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  1. Why aren't there more posts here >:[ This album, it's so good, it really is so good. I may do a track-by-track dealie later? Perhaps? You captured Doom II's atmosphere perfectly.
  2. The level design is so much better and more creative in DKC2. I actually have a hard time playing DKC1 ever since I beat the second one; the design is so simple by comparison. It's still an alright game. A little overrated (basically, everything was decent except the graphics which were REVOLUTIONARYOMG, and even those haven't held up that well over time.) Still, it's okay.
  3. This remix really grew on me. At first I wasn't really feeling it and the intro was way too drawn out for me. Then I listened to it some more, and I don't know, I'm kind of addicted to the drums especially and the weird time signature and now it's one of my favorite remixes. Nice work!
  4. The writeup of this mix made me discover Portishead which I am very grateful for. And the mix itself is pretty freaking sexy too.
  5. So I need to make a nice blog website thing, and wordpress seems like it'd be fit to do so. But web design ain't really my forte, so this may sound pretty dang dumb but that's what this forum is for so HERE GOES: Instead of making the domain derp.wordpress.com, can't I make it just derp.com? How would I go about doing this?
  6. Mazedude did some pretty sexy global gladiators mixes for his american album. Hit up his site! edit: More than MoN is probably the best of the two, in my opinion, and you will never be able to stop listening to it.
  7. 00 agent life 2 is by DarK pUrplE or however you're supposed to capitalize it. And I vaguely remember 2D in a 3D world, probably from vgmix, but the artists name I do not recall.
  8. So for bLiNd's get well super metroid dealie I threw together a WIP. I ended up not being able to finish it by the deadline but now maybe I kinda want to finish it? hurr it is Feedback = appreciated
  9. ToeJam and Earl! And Joshua Morse! It is a match made in heaven.
  10. Oh man! This is really enveloping and beautiful and mellow and I love it. Also why are all of skryp's mixes exactly 4:20?
  11. Man analoq everything you make is ridiculously catchy and I don't understand how you do it. It's impossible to not like this, seriously.
  12. So there are games that are mostly remembered for their single player mode, like Sonic, and then there are games that are fondly remembered for their multiplayer, like Super Smash Bros. Occasionally, a game is well known for both awesome single player and awesome multiplayer (example: Goldeneye or Halo.) But for the most part, you'll remember a game for one or the other. But that doesn't stop Sonic 2 from having a two player option. Just that no one ever plays it, pretty much, because when I think Sonic 2 I think "I want to run through a well designed platformer" not "I want to race my friend in a kickin' multiplayer game." (And on the other end of the spectrum, who really bought Melee for the single player campaign?) Now, of course, the multiplayer option is there, but it obviously isn't gonna be your first priority. Nonetheless, it's there, and it's pretty fun. So what the whole point of this is : games with overlooked multiplayer options. Maybe because they were just tacked on by the developers. But that doesn't stop them from being pretty fun. They may not have the depth of Smash Bros or Halo or whatever, but they're fun little time wasters. That's what I'm looking for. As mentioned above, I always enjoyed Sonic 2's multiplayer option, as squished and slowdowneriffic as it was. I remember wishing it were possible to race through the whole game like that. Sonic 3's was alright, also, but the levels were a bit on the short side. Nonetheless I can't get enough of Endless Mine's music.
  13. Man, sometimes I would fall asleep with my mp3 player on or music in the background and have messed up dreams. Often these are one of two types of dreams: 1) Your average, run of the mill dream, that is bizarre and unrelated to the music: however, I can still hear the music in my dream. This leads to some really weird juxtapositions. Example: When I was younger, I fell asleep in the back of the car whilst my mother was listening to The Music Man's soundtrack. I had a dream involving a public execution. (With a capital E and that rhymes with P and that stands for pool!) 2) I have a short dream, it's relatively unusual, but then I hear music and realize "wait a second, this is a dream." At which point the dream ends, and goes to a completely new dream. So basically a series of short, unrelated dreams. Unfortunately the dreams aren't too related to the music in the background, but still, it's weird.
  14. Man, what? Goldeneye and Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie have some of the best soundtracks on the 64. :[ (haven't played dk64, though, but I remember it being less than amazing, but that was a while ago so yeah)
  15. Bleeeh, this week has been dumb and I haven't been able to work on my thingy, and I probably won't be able to finish it by the deadline. Oh well. Get well soon bLiIiIiIiIiIiNd
  16. I am more stupid for watching this video, and I do not regret it in the least
  17. Sooo here is what I have so far It is pretty gosh darn liberal maybe, and also, I'm having trouble finding a good synth lead thing. Basically I was dicking around with mother brain chords and this came out. it'll get finished, probably, though, once I find a decent lead that works? mainly the reason I'm posting this: if anything is horrible about this, tell me!
  18. I didn't know chrono trigger existed until I found the eighty bajillion remixes of it here.
  19. So I started a short WIP thing for Mother Brain? But then I fell asleep. We'll see if I finish it, or if it becomes suitable for a get well soon album.
  20. I enjoyed it until the point where you have to find a hidden block to progress. That wasn't contra bullshit, that was kaizo bullshit. How in fuck's name are you supposed to know that you have to find a hidden block? I must've wasted fifty lives on that goddamned pit before I accidentally stumbled upon that block.
  21. I really really like this. Does the breakdown at 2:58 - ish reference any other sources? It sounds familiar...
  22. Okay, after doing his down-b, Luigi's face is an anime stress symbol thingy. I just noticed this and it blew my mind.
  23. This is not good news ): Good luck, bLiNd. Get better so you can make more awesome unts.
  24. Sixto, you are some kind of guitar machine. This is the only explanation. Awesome awesome work, as usual!
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