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  1. I have! Yesterday I just reached the point where it turned from "trying to figure out the notes" to "this is starting to find some character of its own", which is exciting! Also finally sent in my source pick for the next round. It's a genuine classic and one of my all time favourite VGM pieces!
  2. To honour the Grand Robot Master ReMix Battle 2018, the playlist theme is Mega Man! Any Mega Man track, from the games, any of the games, or a rearrangement, from OCR or outside, is eligible! You can post your picks here, please do!
  3. Sadly I did not find the time.
  4. I think the longer deadline works for me too, as long as I don't do the usual and start working right before the deadline regardless of how much time I'd actually have ...
  5. A beautiful piece! I love the treatment of the source here, taking a high-energy MM level track into something delicate, fragile and somber. And yet the parts are all there in the source material itself. I also appreciate it does what it intends to do and nothing more. One more thing I like about this piece is how the tempo changes naturally. The range of the tempo is quite large, it sounds confident and works great.
  6. evktalo

    PRC377- The Silent of No Songs (Silent Hill 2)

    Yup, yup, it's all Renoise presets. Looking forward to making it a bit less so in the future!
  7. Ooh ooh ooh.. I've had this idea I've wanted to do for a while.
  8. evktalo

    PRC377- The Silent of No Songs (Silent Hill 2)

    The trick is to just submit whatever you've got. Like I just did!
  9. evktalo

    89 - SGDQ2018, RMRW, and OC Playlist: Emotional Memories

    Let me reiterate that playlist theme: Game music that is a rearrangement of game music! edit: In a game. It should be a part of a game soundtrack. How is this this hard ...
  10. evktalo

    PRC376 - Fantasy of Feeling (Final Fantasy V)

    I think I should finish my draft and upload it here. The source tune turned out to be pretty tricky! I really like the concept of having to pick source tunes that aren't commonly ReMixed, but of course then we don't have the hit source tunes that lots of people recognise and get excited about.
  11. I like how this track has very clear funk/prog stylings. The organ, the electric piano, the organic drums, popping bass, analog synths.. at the same time, it has also a clear "sequenced and produced on a computer" feel and production to it. I appreciate this combo a lot, don't exactly know why but it makes me feel good. The ending is a bit brief and sudden, I feel like I get what it was going for but just a little more guidance/ramp-up for the sudden ending would have brought out the idea of cutting it out suddenly a bit better. I'm not intensely familiar with Super Metroid music (apart from listening to a ton of rearrangements) but I feel like I certainly recognize the melodies and very much appreciate the refreshing reworking done here. I liked this a lot!
  12. evktalo

    PRC376 - Fantasy of Feeling (Final Fantasy V)

    Okay, let's see if I can count this time.
  13. The piece begins with ambient bendings very reminiscent of the of the original sound palette, which I love. The juxtaposition with the organic latin percussion that follows is strange and effective. Overall the idea behind the arrangement is sort of "obvious after the fact" - I'd never thought of this connection before, but it makes perfect sense. Great sound, great playing, and a very enjoyable arrangement. Great work from start to finish!
  14. evktalo

    OverClocked ReMix Design ?'s and Issues

    https://ocremix.org/community/topic/46224/ <-- 'back to ReMix page' takes me to a wrong ReMix.
  15. Hmm, I thought I read the deadline being 1d 10 hours when I checked on Sunday. Either it was reading wrong, or quite possibly I failed to comprehend it.. Yes.. I think I failed to comprehend it.. Here's my late - I suppose bonus - entry: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ovr1gktk4dqgzd/eino_keskitalo-concept-crash.mp3?dl=0 ping @HoboKa