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  1. I hope all is well my friend.

    1. The Damned

      The Damned

      Long time no... read.

      I bought a house a few years after the last time I heard from you. It's been that long.

  2. This song gave me goosebumps throughout. Definitely one of my top 10 favourites.
  3. DAMN this is good stuff. 3'05" gives me goosebumps. Definitely one of my favourite OC remixes of all-time, and its of such quality that it honestly is timeless.
  4. 00:00-00:18 - okay, this seems like a nice standard Mario remi- 00:19 -
  5. Shit, long time, no see.

    Did you die and then come back? Are you a zombie? Vampire? Vampire zombie? Vambie? Zompire?

    1. GenericAsianGuy


      Good to see you again friend!

      I'm now the Generic Azompirasian Guy, just stare at my profile picture and imagine I'm saying "I'm baaaaack~"

      Feel free to let me know if you need any forums/site set up for any upcoming projects :)

  6. I second Perfect Blue, for being mind-blowing and this catchy song: And some more recommendations: Psycho-Pass Cowboy Bebop Shinsekai Yori Mnemosyne (rated R+)
  7. The forums will explode if you stutter at least once during the interview.
  8. DNS is messed up; I'll have to play around with it. Sorry guys, hold on tight xD
  9. That'd go very nicely in our "Tracklisting" page on our semi-existent site. I've went ahead and made an account for you on our forums; you should have received an email.
  10. Holy crap, you're good. Damned, I like this guy.
  11. Maybe I can quickly work on something, like a placeholder. Where would it be hosted? On my server? So the template: **big ass banner** **horizontal navigation** **content** **footer** <= includes ocremix banner We can discuss specifics over at our forums.
  12. I got on it The forums should load faster now. EDIT: I may be able to work on the site if no one else wants to. My plan for it is to be like the gameboy screen: http://www.imserba.com/files/imagecache/mainimage/files/63uxm2t.jpg Note that I'm in university, so I'm one busy generic asian guy.
  13. Oh, there's also this video: View please *_* (It's only 32 seconds long)
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