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  1. With Sega's official endorsement, did they help the creator's build a machine that will properly replicate the Genesis? That's the downfall of most of these retro-throwback systems. I remember the Nessiah (or something like that) released about five years ago with huge hype online only to crash when everyone learned it was utter garbage. Even popular systems like the RetroDuo and FCTwin aren't perfect, so I'm curious whether a company's endorsement might help this one. If it does, this thing might be worth it...
  2. Seriously? You never thought he's just... trying to cut out a shitload of trial and error. Mario flash animations are a dime a dozen, with the majority being utter crap. I'd find ways to try and avoid the shit too. As for Mario flashes fitting the description... Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom is the closest I can think for that, it parodied the Matrix... a lot. The author based it off of another animation that took forever to finish, but I can't remember the name of it.
  3. Whelp, so much for a MM9 style revival, and about 90% of my faith in the project. I heard the advance series was decent, so Sonic Team still had some good 2D people after the fall from grace. Wonder if they're still around.
  4. Wow, I feel dumb for having missed out on this. His site is down at the moment, anyone know of a mirror? I really, really want to check this out as Beatdrop's stuff is almost always amazing.
  5. Without. The Classic is a decent controller that ditches the stupid mess that was the Gamecube button layout in favor of the SNES layout that has more or less become the standard. The Classic Pro is the same controller but with better shoulder buttons and a comfort that, in my opinion, is better than the Dual Shock. I'm hoping more games start tacking on Classic support, and judging from the games here in Japan, that is starting to happen. I actually prefer playing the N64 with the VC and Classic Pro over the original. Bash waggling all you want (don't get me wrong, it's deserved), but any game that allows for the Classic controller should be given a shot before one can claim the controls were a turn-off. (Nothing beats the 360 controller though.)
  6. Insane oversight on the part of Tatsunoko/Capcom. The Samurai Pizza Cats and also Speed Racer are arguably Tatsunoko's best known properties outside of Japan thanks to cheesy dubs and a catchy, catchy theme songs. Who dropped the ball there? Edit: Apparently Tatsunoko.
  7. It's a stand alone set? Are all 493 obtainable, or will people still need Diamond/Pearl/Platinum? I've been fighting the urge to pick up Japanese Soul Silver for months now, I can't wait to pick up an English copy. Especially now. One other question: do you know if HG/SS is able to trade off the bat with D/P/Pl, or is that locked for the first half the same as FR/LG?
  8. Poke'G

    Nintendo Wii

    Yeah, the new Pro controllers are amazing and finally give the Wii a comfortable controller with a logical button layout. It's Nintendo's best one in well over a decade. Playing the N64 VC with it is amazing. I bought one when they first released over here and was so impressed I immediately picked up another one.
  9. The Pokemon Company always starts revealing new poke'mon well in advance of a new iteration. If it's really less than a year away (and the next game set in the main line), why hasn't anyone heard anything yet? I'm pretty far from any Poke'mon Centers, but it sounds like now's the time to be checking them out. With the lack of new poke'mon, has anyone thrown the possibility of this being Ruby/Sapphire on the DS? It would allow the entire lineup to be accessible for DSi users.
  10. Poke'G


    You're next, North American domestic number one spot.
  11. Poke'G

    NFL Playoffs

    Yep. Way, way, waaaaaaaaaay before.
  12. Holy shit, it did come out in 2006... Why does it (and the other two) still feel so new?
  13. Ha, I remember when once upon a time the race was to finish the project before Diamond/Pearl hit stateside. Damned felt that the album would face a huge setback since everyone working on it would, as true Poke'mon fans, switch gears to the new game. And here we are almost three years later. I cannot wait to hear the final product.
  14. Poke'G

    NFL Playoffs

    What if you have multiple teams? As in "I really have no idea who I'd root for if they played each other?".
  15. Poke'G


    I was really confused when I started the game, cause it didn't seem to have anything to do with being first person. Then I rotated the block... ow.
  16. Poke'G


    Ha, no. On a different note, Avatar is up to $1.37 billion, the second highest grossing movie of all time. Anyone think it has the momentum to toss Titanic at $1.84 billion? Domestically it currently sits at $441 million, where Dark Knight has $533, and Titanic $600.
  17. I wish, but I think Sony's dead set on courting the tween powerhouse that pushed High School Musical and Twilight to ungodly heights. ... Suddenly I want Raimi back.
  18. I like how Sony immediately says reboot after scrapping 4. I guess all the companies have to be careful now and constantly be active with their franchises, or else Disney Marvel will snatch back control. Edit: Oh, and I will further lament the loss of a Lizard movie. Three films, three name drops, and they couldn't decide on a villain for the fourth film?. F*** you Raimi.
  19. Poke'G

    NFL Playoffs

    Yep, he kicked their ass away and on their own doorstep. The Packers are out now, so there's no hope of a final showdown, but Farve could still try to go all the way to show Green Bay they cut someone who not only still has it, but can even still lead a team to a championship. We'll see next week, but I'm still rooting for Dallas.
  20. Poke'G

    NFL Playoffs

    Thanks atmuh. Holy shit, it would be insane to see the Vikings and Packers play off for the division championship. If the Vikings win, it would be the best "Fuck you!" Farve could possibly give to Green Bay. Too bad I like the Cowboys.
  21. Wait, does OCR even have a master list of the removed on the site today? Seeing that the songs were once hosted at the site, it seems really poor form to not have a page (not forum topic) acknowledging it. I agree that OCR doesn't need to post or distribute them any longer, but to not leave up some point of mention just feels like the admins and judges are sweeping the issue under a rug. That just doesn't strike me as professional at all. ... Never mind, I found the ReMix Changelog. The chain of discourse really made it sound like this didn't exist. No problems here anymore, save maybe having a link to that page in the music drop down menu, rather than having to dig through the FAQ.
  22. Poke'G

    NFL Playoffs

    I'm in Japan, so I'm slightly out of the loop. I never really felt I was a big football fan, but I left the country and was surprised that I actually kind of miss it. What's the playoff standings so far?
  23. UHF Kung Pow: Enter the Fist Deterrence Gojira Rock N Rule Versus Battle Royale Hard Boiled
  24. That's quite a stretch for games like Link's Awakening or Wind Waker. Anyways, until more info comes out, I'm not that excited. I'm expecting Twilight Princess with a gimmick ala Majora's Mask (Ocarina of Time with a gimmick).
  25. Wow, I can't wait for this. The X series needed more OCR love. I was a bit worried reading that it's all encompassing, but the SNES games are getting the bulk of the remixing, so I'm happy. Good luck and have fun guys!
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