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  1. An AnSo mix without a Rhodes solo?! Say it ain't so! Your drug is a heartbreaker. Actually part of why this is awesome is because it deviates greatly from the tried and true AnSo Formula. (take funky drums, bassline, synths. add solos liberally. sprinkle the occasional Wacky Zany Instrument. stir, bake, submit.) Not that I don't like this formula, it's just good to see AnSo branching out. Nice work. (also: bass = sexy)
  2. Short, but holy god this is sweet. There are a bunch of ideas in this and they all flow quite nicely, given how short this is. Awesome!
  3. Jaybell

    Mother 3

    It was a JRPG that actually took place in the "present day" instead of medieval/future times. That plus the general quirkiness of it all makes it a pretty unique experience.
  4. The Eighties called and they want their synths back. But you'd better not give it back 'cause then we won't have this positively rocking song!
  5. This ain't making it on to OCR; you directly sampled the source. But regardless, it's a timesplitters 2 mix and that makes me happy, and it sounds really bitching also. It may not be OCRworthy or whatever, but it's still kickin' rad!
  6. Can't believe I haven't commented on this yet. It's one of my favorite mixes on the site I'm pretty sure, and it also prompted me to listen to Endtroducing, which is a good thing. Skrypnyk, you are becoming one of my favorite remixers on the site.
  7. And it is here? I made it for kicks and I actually really really like listening to it, so I felt I should share it with THE WORLD.
  8. New addition. I was remembering a departed friend, and then Someone Great by LCD Soundsystem came on. It very, very nearly got me, though that's more context based than about the song being incredible. (also prophet, it is por-tiss-head I believe)
  9. Wow, thanks for all the advice, guys! Especially Wingless. Soooo education-wise, the general vibe I'm getting from this thread and the "your gaming degrees are useless" one, is that it's better to get a general Computer Science degree than to go into a specialized trade-school-type place? All of the advice so far has been incredibly helpful, thanks again you guys.
  10. No Surprises by Radiohead is probably the closest I'm getting to shedding a tear. Also, Roads by Portishead.
  11. ...but I have no idea how to go about doing this? I am currently in my last year at high school with no real idea of where I am headin' afterwards, apart from the above. I know this is incredibly vague, but does anyone here, perhaps, have any inkling as to what is required or needed or whatever to break into the industry? Any advice would be greatly greatly appreciated.
  12. It's like if the most beautiful computer were breaking down. Fantastic stuffs.
  13. Man I really like the use of the mellotron flutes! The whole song is really really pretty but especially that segment for some reason :3
  14. analoq is back! Yesssssssss Oh my gosh this is the mellowest. I love it a bunch oh man so good
  15. Haha I actually enjoyed listening to this a bunch. More games should end with Super Megamixes like this.
  16. These are the dudes who did The Ballad of the Sneak, right? The name rung a bell. Also, this is awesome.
  17. Whoops! Didn't realize there was a difference between the two. Sorry! But uh, I didn't really know what exactly I had in mind? I just kinda looked at it and went "that would be an amazing sig". Then I posted here. Hell, even if you just put in a text balloon with Jaybell in it, that'd be fine.
  18. it ain't the first! But it is nonetheless very very rockin'. Nicely done!
  19. Can I request a sig using this image somehow? (with my name in it o' course)
  20. wait w-w-go now wait w-w-wait w-w-go now wait w-w-go now wait w-w-go-go-here we go now This is a great remix right here and that bit has been stuck in my head forever.
  21. This is a really awful thread but I am really liking these samples. I mean I like ocr a whole lot but sometimes it's nice to just have some straight up covers/conservative arrangements/whatever you wanna call 'em.
  22. SUPERBUMP so I was bored and went back to this. Basically I made it sound a bit better and added a little transition thing at the end to set up further potential shenanigans.
  23. Aw man, this is pretty sad! Whenever he was on the screen he just made you smile. Rest in peace.
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