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  1. Street Fighter II: Somehow we've managed to sell another Street Fighter 2
  2. For the love of god don't release anything until it's done idiots. You're just ASKING to be C&D'd.
  3. Hahahahaha. I majored in cellular and molecular biology. I mostly focus on genetics. It's either get a full time job or give it a shot at music. Since I'm currently unattatched for the first time in my life I'll give it a shot.
  4. Graduated, didn't get into grad school. Maybe I'll record some originals and get signed since I'm not doing anything else at the moment.
  5. Oh jesus those vocals during the opera are SO BAD
  6. I thought this thread was about my tuner pedal, the Korg DT-10.
  7. Yeah I replayed the VC version, got to the sidescrolling area a few levels in and stopped playing. Somehow I used a credit card in the game =D
  9. I'm sure he was referring to boobs and thighs
  10. My mixes are always heavily Stemage influenced.
  11. They're all magic users. Because they're weak and vaginas are magical.
  12. I love that you just have to survive till next week to beat the game, then you retire in glory. Also fuck the tornadoes
  13. Well whatever, I do recognize the difference between a Disasterpeace song and an authentic C64 chip. However, I'm still going to call that Disasterpeace song a chiptune because its just way easier to classify it like that.
  14. I prefer broader use of the word chiptune as a genre of new original music meant to sound like old FM synths. I would qualify your definition by calling them "authentic chiptunes" with ones that only use a single SID.
  15. That game kind of sucked. Least intuitive game direction ever. I never figured out what to do after I got the "mini" spell even after playing for hours and hours.
  16. Taboo: The 6th Sense. Thread over. Go ahead, play a rom. I dare you.
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