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  1. I can only seem to find a torrent with a .rar of the WAV files and the cover art in some file format I've never seen. Edit: Nevermind. I just found the updated torrent on bt.ocremix.org . The "Download Torrent" button here http://ocremix.org/album/3/super-metroid-relics-of-the-chozo isn't updated though.
  2. Well, why they shut down the kickstarter isn't really the future but the past (I guess that means you still don't know exactly why?). Regardless of whether this can be worked out or not, I can't wait to get my hands on more beautiful free ReMixes!
  3. Here's my speculation: But seriously, I don't really understand why you guys can't tell us the reason for the shut down. All we know is that Square Enix is involved somehow with it. I can understand not wanting to talk about the future of the kickstarter until it's set in stone but isn't their reason known to you? The update on the main page sounds like it is. You've said the speculation hasn't gotten anything right. So they didn't put a cork in it because it made so much money, or they thought you were making money off it, or you didn't get a license? Those seem like legitimate reasons (albeit paranoid reasons) for SE to stop it but apparently they're wrong. So why then? I really don't understand why you can't tell us that.
  4. I don't think they showed the Superman trailer at my showing. I feel let down.
  5. It would be friggen' awesome to meet Nobuo Uematsu! He's done some of my favorite video game music. No idea what I would say to him though...
  6. No "Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon"? I am disappoint.
  7. Woot! More Animal Crossing love! Wow, it's really, really slowed down from the source. I love the laid back feel it's got.
  8. Oh I'm still excited! Just not as jumping up and down, peeing my pants excited. My excitement is a more mellow sort now. I'm sure when it's out and I'm downloading I'll be losing my mind in Link's Awakening induced ecstasy.
  9. Well, my original excitement has died down. Hopefully I'll be just as excited again when it's finally released.
  10. So excited right now! I really hope it gets out on time but as long as I finally get it sometime I'll be happy.
  11. Oops. Did a search for the Darkness Dawning lyrics and found a forum post here about it with the lyrics. My bad. Though the lyrics aren't in the lyrics tab when you edit the song's info in iTunes (I downloaded it again to make sure it just wasn't because I had an old copy of the song). I know some other songs I've downloaded from here had that.
  12. It feels like the intro to the rest of the song. It makes me want to hear the rest of the mix (which sadly doesn't exist). It's unfortunate that you aren't taking it further. I want to hear MOAR!
  13. I concur! I love it, a ReMix album of my favorite Zelda game! 3 more days! AAH!
  14. The song isn't on the site but I really want the lyrics for "Darkness Dawning" from the "The Dark Side of Phobos" album.
  15. Very nice album art and the tagging changes are nice. Though I like making the album art be the title screen or box art of the game the ReMix is from. I also change the album title to the game's name. But that's just me. That album art is really nice though........... *squirms from indecision*
  16. Great job on this! As a side note does anyone else think this sounds like it could be from the Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 soundtrack? Sounds like the same style anyway.
  17. It says the artist is WhoAmI? instead of StandBy when downloaded. Mislabeled on the site or did they change their alias? EDIT: Never mind. I need to read what djp says about the track more thoroughly.
  18. Thank you Kaleb G.! I was wondering if it was just me that was having problems with it.
  19. I love "Of Transformants and Brevity" and "Of Twilight and Redemption" and I would love to hear those other two!
  20. Wow guys, thanks for all the suggestions! I can't believe I forgot about the Doom remixes. Sorry to everyone that suggested them not knowing I already had them. Anyway, thanks again!
  21. Halloween is a coming and I'm looking for some good songs to play for the trick-or-treaters. I was wondering if maybe you guys could point me in the direction of some scary, spooky, or creepy sounding remixes? Anything that would sound good for Halloween. Also, I didn't know if I should put his here or in the requests part of the forum. I figured the requests area was just for requesting songs to be remixed so I put this here. Anyway, thanks in advance. EDIT: I forgot to mention the songs I already have. -Of Transformants and Brevity -In The Darkness Lies I think that's all of them, though I suppose Kindred is kinda creepy.
  22. Sorry I'm such a noob and that my computer is so slow that it would take at least an hour to read through the other threads, oh great and mighty mastah!
  23. Never mind about the PM thing.. I fixed it by sending a PM.
  24. When I go to my PMs it says that I have no unread messages but I have a message stored. Problem is I have no idea where it's stored and clicking "Empty Folder" doesn't get rid of it. If there's nothing I can do, oh well.
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