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  1. im not an expert but it sounds pretty complete to me. i like it a lot
  2. DOOD! I remember this one from the WIP. friggn sweet....
  3. I remember the first WIP of this too, and now this, this is friggin amazing. I want to make an awesome movie trailer with this as the score or something. I makes my brain think of awesome things.
  4. I wish this song was 3 more minutes long if not more than that. Having loved the FFX piano collection version this, this is even more awesome But wow, when the song ended it caught me off guard being sucked into its awesomeness Fastest 3 minutes ever!
  5. The intro guitar made me think of this song And btw great mix, into teh ipod
  6. I must say this is probably one of the most ridiculously awesome songs i have ever heard on this site.
  7. I'll never look at a pencil the same way
  8. Man, I got the goosebumps of awesomeness so bad i kinda stopped breathing for a second there Can't remember the last time that happened Really really good job.
  9. I downloaded it and it works but, after the first cut scene the game camera is constantly spinning around and i dont know why. I had the controls mapped to a USB controler of mine, and it wasn't like i was holding the camera stick down before the game started or anything like that. I used the keyboard controls and it does the same thing too.
  10. Dood!, thats friggin awesome Sounds pretty done to me in my opinion.
  11. Im getting me one of those refrigerators, I dont know about you guys.
  12. The music from the final boss in Milky Way Wishes from Kirby Super Star made me want to play through the game to get to the awesomeness of that again.
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