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  1. We're still playing the campaign, a lot of us. It's made of awesome. Multiplayer, I've only played a little bit so far... I've found that I suck in the beginning, but can do decently late game. Also, Faster game speed is too fast for me. Most I can keep up with is Fast, though I still prefer Normal. "In Utter Darkness" - 2737 kills, Hard difficulty. All air does NOT work. Eventually, you just get overwhelmed.
  2. Now include custom terminator armor for FROGG. That is way too frigin' awesome though. And while we're at it...
  3. Thank you. After all, I'm a variable player - sometimes good, sometimes suck, sometimes meh, just... yeah. Secondly, for some reason, you seem to know what I'm thinking if we're both on. Like, I'm forced to go Engi or Sniper when you're on, cause you just kill me... a lot. I don't know why I have more trouble against you than FROGG.
  4. I'm starting to think people hate me as heavy more than they hate FROGG as heavy. Getting complaints especially from kamikaze about me going ninja-heavy and killing her every time in a 1v1. Also, when I heal you, and it's toward the end of the match, and I almost have uber but not quite, DON'T CHARGE INTO THE ENEMY. Had three people just run straight into a bunch of sentries, and then I had no one to uber because they died.
  5. First time I went through that, I was on Hard difficulty and just shy of 2600 kills. But I found something at the end of it - there are two areas on that map that can only be reached by air. So I'm going to try that strategy next time.
  6. I started on Hard difficulty, and it is definitely challenging on some missions. However, I think that challenge makes it funner. Also... how the heck do you kill Immortals? No matter what I shoot it with, sure, it'll die eventually, but not after all of my heavy stuff is dead.
  7. Ghosts in the campaign are the greatest units ever. I can practically solo missions with them... though they are rather expensive. Username: WindStrike Charcode: 294
  8. Even worse, we're gonna turn on RTD (Roll the Dice) mod. Fun fun.
  9. This is something I've noticed a few years ago. If there's a remix that plays a theme I should know at about half the speed or less, I won't recognize it. Heck, not even remixes. Know the Ocarina of Time title theme when the ocarina (or whatever it is) kicks in? That's the whistle theme you hear in the original LoZ when you blow the whistle to carry you off to a different level.
  10. I'mma hold off til like, 9:00-9:30pm EST afore I join in on Source tonight.
  11. There's also me, but you typically backstab me before I'm able to kill any of my other friends, at which I just burn you to death out of frustration, so it's all good. Those of you that know me, I try to join the losing team - if I can't tell, then I'll just take my best guess. Also, can people please back me up instead of running away every time I run into FROGG? 3 on 1, we can win that no problem, so I don't see why all of my teammates run the second they see a heavy with that hat.
  12. I'd be up for being admin if one, I weren't manager of another game already, and two, I'm off to college in three weeks, so there's no telling if I'll really have much time for Source anyways. Also, sorry for not being on last night, thunderstorm came by and struck my internet off a few hours prior to the event. It's actually still down and I'm at a friend's house using the internet there. That said, until I get internet back up on my desktop computer, I'm outta the game for a bit. I look forward to dying a bunch when I return.
  13. http://store.steampowered.com/app/630/ Freeware game coming onto Steam in a few days, top-down shooter that goes up to 4 player co-op and looks like it could be a bit of fun. Anyone else thinking of getting into it so we get a party or two together for some bug hunting?
  14. I say the next CS Source event should just be called "If you have CS Source, join". Then we could get a whole fest of... people. I dunno, my mind is out of it. Yeah, that event was certainly fun with its larger number of people. In the meantime, I'm going to go learn how not to suck.
  15. Thanks man. Noticed it when a BLU- errr... when a CT spoke and I realized we didn't do a vote.
  16. Sure thing. If you're not in the OCR Steam group already, bug me to invite you (my steam profile link - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197995227322). Guess I'll bug one of the admins to set up an event night or two for this coming week. Oh yeah, short notice on this one (contradictory to my reply), but I'm hoppin' onto the OCR Source server tonight at 9:30pm EST (7/15/10) and I invite anyone that has Source, whether you aren't good at the game, pwn everyone, or somewhere in the middle, to join in. EDIT: There's a CS Source night tomorrow planned as well that starts a little earlier at 8:00pm EST. Quick personal note on that one, I'll be late joining in on that one due to dinner event. EDIT2: Something I've noticed everytime we OCR Source regulars hop on - we always (everytime) turn alltalk on via votealltalk. Can we just have this on permanently? We're not exactly a "pro" server (no where near close), just more of a... get on, shoot each other, have fun and laugh about it. Especially since we often have low player counts where we might as well have alltalk on.
  17. Or you could replace the new one with your own music (or any track for that matter). I'm fine with the sandman bonk effect coming back in full, minus the stun effect on ubers. The heck is the point of an uber if you just get stunned the entire time you're trying to use it?
  18. The following was a part of the ??? TF2 Event that was on the RED server tonight: - Roll the Dice (RTD) Mod - Engi update was still popular, despite the limit of 4 engis - About 16 guys switching names with each other. Took about an hour before anyone actually caught onto this. Here is the list of who was who. Original / Switch! - !! = Aeronaut - Aeronaut = ??? - [lions]bonzai = Necro - [OCR]<DsH>Draken-Korin = [lions]Maniac - FROGG = FireSlash - Gamemaster1379 = That other MAV2013 - [OCR]Kenogu Labz= [OCR]WindStrike - [OCR] Krowbar = ParanoidDrone - Lale [solid Snake] = MAV2013, Ice Man - [lions]Maniac = bonzai - MAV2013 = !! - Necro = Lale [solid Snake] - ParanoidDrone = FROGG - Powerlord = Paranoid, Kagami 2, XX - [OCR]WindStrike = [OCR]Kenogu Labz I don't think I missed any, but that's everyone that I knew about. I say we have another RTD night (or some other crazy mod). That was fun, especially the no-clipping stuff.
  19. This man speaks truth. I only relay rumors I hear coming from people that don't even play the game, like bLiNd or God or Captain Falcon. Also, Engi Update = SNIPER FEST. Seriously, anyone using the Wrangler will die to me... unless you're using it in close corridors.
  20. LIKE THE RTD PLUGIN IS THE ONLY THING HAPPENING, AHAHAHAH. ... like I'd know what else is going on... *runs*
  21. Currently, all the admins are people who play TF2 but not Source, so we could definitely use someone that goes into the server regularly to be admin. I do like to play Source a bit, though I wish when we actually had those Source events that people other than myself and one or two others would join. It's not the type of game that I really want to play every single day, but I'm still one of the active people on the server, so just like Halt, hit me up and unless I've got an event going on for some other game, I'll be glad to play. I don't think we have stats on the server, though I could be wrong. Far as know, most people here don't really care about stats, so we might as well put it on the server and even if no one here is ranked #1, woopty doo, just so long as we get more people and have fun.
  22. WindStrike


    What are you talking about, that was 4 months ago. ... not that I knew before today. I had my doubts casted on Avatar 2 initially as they had no book to base it off of unlike the first one, but this... actually looks really good. Let's just hope it doesn't turn out to be like The Last Airbender where only the trailer is decent.
  23. Ah what the heck, it seems RTS is the only type of game I know of that I'm able to be consistent (that is, not sucking half the time). I'll give it a go and see if I like it.
  24. A Tribute to Nujabes - Poem of Sky and Sea, by Robotaki http://www.animeremix.org/remix/103/ My personal favorite as far as chillout type mix.
  25. The main site has been inactive for an eternity pretty much, half the mixes weren't even downloadable for some reason. I personally don't care about that site much unless it comes back without getting hacked one week later. Now the one I'm concerned about is dod.vgmix.com, cause I know a lot of people were still all over that monthly competition. I've greatly enjoyed listening to each month's entries, and I know a lot of OCR remixers participated in those a lot.
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