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  1. The N64 controller was designed by and for rocket scientists.
  2. You can't criticize profit though.
  3. I'm performing at the NYC show with Armcannon anybody got a place we can crash for the night?
  4. I met a guy who tried to max out his gil in FF7. I told him he was a loser.
  5. I listen to game remixes every other day or so. These sometimes consist of OCR remixes.
  6. wow that statement at the bottom is just THAT amazing.
  7. I went to a seminar by a guy who was presenting his own prediction algorithms for protein folding just last week.
  8. Hah, in the last photo you can see his computer displaying EWQL Symphonic Orchestra
  9. They clearly went through the Harry Fox Agency. They're paying royalties of $10 for every CD sale.
  10. http://www.pbc-productions.com/ Cool MAGfest montage.
  11. Myself and my guitarist ate some candy and pounded some HURRICANE HIGH GRAVITY's in the car just before the show. Fuck buying refreshments.
  12. Saw it. handheld gets annoying. Needs epilogue plz
  13. On the east coast, just about every band except for the advantage was able to make it there driving. You put it in Las Vegas, EVERYONE would need a flight out.
  14. I'm helping Snapple out with this project, we were both talking about doing remixes from Contra 4 and he just said "fuck lets just do a project". I had done a remix last month of the Alien Hive and Heart Battle, they'll be part of the project and I imagine they helped kick things off. I'll be doing another track in the future. http://dod.vgmix.com/past/jan08/03-DanimalCannon+ChrisDlugosz-Contra4-Attack-DoD.mp3 I think one of the reasons that the project shouldn't be an OCR project exclusively is because the tracks are ALREADY immaculately arranged as songs. If someone just did a rearrangement with live instruments with some minor additions that would be fine. You don't need to get all interpretive with these seeing as how you'll have a hard enough time just not leaving out important parts in the first place. Yeah, you can have your own interpretation, but we're not looking for "songs inspired by contra 4". We're looking for badass covers. In my track I took some liberties, not until after I covered all the bases first. Even then, I didn't feel the need to expound very far on that.
  15. Nah that's not me singing, it's our other guitarist Mike. He's a great singer.
  16. Hey guys, a bunch of you already picked up the album at MAGfest, but I'm happy to tell you that Armcannon's debut album Legvacuum is now available for sale online. We've been working on this one since June or so, I did all the recording and mixing and Chris our keyboardist did all the artwork. I'm pretty proud of how it came out. We wanted to keep the cost low, so it's $8 plus shipping. Anyways the tracklisting is.... - Kraid - Megaman 3 - Techno (originalish) - Super Metroid - Boomer Kuwanger - Tecmo Superbowl - Final Fantasy 7 boss - Zelda You can order the album here just click on the BUY NOW button. . You can also check out some songs from the album on our myspace if you haven't heard us. When we were recording this album we also recorded Ghostbusters which you can download for free on our website or myspace page. Any of you guys who purchased the album at MAG feel free to let us know what you think of it.
  17. pics plz my new found apparent brother.
  18. Hey guys at MAGfest the band Armcannon will be releasing our debut album entitled Legvacuum. Anyways, we'll have this at MAGfest, any of our other shows, or available for purchase online as soon as we set up the infrastructure. The cost is $8, shipping will be applicable once the they're available online. The tracklisting consists of -Kraid -Megaman 3 -an original electronic song -Super Metroid -Boomer Kuwanger -Tecmo Superbowl -Final Fantasy 7 boss -Zelda(s) You can check out a few tracks from the album at http://www.myspace.com/armcannon (note: the versions of Boomer Kuwanger and FF7 on myspace are not the final mixes that are on the album)
  19. I just picked these up from the pressing plant. I'll have these at MAGfest....
  20. Yeah I did simplify the bassline in a few parts. The one during the intro where it goes root-4-5-octave at the end of the intro, I probably could have pulled off by doing bass tapping in hindsight. I would still fudge it a little bit since that particular pattern doesn't lend itself to tapping too well, I probably would just stay up at the octave a little instead of going back down to the root. I could have gotten it perfect if I punch in every rising arpeggio seperate if I was feeling ambitious. I'm a lefthanded player and I borrow a righthanded bass to record with. That makes a few of the basslines a huge sonofabitch to play. During the 6-7-8 chord section with the double kick I didn't match the original bassline because I wanted to lock in with the doublekick because that was the way I specifically wanted that part arranged. The switching back and forth between the root and 5th there on the bass wouldn't have fit in very well with the guitar rhythm, or it just would have gotten lost in the mix unless I boosted it to a stupidly high level. I was tempted to throw in sweep arpeggios in that part, but I had a similar thing in a mix last year. When you refer to the 1-7chord part I have no idea which part you're talking about give a time reference.
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