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  1. http://www.myspace.com/armcannon
  2. I'm a big fan of Norg and Master Hatchet metal. Braincells and Snapplefuck slay me too. Occasionally I've been known to do some metal remixes, as has my band Armcannon.
  3. This shit should be pressed in time for MAGfest....
  4. If you go I'm going to try and have sex with you.
  5. What about the people who submit metal music to OCR? I'm just gonna say you don't know what you're talking about. Also, since you're the furthest thing from an authority on the subject, your opinions are void and baseless. Carry on.
  6. oh yeah I forgot about them, I love the kidneythieves, they too are broken up though.
  7. They pitchshift her vocals down live. Not sure how much. I have a friend who was on tour with them. Rob Zombie uses an absolutely disgusting amount of vocal processing live.
  8. They're broken up. Nobody has mentioned Nightwish have they? Oh wait they did in every post, even when the first post said he wasn't looking for Nightwish.
  9. You want Drain STH. They're like Alice in Chains made up of hot chicks from Sweden. Drain STH myspace
  10. Some songs need just a cover. Others need expansion and remixing. It's all about what the song calls for.
  11. under the right circumstances. it does something if you do it correctly. Like if you dont have an upgraded weapon.
  12. spoooilorsz I unlocked those as well, I also got some interview where they talk about how videogame cover bands like to cover contra, also I unlocked some OTHER character, some chick. When you select probotector you can change his color by pressing up and down on the character select screen, also the original contra, the sound is fucked spoilleros end
  13. The first one was great because it was so honest. Also the song was SO MUCH BETTER. The original had the catchiest, most fun song on the planet. The 2nd numa song was the worst pile of garbage ever, terrible melody, terrible chorus. The added FX on it made it even sadder. This one was in between those too.
  14. All I'm saying, is that this is the best rap I've heard in forever. Smell Yo Dick
  15. Haha, that's sort of an inside joke where our drummer brian is usually hidden in every live photo taken. So we just started calling him Drummor. The village people line is because we were at some Halloween party and a lot of guys were dressed like construction workers. We kept going up to them and saying "Oh the village people, NICE". We almost got into a fight it was awesome.
  16. So true. If you smoke like I smoke, then you're high like every day.
  17. About the synth vibrato, I agree with you however none of that is softsynth, its all direct wavs from the keyboard, and while Chris does a lot of pitch bends and vibrato on his keyboard, he doesn't use any on this song. Thanks for enjoying.
  18. Hey guys we just uploaded our ghostbusters remix to myspace. You'll probably see us play this at MAGfest. http://www.myspace.com/armcannon
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