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  1. Is something happening slightly to the right? They all seem to be lookin' that way.
  2. I never claimed it was anything other than a simple mashup? I have no intentions of subbing this to OCR, or even claiming it as anything above what it is: a simple mashup. The first post's been edited for clarity.
  3. Not the law, but rather the music group. Kind of a lazy job, but still had some funtimes makin' this. Hopefully you have a couple of funtimes listening to it? Edit: This is just a straight up mashup of Stress by Justice, and Examination Allegro or whatever from Phoenix Wright. There is absolutely no arrangement whatsoever in this; I basically did it for kicks. It is definitely not gonna get subbed.
  4. One of my secret shames is that I have never listened to a Pink Floyd album. It's not that I don't want to, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.
  5. Radiohead I discovered relatively recently, and now they are currently dominating my mp3 player.
  6. THAT'S what a cumshot is! I've seen that term tossed around many times and have been highly confused.
  7. I've heard it in like a billion songs on this site. It's five notes. Rove You Rong Time closes an organ solo with it, and it can be barely heard at the end of Breakbeat Forest, and I'm pretty sure I've heard it elsewhere on the site and around the community in general. What is it?
  8. Bump de bump. So I was in a music store and the radio announced they were gonna play a Kanye West song and I was all sad. I hadn't heard much by Kanye, but I've been selectively avoiding him, mostly because of my disdain for Pop and Rap. But this is what played. (ignore the video, I have no idea either.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVZX-W3vo9I And I-I like it? For a pop song, it's incredibly jarring and isolated-sounding, with the autotune vocals, and the drums and all that. Definitely not what I was expecting, at all.
  9. Hahhahahahahaha this guy is amazing This is my favorite thing right now
  10. Hahaha, these acapella songs are getting more love than actual serious WIPs I made. Granted, my wips are pretty brutal usually. Still, I'm glad y'all liked it. I will maybe make some more?
  11. oh god stop me before I hurt something
  12. Whatever happened to these dudes? I wanna hear more by them.
  13. I wouldn't mind it if our radio station at work played anything other than the SAME TWENTY FUCKING SONGS. Disturbia and Let it Rock are two of those, and I am sick of them. They're alright, but man, how about NOT PLAYING IT THREE TIMES IN AS MANY HOURS? One reason I'm glad I wasn't alive during the eighties: I didn't have to hear Michael Jackson get overplayed and overplayed to the point of absurdity, and so I can appreciate his music for what it is.
  14. Yeah, I did this in like ten minutes for a laugh. Someone's probably done it better, but here ya go anyway.
  15. See, that is something I do not know at all. I don't know what high-range, low-range, and all that whatever when it comes to mixin' and mastering is! If I did, then I'd probably be able to improve the quality of these things a heckuvalot. Well, that and finishing more of the song.
  16. Kay, so. I was dickin' around with Giygas' theme. This is nowhere near complete, it's very much a sketch (the second half esp. needs work). Hopefully I will actually commit to this and finish it, I'm pretty fond of what I've got so far, actually. Thoughts, complaints, rage, whatever is all welcome. and the source:
  17. The cheap MP3 player in question is a 4 gig RCA Opal. Sometimes it will show the album art and other times it just won't. I've tried re-tagging the files in Winamp but that didn't work. Any help?
  18. Virt's FX3 has the same 12-ish bar set of notes reappear all over the place. Not really a video game but still pretty neato.
  19. Man, thanks so much for making these awesome remixes!
  20. I love leitmotifs but I can't think of any solid example of a videogame that VERY effectively used them. Apart from maybe as Moseph said Super Mario World and a bunch of other mario games. Could one consider the "dynamic music" in Banjo-Kazooie as this?
  21. Elite Beat Agents will own your soul for about a month. Alternatively, Mother 3 is ripe for the picking.
  22. Sonic 2 and Cool Spot for the genesis were the first games I ever played so I have my strongest nostalgic attachments to those games.
  23. Man, you are simply an outstanding musician. That's just it.
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