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  1. My thoughts exactly. I'll hold off any further judgments until the thing is out.
  2. Loved the book. Hated the movie. "Hey guys, let's strip out every major subplot and instead spend the whole movie throwing the camera around while the filmmakers suck up to the Vatican because of how 'damning' da Vinci Code was! What a great idea for a movie!" No. No it wasn't. I was bored to tears.
  3. I think I speak for the entire Internet when I say: MOAR PLZ Fantastic stuff. You're right, I WOULD pay to go see this live.
  4. Stuff like this is the reason I come to OCR. Excellent work! Really inspiring stuff here.
  5. I kinda knew this was going to come up at some point - after all, this track (Rhythm of Wind Sky and Earth) is perc-only on a soundtrack full of lush melodies that people have already ReMixed to hell. That said, really glad it was DrumUltima - he kicks out all the best stuff, no holds barred, and this track is certainly exemplary of that quality in his music. The rhythms here are groovy, baby, really swank. And with a title like that, who can lose?
  6. Definitely one of my favorite piano arrangements on the site. Great job!
  7. I had some great moments this year. I think swinging my sword in both Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Twilight Princess were among the most fun I've ever had in my entire life. Then there's my current progress in Chrono Trigger DS and rediscovering the SNES and F-Zero... Great year.
  8. I just finished Lost Sanctum. Neat rewards, but still baffled as to how an entire development team thought this was a good idea. "HAY GUYZ LET'S RUN UP AND DOWN A MOUNTAIN FOR THREE HOURS, THAT SOUNDS LIKE FUN LOLOLOLOLOLOL" I had so much fun playing through the game again, though. I'd forgotten how much I actually liked this game.
  9. *gets excited* I don't have a DAW, unfortunately - it's why I haven't even submitted something to the site. But if there's a mixer willing to collab, I'd love to do some orchestral arrangements. This is one of my favorite game soundtracks (top ten, at least - Chrono Trigger will never be trumped ) so I'm ecstatic to see how this goes.
  10. Cool. You can help me get started by sending me the sheet music of the melody you intend to use for the lyrics - I can kinda catch it by listening to the mix, but it wouldn't be perfect and I'd like to see the ideas you've been working on for lyrics. As for the mix: only thing that bugs me is that it's really repetitive. If it's a lyric-based song, you should mix things up in the background and/or modify the lead melody so that the song doesn't end up sounding like Groundhog Day. Counter-melodies/harmonies are also classics for lead lyrical melodies. I'm also not digging one of the samples, though I can't put my finger on which... :tomatoface:Silly me.
  11. Eek, I will listen to this later (about to sign off) but I offer myself as a lyricist if you so need one.
  12. Thieves of Fate (Days of Summer) is basically one of the best songs I've ever heard. Same with Scar Sealing Girl. I have a morbid obsession with that song. This album rocks.
  13. Cheers, musicians/artists. My first piece of creative writing in... I don't know how long.
  14. Holy crap, I've been listening to zircon/pixietricks ReMixes for three years? I need a new life. Congrats!!
  15. I could dig up my mic and give it another go, I suppose.
  16. Augh! It looks like I won't be able to buy it for this holiday season. Will it be available year-round? I'd like to have some of your music for future Christmas playlists.
  17. Definitely wait, especially with Christmas right now. By summer, everything should be worked out, and your OS should update automatically via Apple Software Update. (Not sure on this, I think mine came with 10.5 already installed, but those early days with my baby were so long ago I can barely remember.)
  18. Yay, it's time to bust this song out again! A classic in my Christmas playlists. Probably one of my favorite Super Mario Bros. remixes, too.
  19. I guess I'll take a break from downloading piano pieces for some rap recommendations. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm7dZe0b8Rk&feature=related Public Enemy is classic, in my book. Found them about the same time as Immortal Technique; I wonder why I had never heard of them before. Catchy stuff, and lots of great lyrics too. Everybody needs some Jedi Mind Tricks in their lives, IMHO. This song in particular is up with Fort Minor's "Kenji" - the first verse is primarily an overview of Vietnam soldiers, while the second verse is RA the Rugged Man in the head of his dad, who actually fought in the Vietnam War. I also find Immortal Technique to be a superior producer, but a lot of his songs are extreme leftist politics which even I (raving liberal that I am) do not agree with. How many people do you honestly know that take step #2 anymore? Most of my friends song-surf when they get a new CD instead of listening to it all the way through. If more people actually paid attention to the songs they listen to, more people might actually have opinions on the music they buy and listen to. Addendum: I hate the phrase "listen to". It tastes funny in my mouth.
  20. I'm posting here very specifically to remind myself to buy this album. BTW: My mom and I both love Origins. Truly magnificent.
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXTqVquTy4E&feature=related
  22. Happy birthday! Hope it's a healthy one, yeah?
  23. [Riffing based on what I'm hearing in real-time - LIKE THE OLYMPICS IN THE WEST COAST RIGHT NBC RIGHT??] The intro is MUCH improved. Very cool. The flute lead and drum writing underneath was AWESOME. I instantly started grooving, and it didn't feel too artificial. The piano part after that was great, and the duet sounds fantastic. The choir/piano section near the end might be tinkered with in terms of volume. I'm curious as to what you're going to do with the ending piece - sounds kinda "out there" compared to the rest of the song. I see the makings of a great song here. The drums have added some excellence, so now you should focus on giving the piece's lead melodies some coherence - give the song some structure so it doesn't feel so meandering. As Rozo said, you seem to know what you're doing, so I'm confident you'll come out with the winner soon.
  24. Yes but it consists of just one song: Lover Reef. ... Kinda.
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