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  1. I've always liked the Overworld Theme from SMB2, and I must offer my views on your "remix", it pays a compliment the original, you havent expanded on the original as much as the judges look for I dont think, but in terms of production value, this piece of actually very good! I personally think that if you expand on the source tune some more, prehaps add your own counter melody, then this could very well be accpeted! I like this. Keep going with it =)
  2. Stom

    Soul Calibur IV

    "I never really felt like this for any fighting game, ever" Awww, you're in love =) Well, I cant offer much regadring this game seeing I dont own any of the consoles its on, but I enjoyed SC II imensely...
  3. I'm finding it pretty hard to recognise the source tune, but tbh, that doesnt matter because this sounds amazing anyway XD Its a great piece of music... I really like the way you're going with this, keep it up and theres a strong possibilty it'll get accepted!! And yeah, the sections do sound slightly robotic, but like I said, it doesnt really matter, but fix them anyway... Keep up the good work Stom
  4. Hmmm... Overall, I enjoyed it, but the percussion that enters in at 00:17 was a little arupt and could've been done with a better introduction, and could be done with toning down abit... But apart from that the mix was very enjoyable, and a great choice of instruments
  5. Um, how would I find my PKMN Diamond Friend Code? :L
  6. People didnt like the music in that game?! In this world?!?! THAT WAS AWESOME!!! Anyway. Yeah, I really like this... Thats all I can say lol... not much else to say except well done!
  7. So, this has actually been finished for quite some time now, it was only recently I decided to go back and make a few transition and instrument edits. This happens to be an arrangement of the battle theme when fighting one of the 3 Lake Spirits. It features a few different instruments, such as an electric guitar, Piano and some strings, which I believe fit in well. I was hoping that maybe some people could review this piece and possibly offer some advice on how to improve it? I will update this post with the actual mix itself at a later date, as I wanted to let everybody know what was happening, I just need to find some sort of file sharing website or something lol. Expect an update soon
  8. Loved it. Even though the only FF8 song I have heard is "dont be afraid", I still loved this mix, really ctachy =P
  9. I dont normally reply to topics like this... I normally just download them and never mention it again lol... But I just couldnt walk away without saying SOMETHING about this beautiful elgance that is this mix... Simply amazing, cant stop listening to it!! Even sent it to my girlfriend, and she loved it too!! Really cant wait to hear the final piece!!
  10. A nice calm, relaxing mix... Very enjoyable and probably my favourite Zelda Mix on this site Cant say more than that. 10/10, and I reccomend you download it immediataly I also agree with the comment made by "Raid", it is indeed a very soft, and somewhat emotional mix... Anyway, in a nutshell, download it, very good mix and is worth your time!! (and yes, I am a newbie)
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