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  1. Real excited for those updated torrents, is there an ETA so myself and others can avoid spamming other boards asking about it?
  2. Consoles will have physical media for a long while yet. It's far too easy to make patches for purely digital copies of games, I mean, look at steam and steambuster. This of course, doesn't take into account that new consoles can be modded to run burned copies of disks, without the use of modchips or the like, (eg. Xbox 360) which is a console companies biggest fear.
  3. I know that piracy of software is a crime, and wrong morally. I will admit that it's pretty easy to just use open source programs such as reaper, vlc, etc... I still pirate the occasional CD or artist, far fewer movies, (but I DO copy netflix disks), and the major pieces of software. This is a matter of conveniece, I am under no illusion that this is right, or justified, and anyone who does is completely deluded, or simply wanting an excuse to feel good about what they are doing. In the end, there is no "right" to pirating something. If you are comfortable stealing, (be it digital or otherwise) I am in no way obliged to stop you. Considering how little it actually effects the company in question, I would say that piracy is not AS bad as stealing. But that doesn't make it right. As I said, it's a matter of comfortable convenience. I know what my final reckoning will be, and I know that eventually I'll get the money and begin to repay artists and companies for their hard work, that is one of the more gratifying feelings in the world.
  4. hate to be a negative ned, but, any progress? The last post here was in the middle of april...
  5. I agree with previous sentiments. Great theme! Poor Ending... This is the final, so you're probably not going to rework it. However, for future reference, remember that music is as much about emotion as it is about technicality. Try to have an emotionally satisfying ending, this would make any amazing song all the more, well, amazing!
  6. You gotta love Klepacki for his source. But I find that this song is actually more suited to command and conquer (TS) than the original soundtrack.Great job peeples!
  7. Just as a random request, could you put a "mouse-over" message that says the mascots name when you, umm... "mouse-over" it? *Edit* The game he/she/it is from would be good too.
  8. Yeah, guitar hero 3, WII style... As for an MP3, sandisk is the way to go if you don't need the Ipod interface... You could probably get 25gb out of 100 bucks from sandisk.
  9. I used to sit in Lavendar town for 20 minutes listening to the music there, glad someone finally got a remix of it. Nice one TO, I enjoyed the material immensely.
  10. Yeah, it seems like everyone is going down. All the late night shows are reruns, even stephen colbert, and the ilk. (Yes, ilk is a word...) It's all about the money the writers aren't getting from DVD sales. Why do people always end up stiffign people? Stupid money...
  11. You should pos tthe aformentioned schedule. We all REALLY want to know the release date.
  12. Short... <br> But an amazing song none the less. <br> Excellent work!!!
  13. I really dig the beginning, you definitely show some musical talent with the opening. Following up on the beginning with such a transition is quite a marvel, and I say you did the best you could. I really am a big fan of the scaled arppegios. Definitely an ear fo music, unlike some other remixes I've seen. Nice one! 8\10
  14. This wasn't my favorite of the Remixes of FFVII, but it wasn't terrible. You just tried too hard to get the "Dark" sound, and it shows. (Or, hears? Anywho...) Little less reverb, and let the melody through.
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