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  1. I think I've played Chrono Cross maybe 5 to 6 times now, and that moment- the fight with Miguel and all it's implications, the mere ghosts of memories forever doomed to see the future but never continue into it, the everlong battle between those resigned to their fates and those who yet defy it. I can recall every single detail, poignant as they were, of that scene. It was one of (four now- MGS3/4 and Valkyria Chronicles being the others) scenes in a video game that made me cry. This piece takes me all the way back once more. Mitsuda's work on Chrono Cross is, in my opinion, the pinnacle of VG music compositions. While one may argue that some games have more technically complex songs or one or two really BIG songs, every piece in CC's collection has emotional attachment and the ability to transcend the location it frames. Your remix has that same quality, and for that I applaud you.
  2. This IS Beatrix's Theme. There's something about the way the vocals interplay with the soft soundscape going on here that, as mentioned above, make it personal. You can imagine these being the thoughts and feelings inside Beatrix as she fights. Previous comments nail anything I'd say in a much more affluent way. The turmoil in this song gives it so much emotion and power. It's gut-wrenching. You hear this oath led in with a delicate strength, alternating between a facade utter devotion and devastating self-doubt. I think her "Roses of May" is her past innocence, and the purity and peace of mind it brought her. She fought and fought - perhaps uncertain of the outcome - to try and find this feeling once again, each step sending her closer to damnation. I'm guessing the end of the song references Steiner - who was also a blind follower of Alexandria - who showed her what she should be devoted to, and gave her a new path to follow. She finally comes to terms with what she's done and accepts that while she may never have that innocence ever again, she can leave it behind and still be happy. In any event, I don't know how I extrapolated that rant, but this song is most certainly one of the best I've heard in forever, and I am a damned fool for folk-style songs - which is why I love FFIX's soundtrack most overall. Great mix and keep them coming!
  3. Thread necromancy is required for me to say that this is an absolutely gorgeous piece. I was grinning the whole way through! I love Jazz and Blues, but it's a rare commodity, especially with such talent. Kudos to the chef!
  4. Mmm, I love the way it sounds, very cinematic and fitting with Metroid. The beats are very tight and it contains a very mechanical feel, perfect for someone who spends all her time in a suit of armor shooting missiles at a robotic incarnation of evil inside a planet. To top it all off, right from the get go it's very commanding, especially during the second and third sections, with sharp off/on pulses and the hammer'n'anvil sound. I really gotta say, I like it!
  5. I'd love.. I mean hate to see Fox and Falco gone. It's a pity....er, good thing Fox was already announced.
  6. Well, the big counter to that would be the serious lack of online play in MP3. One other thing, is that a modified PED Samus is wearing in the little background clearing thingies? It certainly looks like the.. chestal section of one.
  7. I think they're boys, too..... I for one, am horribly disturbed.
  8. First film, second film, Stand Alone Complex, SAC 2nd gig. That's about it as fas as I'm aware for Ghost in the Shell... Dunno what to recommend to you at the moment however.
  9. Hmmm, I just think that's a distortion of the 3/4 frontal shot.
  10. it is pretty cool, but not to be watched on acid, I bet...
  11. you do have a point, Samus uses her final smash in one of the old trailers and you can see everything coming off....
  12. Hey there, I've just opened up shop again myself (I purged my old DB and got a new username). Any way my gallery can be linked to yours so I can just update autonomously? I'm pretty sporadic on updates and currently my only two pieces of art are my two pieces of art in me sig.... I fully intend to do generibrand sigs that others can thwack names onto, though, Edit: The link is in my sig. Edit2:Note that my two works suck. I won't mind if you tell me they suck. I simply made them at 3 AM in the morning one night while bored.
  13. Upon lookback, you're right, there are a lot of variances from the F-body.
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