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  1. Love the guitar work in this one guys! I like the orchestral elements mixed in with some of that face shredding guitar playing. Hopefully we will hear more from you guys down the road
  2. I'm diggin' this remix. I've never played the game, but I might have to check it out after hearing this .
  3. This mix is AWESOME! Jazz + real instruments, my absolute favorite combination. Simply excellent... there isn't much more to say about it than that .
  4. The first time I heard this I didn't really like it, but I must have just been in a funk because now I think it is great! The source material is already one of my favorites, but as with your other tracks on this album, the take is so original and well produced that I can't help but dig it. Congrats on another fantastic remix .
  5. Ahhhhhhhh, another great mix! I really love 1:07 to 1:21. That is definitely my favorite section.
  6. JM, I have long been a fan of your work and this does not disappoint . It is a very fresh take on a theme that has had its fair share of mixes. Nicely done! I really like the build up in the intro, it really sets the mood for the rest of the remix.
  7. Great stuff. I really enjoy this kind of mix. That is -- sort of a mix between the old school NES audio goodness, with some modern production techniques/drum beats. This is great stuff . Thanks for a fantastic addition to my playlist!
  8. I really dig your arrangement and the personal touches you added to this mix . The horn does leave a bit to be desired, but no worries, it is still an enjoyable listen .
  9. Nice mix . I really like the laid back feel of the piece!
  10. The violin really makes this mix for me. Fantastic work on that! The upbeat feel of this mix and all of the movement really bring it home for me. Great job
  11. This mix is simply amazing. I love the emotion in it! It is very moving. Thank you for a classic that will remain in my play lists as long as I have the mp3
  12. There is so much I enjoy about this track that I don't know where to start. The amount of variety in it is simply fantastic, but it still feels like a unified piece which is quite impressive! This mix gets an A for amazing
  13. Nice mix! I think there is there is something both funny and charming about the fact that chirptunes are a step back in terms of the samples and instrumentation used in the source. Still, it is a great mix, and I love how it sounds like some of that NES goodness I used to love when I was a kid! Keep it up!
  14. FANTASTIC! A while ago I stumbled upon this mix in the WIP boards and I have been eagerly awaiting it ever since . My favorite section was probably from 1:08 to 1:24 . Any way you look at it this mix is a great listen. Glad you were able to get it posted!
  15. I really dig this mix, quite awesome work guys! I've never heard the source tune or even played the game so I am coming in to this mix cold. I like mixes that can stand on their own I think that is really telling of how far the community has come! Back when this all was first starting I am willing to admit I enjoyed some songs only for the nostalgia factor, but mixes like these, which hold their own apart from the game are really awesome and much more frequent these days. Great job!
  16. Great mix . I love the Jenova theme and really enjoy your guitar work in this mix. Hopefully we will hear more from you!
  17. I have been listening to this mix for a while, but didn't have time to post my thoughts until now. The mix is fantastic. It lives up to the awesome that is Beatdrop! Your work just keeps getting better and better . Hopefully we will hear even more from you in the future .
  18. YEAHHHHHHHHHH KIRBY MIX! Honestly, I've never played Canvas Curse, though it is on my list of DS games to play (when I find the time, that is). Either way I love the mix. Not much else to say than that. I recongnise some of the source from past Kirby games and you did a swell job adding your own touch!
  19. Nice to hear another Sixto mix! I love the source tune and you brought it much justice. I know there are already a lot of heavy guitar mixes of this track, but yours definitely has a unique flavor. The organ part is great, too! Thanks for delivering another super remix!
  20. This mix is incredible! Both the guitar and piano work were top notch. What I enjoy about this piece the most is the emotion. Sweet collab. guys! I'll be listening to this mix for a quite a while .
  21. AMAZING!! This mix is a great take on the original theme. I think it captures the essence of the theme, but manages to to have it's own identity at the same time. I was loving whatever instrument you used in the beginning (and throughout the mix) it gave the mix a really awesome feeling to it. Fantastic work guys!
  22. The first minute of the mix doesn't do much for me (personal preference... really), but overall I would say that I enjoyed the mix . I'm glad people are remixing some of the less "popular" tracks from the game. I'll certainly keep it around on my playlist . Nice work!
  23. I really dig this mix. It is very true that this source tune has quite a few remixes already, but I feel as though your take on it brings something new to the table. The guitar and drum work is excellent! Thanks for a great listen!
  24. Man! We need some more of this great stuff on OCRemix. Slow, emotional, real instruments... fantastic! This is the kind of mix I know I can let ANYONE listen to and know they can't turn it down just because it's "from a game". Nor would they suspect it is from a game. Please, keep it up!
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