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  1. Definitely a fantastic take on Nilsen's - 'After the Storm'. The first word that immediately popped into my head while listening to Gray's Ecco 'mix for the first time was the word "epic". Graylightning, the crafty lad that he is, managed to take the shortest theme from the original Ecco the Dolphin CD and crafted a much longer and more epic sounding masterpiece. The bells, strings, wind chimes, flute, percussions, and pizzicato strings really stand out and all come together quite beautifully throughout the song. This mix is 'epically hypnotic' OR 'hypnotically epic' - are those even Words??
  2. Gotta say that this is by far my favorite Orchestrated theme from Graylightning. I love the flow of the entire piece, it starts off great and manages to maintain the momentum till the end, very very smooth. My favorite part of the piece is definitely how he used the choir sounds, WOW! The strings are really good to. Too bad there weren't any phat tekno beats along with samples like: "You make me feel soo goood, feel sooo good."
  3. STAR OCEAN REMIX: Now here's a mix that took me by surprise, and I LOVE mixes that do that. Having never played or heard any of the original tracks from the game I wasn't burdened with the task of having to listen for familiarities between the two, so with that I could just sit back and enjoy the music AND BOY DID I EVER! Even though it was the name of an old game programming book, I think "Flights of Fantasy" would be a more appropriate name for the mix as it evokes the feeling of flight through a fantasy world. I would DEFINITELY love to hear this song in a future Panzer Dragoon game as i
  4. Having followed Graylightning's Video Game remixing career for a while now I can easily say that this is my second favorite mix of his. Schala: Memories lost in time will remain #1 for a long aZZ time, but it's great to hear other very high quality mixes of his trying to steal the championship crown away from Schala. I'm not familiar with the OSV from the game so this remix was my first exposure to the song at all. Regardless, I found it VERY highly enjoyable right from the get-go. There was no 2 hour build-up, it was immediate gratification! I originally went in with no expectations at a
  5. For days I've been experiencing some sort of mental/reviewer's block when it came to trying to review this song and today it finally became clear to me why! During my first few listens of this song, I have no bloody idea why or what drugs I was side stream smoking the past few days but I thought the song sounded alot like a medley. With Medleys the structure doesn't remain consistent and changes often to introduce various other parts. I thought the song elements changed quite a bit during the mix and I just couldn't put my finger on the song well enough to formulate an opinion of it. BUT then
  6. If the mix is incomplete then so is the original soundtrack The original was 33 seconds long and ended the same way as this mix Anyways, definitely my favorite Sonic coverage! I remember renting the import Sonic CD way back during the good old days of Die Hard Gamer's Club and I considered the title screen track the best piece of music I heard during that entire year!
  7. I really liked this theme! I'm not familiar with the orginal theme from the game but as a general music lover I thought the mix hit all the right notes (pun intended) providing the feeling of peace and serenity to the atmosphere. I always love to envision some thick myserious foggy settings whenever I hear atmospheric songs like this. Doctors should consider paying to use this song to calm the mind of their patients as I truly believe it could do just that. I could list all the great things I love about this mix but that would take too long. OH what the hell! Really dig the part that
  8. I agree with Metasquares.. Samples take a FARRR backseat in comparison to composition in my opinion.. I felt the piece was pretty darn nice, I dug the whole thing..
  9. Like I've said before it's aboOt bloody damm time this song made the rounds at OverClocked Remix. I had the great priveledge of hearing this song a while back and was utterly blown away by it.. So surreal, peaceful and emotional.. To me it's definitely one of the top tier mixes of all the mix sights out there! Be forewarned though, just like Konega said, Graylightning is moving up fast in the remixin/arrangin world and will drop ya on yer azz wit hiz mixin skillz if he hasn't already done so!!!!
  10. I much preferred this song arranged instead of remixed and I'm incredibly happy with the results here. EXCELLENT work lad... Very nice and soothing atmosheric mood, I really loved the nice catchy ending you added. I quickly downloaded this song once I read the "Blue Vision" name part and thought it could be a reference to the underwater level, which to me was the absolute best theme in the game. I guess the whole Remix vs. Arranged argument will be around for a long time to come but it's my belief that not all game tunes lend themselves to being remixed well as opposed to being arranged well.
  11. LOL... Yes that or something similar like- "I would have really preferred "real" instruments, but I was short on cash so I had to settle on borrowing you from your Junior High School band class."
  12. When it's in quotes does that mean that the word REAL INSTRUMENTS refers to the sounds one can get from a Casio Keyboard from Service Merchandise?
  13. DJPretzel, how dare you mispell the name of a GOD!!! It's 'NILSEN' .. Repent NOW!!! Anyways the mix at hand is beautifully smooth and sets a nice fantasy-like atmospheric mood...(Yes I said that ) LOVE the Pads n Synths!
  14. I seem to be in the minority here but I liked the theme a good deal.. The minute I heard it my imagination was warped into some dark corridor in a First Person style view point.. On its own I'll admit that I felt the mix needed a little bit more to get extended play in my Walkman/Discman But in a game this mix would be JUST RIGHT..
  15. I have to reiterate as to how much I love this mix!! I'm so friggin addicted to it and those strings are kicking my azz all over the place. I Especially love when the strings come in at the 1:18-1:23 mark, they'd melt frozen butter in an instant! I just love hearing the whole dynamics of the strings being played from the sounds of every note being stroked... I just get goosebumps when I hear that string part, hehe.. Damm I need to get a CD recorder ugh!
  16. Sheesh I don't know, I thought it was pretty good overall. I actually liked the intro Alot with the interesting sounding strings. The strings sounded kinda hollow which is what gave them such great character to me.
  17. Geeez what was supposedly wrong with the strings? lol..I thought they were Superb. I really loved how this mix remained very faithful to the original. The 3:05-3:10 mark made me smile so much cause that was always the theme I hummed to myself throughout the years
  18. I thought the mix was pretty kickbutt.. It was quite energetic in alot of areas, very upbet and catchy.. One of my favorite parts was at the 1:20-1:24 part, that was truly great, gave it an epic feel at that point. Outside of the bassline I don't see what makes this a techno theme though
  19. I loved this mix the first time I listened to it. I got no complaints, wouldn't change a bloody thing.. The volume jumping up n down I actually liked alot, it added a great effect to the song to me.
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