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  1. Upon my first listen I wasn't entirely sure what my opinion of this remix was. However, since then I have returned to it many a time. I LOVE the atmosphere this remix sets and it is fitting, given the source. It's already cool to see the less ... (popular?) tracks from a game be covered. Great job!
  2. The section from 0:33 to where the guitar first comes in sounds awesome. Also, speaking of guitar, I think this mix has a very good balance of guitar to other instrumentation. That is, you know when the guitar comes in, but it is not so overpowering that you lose the effect of what is going on the background. Great work!
  3. This mix is awesome. My need more remixes with awesome brass sections!
  4. At first I had mixed feelings about this mix, but after a couple more listens to decide what my true feelings were I like it quite a bit. I love the opening and think is transitions to the guitar part at just the right time. The section from 2:25 to 2:40 doesn't do much for me, but that's really a matter of personal taste. All around though, this is an enjoyable mix to listen to Nice work guys!
  5. Beautiful mix guys! With Dhsu on the ivories and Another on sax I suspected this was a real winner even before I heard it. There is nothing quite like real life instruments and you guys play your respective instruments fantastically.
  6. Awesome remix guys! The build up from the end of the piano solo to about 0:58is nicely done and a great touch .
  7. I'm loving this mix! The intro sounds great and is a smooth lead in to the rest of the song. This particular source song seems to have a lot of mixes, but your mix is fresh enough that it doesn't feel like "the same old same old". The bell part at 1:38 is excellently done and a nice break in the mix. Of course there's also the synth solo... I am a sucker for some awesome synth and this mix delivers! To summarize my remarks: Great job!
  8. Great mix! I am a huge fan of synth and you make great use of it in several places. I wouldn't worry about it not holding up to your previous (very high!) standard because it fits right in with the rest of your awesome work. Keep the great tunes coming
  9. I have had this sitting around in my "want to listen to this but don't have time" folder and finally got around to giving it a good listen. I'm VERY glad I did. There aren't many vocal mixes on the site and it's a treat when a new one comes around. I hope to hear more vocal mixes of this sort!
  10. I see this mix has been around for a while, but I just discovered it a month ago when I decided I would listen to all the OCRemixes that I had downloaded but never got a chance to hear. Since that time it has been on all my playlists. You do a great job of achieving a nice light and relaxed feel throughout the entire piece. That to me is its greatest selling point. I absolutely love mixes like this especially since there seem to be only a small number of them. Great job!
  11. Nicely done! During my first listen I wasn't sure how I liked it, but I was in a hurry and didn't get to take it all in. This particular source tune has been remixed quite a bit, but I think this brings something new to the table. I particularly enjoyed the "Lavos" sound at 2:45 very nice touch! Also, my favorite section is probably the one from 4:16 - 5:34 .
  12. This mix is absolutely great. I am a huge fan of Chrono Trigger, and this mix does the game MUCH justice. I also happen to be a fan of jazz and you guys sound great. I can't wait until your trumpet player starts getting in to the mix !
  13. This mix is a little heavy for my personal taste in rock, but I still recognise that it is a very solid mix! Nice work!
  14. That's one rockin' remix! I really enjoyed the synth work. Also, the piano solo at 2:27 is a nice break in the mix. Keep up the good work!
  15. Fantastic mix! The piano complemented by the strings is superb and sounds very well done. The incorporation of the three different songs keeps the remix fresh, which is a pleasure considering how video game source material tends to get repetitive pretty fast . As a random note the style of certain sections of this mix remind me of parts of the OST from the Metroid Prime series specifically the Phendra Drifts song.
  16. I love a good Christmas remix and this does not disappoint. It doesn't hurt that I also love the source material, but I can safely say that I would have liked this mix whether I had heard the original or not .
  17. Sweet mix! I really like 2:00 -- 2:15 it's a nice break in the song as well as 2:30 -- 2:44. Keep up the good work !
  18. I'm glad to see another Tetris Attack submission! I think this remix does a great job of adding new character to the source while maintaining the general theme of the source material (IE happy and light). Tetris Attack was/is an awesome game and your mix brings justice to that fact .
  19. Nice remix! I like how you worked the intro section I think everything fits together quite nicely. The strong beat helps keep the piece moving. Additionally, I like how you switch up the medley enough that it doesn't get stale as can be the tendency considering the source material of most of these songs .
  20. I have been meaning to write down some thoughts here for a week or two now. I listened to both SO and ES versions. My preference is toward the ES and I especially the like the section from 1:09 - 1:15 . There is just something about the phrase that makes it stand out to me. It may also help that I particularly enjoy the style of the remix in general (lots of synth). At first I wasn't sure how I felt about the section from 2:15 - 3:04 because it seems like the song wants to end in one of two spots, specifically, at 2:25 and 2:57. I like a lot of what is in there though, especially that water droplet effect! Also, maybe that is what you were shooting for, I don't want to inject my own tastes into your remix . In any case I really like the way this mix is sounding!
  21. This remix is stunning. I LOVE the atmosphere that this song sets, and I also think it stays completely true to the games in the Metroid series (not that remixes have to do this) . I have been listening to this song frequently since I downloaded it, and I just cannot get enough Keep up the great work pixietricks and zircon!
  22. Hey DJP! I don't really know you, other than that you started this whole thing I hope you are having a rockin' b-day! Thanks a lot for starting this site, and really helping to get video game music heard! Back in the days of dial-up internet (thankfully I have broadband now) I used to spend hours waiting for new remixes to download, and to this day I always enjoy downloading the latest mixes. Without this site there would be no good way for people to hear all this awesome music! I'm sure it is a lot of work to run this place! The site looks great and I look forward to all future features and remixes Happy Birthday!!!
  23. As with a lot of the others who have posted I did not know Reuben Kee personally. However his music has had a positive impact on my life for which I am thankful for. It is quite clear that he has impacted many of our lives, or we would not all be posting to this forum thread. Often times in our life we don't get to see what kind of impact we have on those around us, and it is a tremendous shame that he can't see this himself. Though his death is a very sad occasion I take away from it that whether we know it or not, how we live our lives will effect the lives of others. I think it's wonderful that someone so young was able to effect so many. Reuben's family: I offer you my prayers during your time of loss. As someone who only knew him threw his music on the internet I can not imagine the pain you must be feeling right now. If you can, please be glad for the fact that he has impacted all of our lives and probably many others who knew him personally/cannot post to this forum.
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