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  1. The Playlist theme is The ReMix That Brought You To OverClocked ReMix!
  2. evktalo

    Goldeneye 007 - Incentives offered

    Quick thunk, incentives doesn't sound like a bad idea (I cannot speak for OCR), but an album project is a huge undertaking and has a lot of stuff to do in addition to making the tracks themselves. Maybe hosting a competition with prizes might work better? If you want as much of the whole soundtrack covered, you could make it so that tracks are claimed first-come-first-serve.
  3. This is super solid stuff, extremely well done. J.ME vocals are a particular highlight!
  4. evktalo

    OCR03727 - OutRun "Final Ride"

    I'm playing a lot of 3D Out Run lately, and hearing this brought a smile of recognition on my face. It's usually annoying to hear the high-score track for me, I've beaten the game only twice so far, so most of the time the track means defeat to me. This arrangement has an interesting feel to it.. in a way, this would fit really well in a modern re-vision of the game, but in another, the arrangement has a slight tint of melancholy that feels slightly too serious for Out Run. But it's really good for an arrangement of Out Run music, don't get me wrong. 1:44 has some clashing harmonies. That's about all the criticism I have for the piece. The playing is good, the incorporation of other material is seamless. Pretty good work!
  5. Thanks for the review! Very nice to hear such feedback. :) It was fun to hear it was surprising and stayed enjoyable!

  6. evktalo

    PRC373 - Time to Thunder (Final Fantasy X)

    Voted! I was impressed!
  7. Next week's playlist theme is: summer music!
  8. evktalo

    Hi and muchos kudos!

    I don't see why not! Some contests have been ran on the forums, with some special threads set up for voting. Or @HoboKa knows how to use ThaSauce compo back end, perhaps he could help set up something there.
  9. Deserving of praise. Everything in the arrangement feels very carefully considered, it flows wonderfully.. the nods to secondary source material are embedded in a natural fashion and serve a purpose in the overall piece of music. The sound is good and compliments the emotion within the arrangement. This feels like something that came together on every level. Much enjoyed!
  10. I'm slowly playing through Oracle of Seasons for the first time - I haven't made it this far in the game, but it feels like I recognize the vibe. I tremendously enjoy the unusual acoustic small ensemble. I like the flute bends, though the one at 0:19 feels like an off-key note unless I'm listening very carefully (I mean, I don't really hear the bend very well as it is masked by another note). To comment on the comments about structure, personally I quite often like to-the-point structures that pack their punch, or even ones that feel deliberately "incomplete". In this case.. the arrangement is short enough that it does not need a break for the listener inside it. No intro nor outro either to ease you in or out, it just delivers direct from start to finish. The ending is abrupt, but to me it leaves behind a sense of wondering. Track like this often works in a larger context, where this piece, what comes before, and what comes after, make for a greater than the sum of their parts. For me this track is fine on its own - you can add your own silence before and after, but it probably does not work that well in a random or not-carefully-selected playlist or stream.
  11. evktalo

    Request for remaster/extension of FlyFF music!

    That log-in track is really, really cool.
  12. evktalo

    PRC373 - Time to Thunder (Final Fantasy X)

    Oh man, FFX....
  13. It's real! Wanted to add the following here as well:
  14. evktalo

    OCR03719 - Mass Effect "One Small Step"

    To me the brilliance of this arrangement is that when you start listening to it, it's like there's this lengthy intro and you (or at least I) expect it to kick into a verse-chorus-verse kind of rock deal ... and it doesn't. Instead it explores some fresh territory. It feels like one of those less conventional album tracks on a rock album.
  15. Thanks a lot for the review! I can relate to enjoying the kind of ReMix where you can feel the magic of the original and still hear a completely new side to it.. so I'm honoured. Btw I could definitely see Portal 2 as very nostalgic.. it's 7 years old already! Say a track was posted in 2000 and it was from a game from 1993.. definitely retro! But our perspectives change :D

    1. Crulex


      You're welcome. :) Yeah, when I realized how much time had passed since Portal 2 came out, I think it struck me as nostalgic because I was right in the middle of collage, and now as a working adult, the years seemed to have flown by. Time and perspective can really do a number on me when I finally get a chance to breathe, relax and look back. ^_^