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  1. No problem, really. I just tend to be on the wordy side with my comments. Well, he DID say on Rozovan's submission that he wanted more people commenting, so, ya, he did, sort of
  2. I see you haven't got more than one or two people responding, and the DJ Prez himself is asking for more people to comment, so let me help you out a little bit. I'm gonna be brutally honest here, as you want to be accepted on OC. I like the piece a lot for the first thirty seconds, then... well, it was hard to hear the rest of it through. Excluding the mixing quality (which is pretty muddy in general), the problems were of a compositional nature. These are all suggestions, but I hope they will help you with this piece. 0:00 - 0:32 sounds very awesome. It sets you up for a chill orchestral groo
  3. I understand you haven't applied any effects or EQ to the mix yet, so I guess I can't comment on that (for now ). However, the beginning orchestration sounds... incomplete. If your gonna orchestrate something, realize that there is a lot to work with, not just a cello, two violins and a trumpet. It sounds very empty right now. You need more than that in order to fill 50s of musical space. The texture doesn't change, which leads some listeners to believe that it lasts too long. Add to the texture, add some instruments, add something that will keep our interest for the entire 50 seconds. Also, o
  4. Gotta hand it, the piano sounds MUCH better this time around. The use of space on the piano by jumping the melody an octave, and the emphasis of counter-melodies sprinkled in it, moving in and out like waves hitting the shore of a beach... sounds much more convincing. Well, can't say too much more now. I hope to see this in OCR someday soon. Oh, and I like the bridge better this time around. It sounds atmospheric, almost mystifying. Also, it connects to the chorus better this way . The piano FO is effective at the end, but could be just a wee little bit longer, IMO. Really, I'd be very surpris
  5. Huh, never knew there was this kind of competition on OC... I think its great! Good for working on those comp-chops! Ah, well, here's my mix! http://www.box.net/shared/oz9olku2g7#Gario-Off_the_Rails_(To_Infini xxx I felt it needed a different treatment than normal, so I changed the beat to 7/8... if anyone's wondering WTF is going on in the mix. Edit: No change to the mix, but I don't know if that link has the proper naming standards for this competition. This link hopefully will fix that. http://www.box.net/shared/tg2bgoe5ur#ORC114_Off_the_Rails_to_Infini ...perhaps I'm just a little paranoi
  6. Oops! Sorry, I forgot this isn't the common BC song, so here's the source here. http://www.box.net/shared/hh4du65kzs As I said on my first post here, I personally agree that this is not OC material because of the direct quotations. However, I do need to address that the harmonies are DIRECTLY from the source, if you listen to it; it sounds like a direct Bond quote because I purposely used the same instrumentation as the Bond series (which is perfectly within the OC limits, I believe). The only direct quotes that don't correspond to BC at all are the Guitar (which I am debating right now as wha
  7. I must say, great mix of Spark Mandrill... Most of the 'electronica' music in it is well balanced and mixed. Personally, I feel that the bass beat just doesn't have enough 'omph' behind it; it could be tweaked a little using the bass EQ. Thats just IMO, though, as there isn't technically anything wrong with the bass, either . The piano, though, does need a few tweaks. It could be a lot more dynamic... the sound is too static. Even though the source material is salient enough as it is, it just doesn't feel right without incorporating enough play with the dynamics. Otherwise, great piece, lookin
  8. OK EVERYONE... I've changed the server AND lowered the file size. Supposedly box.net is a pretty good server, so I hope there are no more problems with the dl process anymore... I admit that the file didn't change that much from the last post, but it seems no one could listen to it, anyhow, so here it is again. http://www.box.net/shared/n0ttuqhboc Til' next time, and comments are appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Hey everyone, I knew coming into this that the file was too big... so here is the project cut down to 2.44 megs (and not to mention an extra 1:20mins). Again, let me know what you all think (which is easier now that you can dl it). http://www.savefile.com/files/1867264
  10. I know, the file's like 15megs or something, right? This is a new comp for me, and I haven't downloaded the right compression tools yet. I'll make the file smaller upon my next update, just need to dl Super or something.
  11. The names Commando... Bionic commando... Hey all, got some music for ya! I noticed that there isn't enough Bionic commando music, so I am taking a shot at something new, here. This is the music from Area 5 in BC, or level 3, if you prefer. Stylistically, I'm trying to make it sound like the soundtrack from a James Bond movie... it might be a bit too much 'Bond' for OC right now, but I'll make tweaks before calling it complete. BTW, this is a WIP around 1/3 - 1/2 done, so if it sounds incomplete... its because it is Comments are appreciated, thanks! http://www.savefile.com/files/1866702
  12. Overall, the piece sounds coherent and moves along quite well. It feels like its going somewhere, and I can't wait to find out where (which isn't something I can say about all minimalist music). The orchestration sounds good so far, and the spacing is okay, although I personally would use a little more of the bass area every so often (The bassoon touching below C3 in the ostinato just doesn't feel like enough for me). I understand its not finished, so I can't critique any compositional ideas your incorporating as I can't know what they really are until its finished, although I have to say I lo
  13. Hey, OCR! I figure I'd share some original stuff with you. I'm better at this medium than remixing VG music, anyhow ... This is a piece I wrote for a RPG2K3 project. It sets the mood for a chase between the protagonist and antagonist in... well, its a combination of the FF4 Tower of Babil and the Ocean Palace (it makes sense in the story, trust me). This piece is really a combination of four songs, two of which are my own. The other two are the Ocean Palace from CT and the Giant of Babil from FF4. I've listed all of my source material here as both midi arrangements and wav files of the m
  14. Hey, OCR world! Just want some feedback on this other than my own. I made this a few months ago, and I wanted to come back to it and give it a fresh look... Now that I have, I found the drums to be a bit repetitive and mixed a little too loud. I also find the synth that carries the tune perhaps is used a bit too much. Other than that, if anyone could give me some feedback, it would be appreciated. By the way, if the samples are not great... well, if could you direct me to a site or two that I could get better samples, I would appreciate it (I'm using what came with the program right now
  15. Ha, yes, the mastering is very sloppy; I'd even say it is none-existent. Its too loud and even cuts out in a lot of places. However, I'll have to fix it later - my speakers are not giving an accurate sound at the moment. I'll get to it later, though The beginning, though... heh, I really didn't expect it to go farther than a simple arrangement, as I'm trying to get the hang of a newer program, so I guess that shows. I'll take another look at it. Thanks for the input, Skrypnyk.
  16. Hey all, Postin' a mix of the Hive from DKC2, as I don't see it on OCR. Haven't spent much time tweaking the levels yet as the speakers I have at the moment are popping a lot. Oh well. It is set as a heavy electronica mix... as of yet I haven't messed much with the EQ but I plan to do that before I submit . Let me know what you all think. http://www.savefile.com/files/1573124
  17. Well Fantasy, I'll admit, I love the source material. Because of this, however, I will be forced to be more strict on my listening and possible criticism, so beware I really like that you've surprised us with a slow groove to chill to. Because it is considerably slower than the original, however, you must be careful with you sense of temporal space (in an arrangement like this, it is a potential killer). Ok... After a few listenings, I'll have to say that there is enough material in here to hold my interest for four minutes. There are a lot of neat tricks you use to keep it interesti
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