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  1. So I have been listening to all of the submissions, and although all of them are amazing, I find number 41 to be the best. It really matches Imogen Heap's style and I just love it. Keep up the good work everyone, cant wait to hear the winners!!!
  2. Wow. One of the best pieces i have seen on OCRemix in a very long time. Keep up the good work.
  3. Since you are still just starting out with this, I suggest you make a nice piano remix from this soothing tune
  4. This song is a little confusing to me. At first we got a cheap piano sounds playing (you could find a better sounding piano there) then all of a sudden we get a hip-hop thing going. This is just me, but I think that the beginning and middle are too contrasted and do not match at all.
  5. Sounds very nice and relaxing to me. Very nice job.
  6. one, if not THE, favorite track on the album others i loved were motor crazy cycle and black wing metamorphosis
  7. I think this site should have a rating system for all the remixes
  8. go for God of War or Kingdom Hearts
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