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  1. Hey @LuckyBastard777, thanks for the message! It's very much appreciated. Not that I didn't love the current stuff we do, but I want to especially recommend taking a listen of the old episodes. The whole backlog of this run of the podcast is very much worth checking out. Stephen and Bryan ran a great podcast and episodes up to 83 have great interviews and guest-hosted special segments that are really worth going back to, if you haven't already: http://www.whalesarewhales.com/overclocked-podcast Reason I mention this is that from episode 84 onwards, we've being doing the podcast kind of "crowd-sourced" way, mainly on the OCR Discord server. None of us have quite the time to work on the podcast to the same capacity that it previously was, but at the same time, we didn't want it to go away. So we have a lot less interviews and special segments, but at the same time, it is still really fun to work on, we're not taking too much stress about it and it's really fun to contribute, and see someone else pick it up and push it towards contribution, everyone helping out in turn if you get what I mean. And the end result is definitely something we are proud of and it's fun to listen to. Phew! Lots of words, but (a) thanks for your kind words, it really means a lot and (b) do check out the older episodes if you haven't yet, they're a treat!
  2. Nice to see sum wubulation indeed!
  3. I'll see if we can get one of those to the office..
  4. Oh boy. I feel very compelled to do something for this Finnish Amiga classic.
  5. Good topic. Funny thing, I didn't have a job or otherwise work to earn money when I was too young. Buying games with such money would've left a nice memory. By the time I was getting any kind of paychecks was early 2000s and I only had an aging, non-gaming PC so.. I quite possibly bought/registered some awesome, obscure PC game from the dark ages between shareware and indie games. I think Helherron is a strong contender. wow, I didn't know it has been updated recently!
  6. The next episode's playlist theme is: Obscure! Music from lesser known games, less appreciated tracks from decently-known games, or rearrangements that are practically unknown but you think they could use some love! Big thanks to Rexy for hosting the playlist and doing a huge chunk of the editing! Also to FenixDown and Patchpen in particular for keeping the ball rolling.
  7. I believe (and it's just a belief, but I think it's the general belief) that (most) game companies think fan VGM rearrangements are great for marketing purposes. Correct me if I'm wrong, but OCR has agreements with some companies that releasing rearrangements from their games is explicitly ok. Capcom and SquareEnix. I couldn't quickly find a source of the current status for this though. But this would mean you can try to get stuff through OCR from their games and it'll be 100% certified ok. :-) Then there's copyright holders that licence their music with a permissive licence, that allows you to make non-profit rearrangements, such as https://virt.bandcamp.com/album/shovel-knight-original-soundtrack (check the licence towards the bottom of the page).
  8. I have a solid connection to Final Fantasy 4, and the original is one of many favourites from the soundtrack. I've got to say, I got a ridiculous amount of joy hearing it interpreted in this way! Well done!
  9. I enjoyed the tune here the first time I heard it, but since then I've been thinking of FFX again and listening to it now it strikes me hard how explectively brilliant reframing of the original this is. Beautiful!
  10. This one has a fantastic mood, and I thought the style is very refreshing for a Sonic rearrangement. These points are really strong in my book. Regarding the drums/bass rhythm difference mentioned, the rhythms of the track _are_ messy, quite a bit to my ears. The song doesn't quite latch onto a gear. I do appreciate listening to it for its strengths still!
  11. The next episode's playlist theme is Sega! The Magfest segment is really sweet! Great job with Patchpen and Stephen pushing this episode forwards! I picked up the editing for this one, it would've been awful to let these guys' work sit in the drawer.
  12. Hey, that's really good news! Ys has some fantastic music. I've been listening to the original PC-88 score a lot at work.
  13. I'm not a judge, but to my ears this version has plenty of personalization, with its emphasis on leads and arps over groove in the original. Apart from the ending, I don't feel like it's missing anything arrangement-wise, I was plenty of interested throughout and there was a lot of variety in small and large scale (again, if you ask me). Mix/sound is pleasant and e.g. the leads are decidedly on top of the mix, easily listenable like they should be. There's a bit of harmony clashing here and there, for instance at 1:49 the backing is in different key than the descending arpeggio thing. I'll try to find time to timestamp these. I saw I said this already a couple of years ago, oops.. Now back to the ending, it definitely sort of peters out. I've had a couple of arrangements myself where I got feedback that the piece just ends, for a couple I made little codas that resolved properly and that seems to have worked well enough. You could work what you have here into a more assertive coda that ends with a nice resolving chord, instead of things kind of fading out, I feel like there's at least the seed of that there. Or perhaps you could try to make a build-up into a climax at the end there. For my money, once the harmony clashes are sorted out, this is really great listening (and makes me want to re-play the game ...), and definitely making the ending more confident is also worth working on. Again can't speak for evaluation, but this is very close to a fine VGM rearrangement and very close what I'd feel comfortable submitting.
  14. Really impressive and lovely piece. Keeping the movement-based structure of the original certainly works. I love how the instrumentation starts small and grows over time in each 'wave'.