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  1. Self promotion time. I once spent about a day making some mashups of sonic music because I had nothing better to do. http://drop.io/mwyzu0x I didn't really spend a lot of effort on them, and it shows (especially on 5 and 6) but I think for the amount of effort I gave, they're pretty decent. Also, I made some time ago.
  2. I've started going by A Damn Good Cop on TF2. Just so you know, if you see A Damn Good Cop kickin' around, it's probably me. I'm neither a cop nor am I damn good, so it's a bit deceptive.
  3. I like playing this game with you guys. I'm not particularly good, and my internet connection is horrible resulting in lots of lag on my part, but I still enjoy myself a lot.
  4. Jaybell


    Leafcutter's at the start. Also, this is so fucking good.
  5. Happy Birthday! Thanks for making this here website!
  6. Hello! One day I was bored and made a lot of mashups with hip-hop and Sonic music, and I felt like sharing them WITH THE WORLD. It's pretty short, with about seven songs clocking in at 15 minutes. Now, I'm no Norwegian Recycling; these are not perfect by any means. There's some volume weirdness going on sometimes and the sound quality isn't always the best unfortunately. Remember, I basically cranked 'em out over the course of a day cause I had nothing better to do. So if you happen to like 'em regardless: great! If not, well, don't say I didn't warn you. Link: http://drop.io/yibg1qo
  7. Okay so I downloaded a virus, which was mostly because of my own stupidity. It made a bunch of pop-up ads appear, as well as making the message "b.exe has stopped working" show up as if it were any other application not responding, followed by a message that I have a virus on my computer. After scanning my computer with Norton and Malwarebytes (the free version) a coupla times, the ads have stopped, but b.exe keeps on stopping working. (I'm running Vista, by the way.) Help me out here. If Windows is to be believed, the virus is called "W32/Gaobot.worm.gen.u - Win32/RBot.3eu!Worm". How can I get rid of it?
  8. I believe I have, but I could be wrong, I'm not exactly sure how it all works. My graphics card (according to my system settings) is ATI Radeon X1250. My advanced video settings are set to the recommended settings. I tried just setting everything to highest, and fire/medibeams still don't show up.
  9. Whelp, from watching some youtube videos of TF2 I've figured out that my computer isn't showing certain things, like fire or the medic's healing ray thing. This makes playing as pyro or medic kind of a pain. Is there any way to fix this or am I just gonna have to deal with it?
  10. I just recently started playing this here game and I don't know why I didn't start earlier, I've had it forever. It's a blast and a half. I've also taken to hanging out in this server occasionally. Nickname is Jaybell
  11. I had a dream, and when I woke up from it I felt this weird confidence. Not like a YEAH YEAH I CAN DO IT confidence, but just...calm and resolute. It ended up being a pretty sweet day, and whenever I thought of the dream I just kinda felt good, but I can't for the life of me remember what the dream was.
  12. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss! I am glad somebody is undertaking this. Unfortunately I don't know how I can access the rest of the tracks but the Danzen Dungeon track is makin' me pretty happy right now
  13. Haven't been this excited by an OCremix in a while. Nice work AeroZ!
  14. I am always logged in as somebody random??
  15. Hey, I just thought I'd mention somethign I kind of forgot: I need to provide the interviewee's contact information ( a business address to be specific I figure I'd mention this in case you weren't comfortable giving out stuff over the internet. If you're not cool with this, then let me know before I hit you up with the questions.
  16. So for Computer Science we have this project wherein we have to make up at least five questions and interview somebody in the business about programming and stuff, and then present the answers in a power point presentation. Is there anybody over here who is a programmer who would be willing to be interviewed? If you're interested, tell me in the thread. I'll hit you up in PMs with the questions and some other details.
  17. Man, where'd this guy go? He's great and this is great and oh man great great great
  18. I'm interested. Gonna keep my eye on this thread.
  19. My main reason for emulation with old systems was that, even if I were to find a legit snes with a legit copy of the game, since it'd have to be at a yard sale or eBay or some such, Nintendo would probably not get a cut of the profits, therefore, I am not hurting them. This was before the virtual console, though, so now it's just cause of laziness.
  20. Also, worst use of Hallelujah. Now whenever I hear that song I'll just end up thinking about that drawn out sex scene.
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