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  1. Eh, what was the issue with cp_steel?
  2. Screw achievements and screw hats. I could care for less on the whole trading business, though I admit I benefited to getting that Powerjack. I just play for fun... and get ticked off when half my team is trading. Oh yeah, we should have a vanilla TF2 day. It'd be fun watching spies used to the deadringer not being able to use it.
  3. Agreed. Although I'm personally iffy on some of those changes myself, it's a mod meant for a different experience and take on the game. Got a test date yet?
  4. Didn't even know that was possible. Just toss the event up on the OCR group and I'm many of us will be available for joining in on it.
  5. Stephen Chow. Madness without Sparta and idiotic brilliance.
  6. I could care less what the movie is about, so long as it ends with the death of OCAD and celebrating with the most awesome remix ever created by everyone in the cast. And if not OCAD, then just Brushfire's death will be fine.
  7. Ah, sorry about that. I apparently got multiple requests for certain songs and what not so I was more focused on that and probably didn't notice until about the second or third time. I don't intend on doing a ridiculously long DJ night like that on the spot again anyways... too much for me actually. Personally, I try to set volumes such that it's background and you can still speak over it and hopefully hear uncloaking spies a bit still.
  8. Apparently, I stole Brushfire's DJ status for one night yesterday as people continuously requested micspam songs for about 2 hours straight. Courtesies of Chili for starting it. I may be back for it in a week.
  9. Well, I just looked through his songs, and I can't seem to find it, so either it's not him or I overlooked it. ... on the plus size, I did find some awesome stuff by him.
  10. This is song I've had on my computer for a few years, except that it's incomplete, I don't know the name of it, and I don't know who made it. Does anyone know what it is? http://www.mediafire.com/?musov4no0qyn3l8#2 Apparently, it was also heard on some sports montage commercial, but I've yet to find that.
  11. So... anyone else thinking that prices oughta be cut down to about 25% at least of what they already are right now? Also, lol at the Rocket Jumper.
  12. And as of a few days ago, Civilization V has made it even more empty. Only people regularly playing still are Highlander teams, about ten regulars, ten half-regulars, and about ten random people a day. That's about 20% of the normal activity. Plus side is, I can't think of any more super-popular games coming out within the next month, so I figure we'll start getting 24-player games in a few weeks. ... or, better yet, if someone wants to have an event scheduled...
  13. It doesn't really matter, because we haven't really had the server full more than once or twice since Halo Reach came out. In fact, it's been about 12 players at most for a good amount of the time. I'm sure we'll get our players back... eventually. CURSE YOU HALO!
  14. I'm out due to marching band event (football game) all Saturday, but I'll be around for one of these eventually. Most of my Saturdays are, in fact, filled by marching band events up till mid-November. I should have a few Forge World maps finished by the time I'm able to play with you all though (or in beta-testing stages), as that's where the majority of my time goes for Halo: Reach.
  15. And there is at least two of every avatar in that pack. Same with the sprays.
  16. ... .. sadly, no. I might get into it next time I have a long stretch of free time or something.
  17. WindStrike

    Halo Reach

    I am a Forge World fanatic, so if anyone here wants a map request, I'll see what I can do about it. Fyi, I WILL remake ctf_2fort from TF2 eventually. Or if you give me a basic layout, I can create off of that.
  18. For anyone interested in getting back into the whole Lantern Corps stuff, here's some avatars/sprays for you all to claim and use: Avatars - http://www.mediafire.com/?7xsoly2p2j694h0 Sprays - http://www.mediafire.com/?ouhhiau1ch8d3fh For the record, Brushfire has claimed Blue Lantern Corps and I've claimed Green Lantern Corps.
  19. Well, if you need anyone for a potential replacement, bug me through Steam. I'll try to get my gamer mode back on if I'm needed.
  20. New kill count for mission "In Utter Darkness" - 2997 enemies killed, Hard difficulty Died when the corruptors started massing in.
  21. Ok, I was going to play SC2 tonight (namely Battlecraft), but something came up, so I'll get on Friday night definitely. Speaking of which... - http://www.d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y.com/ Best site ever.
  22. Anyone up for Battlecraft matches Wednesday night? I'll be on then, like... 9:30pm EST about, maybe slightly earlier.
  23. I might hop on this weekend. Been having band camp stuff and all. (our show is pwnage, suckers)
  24. Hey, can we NOT have everyone on one team be all regulars that are like, top 20 while half the other team are casual players? People complain about rage spec, THIS IS WHY THEY RAGE SPEC. This isn't just a one-time thing; it's been happening a lot, and it really discourages people from playing. It's not like we're all forced onto one team, and team switching in cases where it's obviously one-sided is easily viable. ... just about half my complaints scrunched into a little rant, feel free to ignore it. And it won't help your Highlander teams at all if it's a complete roll ya know.
  25. Not only did I not make it to an event that I requested to be set up, but when I came in an hour late, I joined the other server. ... this late night stuff and vacation tiredness stuff is throwing me off really bad.
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