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  1. Indeed interesting perspectives! So many things to discuss and so little space in a thread. I know that Schönberg and Stravinsky can bit a little bit heavy on the newcomer, that's why I recommended his early works like "Verklärte Nacht" which still is very much in the realms of tonality, but he already bends it heavily - which was befitting the question I assumed. (He was around 25 when he composed it.) But maybe I was overambitious - one never knows. Always reach for the stars. ;) The grain of salt I'd like to give back, as I'm only a musician, not a neurologist. I didn't know that
  2. Love that tune! (Gosh... why is it so hard, to even come up with an idea? I listen to the tunes and they always sound perfect to me the way they are. And then you come up with remixes that feel so natural as if they were supposed to be that way from the beginning. Just: how do you do that? )
  3. And the same for me too! Got a nice idea and this time no tea over laptop is going to stop me cause im using my old PC.
  4. Sorry on my part too for being a bit late. The dissonance thing is a tricky one to get right, because of two reasons that usually intersect. a) The more often you listen to a part, the more you get used to the dissonance. This is tricky, because one loses the ability to feel how the dissonance is perceived by first-time listeners. I personally tend to give the piece a couple of days at rest and give it a fresh listen, trying to catch up on everything that strikes my ears immediately. b) What do you want to achieve with the dissonance? Just make it sound "wrong" or do you want to lead it i
  5. Congratulations TVQ and thank you all for your kind words! (I hope my own criticism isn't too harsh or detailed at parts, but I try to be very detailed and verbose about what I hear. Just give me a quick PM if one of you feels like it's too much!) @The Vodoú Queen: Without any doubt you ARE good at making music and you seem to always have a couple of good ideas for all sources, which is a talent in itself. Therefore I would be happy to do a collaboration! Only thing is: I am really bad at composition - which is the reason why I'll try to stick to this competitions longer this time - and
  6. Got my draft stuff in as a Bonus remix as I just found an old export I did somewhere at the beginning. If anyone likes the ideas and wants to do a collaboration on this track I'd be happy to engage! (Edit and Offtopic: Does by chance anyone of you know if one can change its username on thasauce too or shall I just make a new account? Is ThaSauce linked in any official way to OCRemix?)
  7. Dear fellow contestants, I fear, my entry just died due to "tea on laptop" reasons. (I knew I should have sticked to my one-sip-only-Espresso...) While I hope, that there's not too much damage there's probably no chance for using it to record or mix anything before Wednesday - and that only if I'm lucky.
  8. @The Vodoú Queen After hearing your tune I already hate the fact that most of my equipment is ~900km away. @TheVideoGamer And this tune makes me wish my loop station wasn't with "most of my equipment". Great choices! Hopefully I'll get something done this time.
  9. Even though it's too late for this competition, I'd really like to do an acoustic guitar + trombone version of this theme, if someone was interested in a collab? I got the feeling that this instrumentation could tribute the original feeling really well.
  10. Wow! Congratulations TheVodouQueen, well deserved! Also congratulations to all other entries, what an impressive round! Massive thanks for all the nice feedback! I might add, now, that the voting is over, that this was really a last minute thing. I recorded all tenor trombone & euphonium parts myself 6h before the deadline, because I did a spontaneous covid-safe orchestral recording (so: 1-on-1 sessions for all parts) including video cut the 72 hours before, which completely smashed my Zelda schedule. I nearly forgot about adding the drum takes (also live recorded by a friend of mine)
  11. Hey guys! I got a minor issue I was wondering if someone from admin staff could help me with: Some 12 years ago I registered on this site as "Brainstar". Sadly I haven't been active for the last 11 years and somehow the last PRC got me into VGM again. Unfortunately I don't remember the password to my old account and I switched my mail address about 10 years ago. Even though I'm mostly active under this nickname nowadays, I wonder: is there any way I could get back access to this account? All the best Christian
  12. (Unfortunately I just realized that I have no access to my "Brainstar" account anymore. Haven't been to OCRemix for the last 11 years and switched to a new mail address 10 years ago. Do you know if there is any chance of getting access back even though I mostly use this nickname nowadays?) Wow! Great quality from everyone, absolutely stunning! I'm nearly a bit ashamed of my own entry now. Listened through every song a couple of times and tried to give a few thoughts on every remix but for some songs I just couldn't figure out more than a few words. Sorry about that.
  13. congratulations, TheoConfidor I kinda feel ashamed that I've given such a short comment at my voting. I'll give better comments next compo I'm looking forward to the next round
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