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  1. Hey guys, we just uploaded a video to youtube of us doing Boomer Kuwanger at one of our shows last week at a local Canalfest. The picture sucks, but the audio turned out amazing. Yeah, I screw up the lead for about 1 second. Check it out
  2. haha OF COURSE NOT. That would be far too satisfying. However, the scene support is really unreal, from all ends of the spectrum. Everyone showing support warms my heart.
  3. haha guys, seriously Heaven Bound was amazing. I'm not really even that pissed because they were THAT GOOD.
  4. How advanced is the level of the girls you work with? My sister is the executive administrative assistant for USA gymnastics.
  5. I love what Synthethasia really is. Apt name for a visualization program.
  6. Thanks guys. Yeah the Godsmack thing was probably rigged but whatevs. I really am going in expecting absolutely nothing to come out of this, but how can we not try since we made the regional finals already?
  7. We just keep entering these contests. This one is for Armcannon to be on the American Idol next american band. Pretty much, we've made it into the top 5 regionally, and if we win this, we go to Vegas for an audition on the show for free. http://www.wutv.com/players/features/bands/video.shtml Thanks in advance kids.
  8. Kinda fun to watch. Plot was kinda garbage. It's already been said here... Spoiler It was pretty stupid with the scene telling Keira Knightly that SHE was Calypso. Also the scene with Jack swinging on a rope for about 8 minutes of screen time interspersed with random battle-age was very convoluted and was missing continuity.
  9. I too would like to know that. Unfortunately results were never posted (numerically) and magically appeared. I'm not gonna lie, even though Stemm does quite well for themselves I'm pretty sure we had a pretty ridiculous amount of votes. I pretty much had every single VGmusic board I can think of helping us out, some more than others Plus we do very well locally and we generated a lot of votes there as well. Oh well, nothing we can do about it. It will be another day before VGmusic is thrust forth to a completely mainstream crowd. It's too bad, I was hoping to make some conversions. Honestly though guys, it was very cool of you to throw out your support. In fact the VGscene support from everywhere was great. If any of you guys ever make it out to a show be sure to say hello. I'm fairly certain we'll be at next years MAGfest, since we did quite well there last year.
  10. Yeah that was me, although I've done a few tracks for DoD that I consider much better since then.
  11. When we record more stuff, we'll find some room for some accordian to tear it up.Are you referring to instruments? Our one guitarist Mike is a good vocalist so it allows us to experiment with vocals in some areas. We attempt a barbershop quartet type ending to our ghostbusters remix for example. Otherwise we have traditional band elements with everything else covered by Chris on the keyboards. For example we do a fun little thing with the People's Court theme where he uses a typewriter sounding patch. BTW, thanks so much for the support guys. I've always been kind of turned off by OCR just because electronic remixes are not my thing so much (even though I realize you have much more than that) and some of the judging stuff isn't really my thing either, but my heart is warmed by the VGscene support so I'll see if I can't poke my head around here once in a while. Again thanks guys Danimal Cannon
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