiles ill just run it through the autogen. if you want to see how bad i did on my own just go to bemanistyle's site and do a search for Tube Panic for DDR(SM) (or just search Tube Panic) and youll see how bad i did on my own oh just so you know its light only and a 1 footer.
  14. The DDR Wii title is called Hottest Dance Party so it will not be another Mario Mix, if it will come bundle with a dance pad that is up in the air at this point, but i wouldnt be surprise if the pad for the cube is compatable since the cube games and controlers and even the memory cards are compatable. It just makes me wonder how the Wii-mote is going to be used in junction with the dance pad.
  15. hey thanks for the site there bigfoot. i was able to add more, but i still have some holes left to fill
  16. good point. i just wish konami and bemani give the ok to having the ultramix series compatible on the 360
  17. well i could run ultramix3 and go into edit mode to get the dance steps and copy them into stepmania, but that would take a long time to do cause you got to look at the tv then look at the computer screen. So it would be easier just to run the song through an autogen program. Hey sonicbhoc you should be able to pick up a copy of ultramix3 at you local EB games no prob
  18. ok ill take the music. I can run it through the dancing gorillia
  19. id take it no one has The Cult of Gnosyillis from DDR Ultramix 3?
  20. does anyone have Cult Gnosyllis from ultramix 3?
  21. i didnt realize that you've already asked dr. rod to do it i thought you were asking anyone posting in this thread. im sorry.
  22. hey atmuh please answer my question do want the steps auto generated or not cause if you dont want it auto gen then i wont do the song.
  23. if you dont mind me auto gen the steps for you i could run the song through dancing monkey and gorilla program
  24. Yeah the program is very good, the only gripe about it is that you cant do long or marathon songs.
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