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  1. congratulations, TheoConfidor I kinda feel ashamed that I've given such a short comment at my voting. I'll give better comments next compo I'm looking forward to the next round
  2. @Bundeslang: Where can I edit my vote? or vote again? When I try to vote again, I just get the message "You have voted already"
  3. I just uploaded my arrangement a couple of minutes ago. It's my first work with microphones and trumpets.
  4. Congratulations, OneUp. thanks It was my first remix at all, and I ran out of time, so I think, it wasn't so bad for the first time. My next entry will be a little bit longer and less floppy I'm looking forward to the next round. I hope, I'll find the time to participate.
  5. I just realized, when I listen to my entry with the online player it sounds very distorted, when I open the file from the "Download"-Link just below the Player, there is no distortion at all. Did anyone of you had this problem before?
  6. Just submitted my "song" half an hour ago. No idea if I could call it "song" with it's 1:24 in length xD I love the source tune, the melody is just awesome. =)
  7. Congratulations, blue.nocturne And congratulations to all competitors, good job!
  8. Now, at this moment, I am listening to your music, Reuben. It's just great. You will live through your music. Rest in peace