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  1. Wonderful to see this one come out! Mixflood was great, and I appreciate the shorter albums a lot actually. Cool cover art too!
  2. Radiowar's ReMixes are definitely something I always check out. His ear for texture and atmosphere results in moods that speak to me. This mix is a wonderful slow-burner, with a beat that propels forward through a contemplative musical soundscape. This very comforting kind of music for me!
  3. Tight dnb action for sure. Reminds me how much I like this kind of stuff, especially when it's this good! Inspiring!
  4. The Konami funk is strong in this one! Our 4-yo gave this the awesome dance approval. Wish I had it on video. Nice touch of ominousness in the outro!
  5. Very cool! Some _very_ nice comments about the soundtrack in the Steam reviews!
  6. Nicely done! The source material works really well in this style. Fun to hear that distorted organ sound in there.
  7. An enjoyable ride! Cool to see Shadow of the Beast return to OCR and it's always great to see microcomputers on the front page.
  8. As a fellow user and a fan of your OCRs, I *need* to check out what you are doing with Renoise
  9. Noticed your signature and checked a track out in SoundCloud, very cool work!

    1. thebitterroost


      Thanks! Like it says, hit me up if you get bitten by the collab bug :mrgreen:

  10. Next episode's playlist theme is: Serious Time! Music that makes you stressed, feel urgency, etc! I'm looking forward to different interpretations to that theme. That said I really wanted to bring some more attention to this episode's playlist, as it is The Wishlist indeed. These are all excellent VGM pieces that aren't on OCR yet, and there's at least one person who would like to hear a good quality interpretation of them! If you're an arranger looking for inspiration, here's a good chance to make somebody happy! Alternately, if you know of a good rearrangement of these pieces somewhere else, please, do share! From Mohawk and Headphone Jack, Coysehaiys ~ Track 1 BGM 1, from Racing Hero From Ristar, “Greedy Game” Prarie, from Devilish From MegaRace, “NewSan” From Death Rally, Hi-Speed From Sonic Battle, Emerald Beach Title Theme, from StarTropics From Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future, Aquamarine Bay From Omikron: The Nomad Soul, main menu music From Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations: The Fragrance of Dark Coffee Terran Theme 1, from StarCraft From Banjo Kazooie: Rusty Bucket Bay Do leave a note if you start creating something or can point to a good arrangement of these - I'd love to do a follow-up segment.
  11. Gotta admit.. I more than love the bass intro here! What a crunchy sound and what a greasy groove. Excellent work on the interpretation front - transformative but recognizable in an amazingly fun way!
  12. Very good interview there! Fun and informative. Worth checking out for anyone!
  13. Yup, OCR has a wide variety of genres and all kinds of music, which is a thing I've always appreciated about the site. And I would say it has also widened my appreciation for different genres, metal to name one. I think this is mainly because of just getting more exposed to different stuff because of the VGM connection. Anyhow, perhaps the tagging system can be useful for cases like this? https://ocremix.org/tag/mellow There's even a readily generated YouTube playlist. Pretty neat - this is the first time I discovered that with the tagging system on OCR!
    1. Trism


      I had to go back and see when the hell this PRC was from. 2014!! Well done for resurrecting this, I'll give it a listen shortly!

    2. evktalo


      Oh wow, I didn't realize; I only looked at when I posted this on the feedback forums, 2016.. though that's also a while ago :D