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  1. While I'm not really an expert by any means in the field of music, I still love the stuff I find here on OCRemix! This song was an interesting listen... it was very... entrancing? I found myself wanting to continue listening, enjoying the almost-nostalgia feeling the choice of digital instruments provided like a warm blanket and some hot cocoa. I can't say I've ever felt that from an OCR mix before, but thank you for that.
  2. So I don't really know any of you guys, I very seldom interact with the community (11 comments over the last 9 years?!), and I have no substantial musical talent/prowess... But this place generates some of the best music I've ever heard, and I wouldn't mind contributing something towards this place. Should I sign up or anything for this? Or is this something reserved for more active people? I won't be hurt if its the latter.
  3. This is definitely a song that makes you want to kinda bob around with it, the drumming and rhythmic beat kinda makes you not really want to listen to much else in the way of genre. Well done.
  4. To make this easy, I simply agree with pretty much the unanimous decision that this is a truly beautiful and deep piece of work. I just wanted to throw my towel in with the winners that I too love this remix.
  5. I've listened to a lot of remixes on this site, and though this was one of the few I first listened to, I have to say the remix was among the best out there. Personally it is my favorite, but I haven't listened to them all... still though. The energy. The mix of original melody and add-in. It's pretty badass.
  6. I have to say, this is probably like, in the top 10 remixes for the entire site in my opinion, perfect blend of melody, SFX, and transition from theme to theme... yep, perfect. And damn, this mix is 12+ years old.
  7. I have to say, this song definitely accomplishes the effect of disturbing the listener. Using cheerful SFX in combination with the almost-dub sound/bass/theming worked out incredibly well, much like it did in Dark Reaches of SMW. I don't want to call the vocals really, because there wasn't much there, but the voice in the song fit the mood and fit the tunes. I appreciate this.
  8. The intro part and off and on throughout the 10 minute song(the orchestral stuff that sounds kinda creepy) adheres well to the source and sounds like a remix, but the parts where the mixer tries to get creative it just sounds... messy? The vocals could be more useful if applied with less... force(I guess the word is), or not at all. Maybe because I'm really fond of the source, I don't feel like this mix does it justice. It loses that sense of awe that you get from being in a castle in the sky, for the most part. Valiant attempt, though.
  9. Don't ask me why, but somehow amidst all the boo-bops and trimples, I hear some weird mix between Donkey Kong Country(SNES) and Chip 'n Dale(NES). Can't explain it, but this is a fierce&brave mix and I like it a lot.
  10. When I see a game that I'm interested in hearing a remix post on the mainpage, I get excited, though it seems lately all the remixes are really far off from the source to the point where I don't even know what the hell I'm listening to. This however has definitely left the source intact, I know what song you derived this dubstep beat from and I like it. (and I don't even like dubstep 90% of the time) Well done, Rockos.
  11. idc about the rest, this one link indicates that you are a winner.
  12. "Haunting", "Empty", "Hollow"... all words people have already used to describe this piece, and to be honest I can't think of any others that fit better. This mix truly sounds like something that belongs in a horror game/video. I love it. When I find an artist that produces something great, I have to look to see what else they've done, and why do I not find it a surprise that you've mastered a couple zelda themes as well? Mister Theophany, even through the digital effect of this mix, it sounds delicate, just like Maridia should. Keep up the good work, sir.
  13. Hands down: Zelda 2 on the NES, Beating up yur shadow is argueabley the hardest boss. I've never seen anything like it after that. Unfailingly it stomped me time and again and even to this day, it goes unconquered.
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