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  1. *Ahem* Does the name King Koopa mean anything to you?
  2. To be fair, he does state the song is not his and he has no idea where it came from.
  3. NNOOOOO! Aww man I'm gonna miss that guy. I hope this summer doesn't turn into another celebrity death extravaganza... The Red Ranger? He was the youngest cast on that show which I, as an 8 year old, thought was weird since he was the leader. He's probably not even 40 now. EDIT: He's not. Thanks Ralphis!
  4. These two look amazing. I'd go so far as to say these are the best headliner poke'mon since Charizard and Blastoise. I wonder if they'll be straight up psychic and dark as per their appearance...
  5. The Japanese name is Pokabu, which is them possibly trying to say Pork Cub, which could easily segue into more edibly natured names. Assuming the US version keeps that name, which does happen for some Poke'mon. I can see Porkub, or Porkut.
  6. This was incredibly well done. The only complaint I could come up with was using Zelda 1 Link instead of the side scrolling one from Zelda 2, but that's simple aesthetic preference. The game works surprisingly well. Oh, and yes, needs more Kirby. ... I really do like the game, I swear!
  7. Wait, so I guess two separate questions then. 1.) What games were either of those ripped from? I didn't recognize them, and they look great. 2.) Can't HD games still be pixelated? They'd still be a higher resolution than the original graphics, but not sleek in appearance. I'm not trying to get smart here, it's an honest question. HD issue aside, I do think those demos have a better visual look than what Sonic 4 has right now.
  8. There are fans already on the job, and doing a better job than the idiots at Sega too. These are fan projects. Sega's a game making company. Clearly it's not too much to ask for HD graphics in 2D that look like all belong in the same game. Both of these use a visual style that looks passable as the continuation of the original 2D games, rather than yet another attempt to force feed the "new" Sonic and friends to the world for the umpteenth time.
  9. Didn't the forums used to do that with OCRAPS? That was before I joined up, so I don't know whatever became of the OCR Anti Piracy Squad.
  10. That sig goes so well with just about anything Bleck posts. I fear the day he changes it; the loss of win will be great.
  11. What? No, Nintendo can and has patched games from the Wii Shop Channel. I know for a fact that both Star Fox 64 and Military Madness were patched; not sure of any others. All you need to do is re-download the newer version, which is free to do at any point after the original purchase. It's also how they update the internet browser. A Wii Ware title is no different.
  12. Ah Final Fight... you tried so hard to be better than Streets of Rage... At least your amazing cast was able to segue into Street Fighter and live on.
  13. The new graphics are the best improvement, as they are better detailed while completely keeping the retro feel of the old game. It's unfortunate that the new music isn't as good as the original and that the original music option's volume is ridiculously low comparatively, but the new music isn't terrible and not worth crying over, let alone condemning the game. As for the translation... who the Hell pays attention to this stuff? The only part that jumped out to me as blatantly different was Balrog's "OH YEAH!", which I think is more in line with his character than the fan translation anyways. I cracked up when he burst through the wall shouting that. If you liked Cave Story enough to have spent money on it, pick this one up. Pixel's even on board, so it's not going to get much better than this.
  14. Poke'G

    Tron 2

    Yeah, there are apparently some really obscure games on here. I got that and a few others by guessing the near obvious, despite never hearing of them before. I'm at 45.
  15. Poke'G

    Tron 2

    I don't know... the idea that Flynn has a secret office in his arcade hidden behind a Tron machine... ...but damn those are some sweet visuals and music.
  16. Who ever was that fur clad wolfman... ?
  17. Yeah, from what you've given so far, the idea is definitely worth putting some effort into. See what you can pull off!
  18. Poke'G

    Nintendo Wii

    Sonic & Knuckles just released on the VC. Anyone know if it can it link with Sonic 2 & 3? If so, I'm definitely picking these up. It's been ages since I played S3&K. (Anyone know how to link up, if they do.)
  19. Oh thank God. The first game had such great voicework, but that trailer was borderline painful. There are other previews out there, and they were very relieving. Although Raynor now reminds me of Solid Snake.
  20. How long has that zerg trailer been around? Kerrigan's voice actress in that is terrible, like listening to a bad LARPer.
  21. From the silhouette I was really worried about it being a Lucario evolution, which would have made sense as an early reveal given that he's so goddamn popular. I hate Lucario, so I'm happy simply on the fact that Zoroark isn't related. Poke'mon have looked far worse anyways. I'm also amused at the Japanese inability to romanize their own language, ゾロア is Zoroa. That's even the way they have to type it. What gives?
  22. Anyone played the Final Fantasy IV sequel on WiiWare? It looks like an attempt to see if there's any old school turn based interest on consoles.
  23. Yeah, I was no fan of Ruby/Sapphire, but I loved the Diamond/Pearl entry. I bought that the weekend it came out, and friends in the clubs I went to bought DSes just to try the new Poke'mon game. It brought a lot of people back, plus new blood. I don't think I had that much fun playing a new Poke'mon game since the first, nor ever will again now that I'm abroad and working.
  24. Why do I remember the three bots being named Silver Sonic (2), Metal Sonic (CD), and Mecha Sonic (S&K)? Is that official? Maybe I'm remembering that from the Archie comics. Regardless, it beats calling all three Metal.
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