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  1. I am all for making rounds 3 minutes long. Seen quite a few matches go past 3 minutes long and it makes people wanna quit. Also, I'm thinking we turn one of the regulars for Source into admin.
  2. To everyone that nominated and actually voted for the test_hardware map... And a boot to the head.
  3. Ok, it's not lagging like it was a few days back, so it's all cool. I look forward to... wait, I suck at the AWP, I'm going scout tomorrow! Office + ct spawn = fun fun.
  4. Speaking of which, how have I not been banned yet? I do this all the time.
  5. Kill de_port and cs_compound. Port is too frigin' large (sniper friendly much?) and compound just isn't designed well. I'mma hop on later tonight and check out if it's laggy like it was last time I was on a few days. Oh yeah, whoever set that AWP event night thing... it's spelled "appreciation" not "apreciation". Yep, I'm definitely the grammar nazi ("definitely" = most mis-spelled word I've seen on the internet).
  6. If I had a decent upload rate, I'd upload my music set... my upload sucks waaay too much to get out 1.08 GB worth of music.
  7. Drop port, the map is waaay too large. Assault even in Source is still rigged for Terrorists, but if you wanna keep it, be my guest. If you can find a non dusty version of de_westwood, that'd be awesome.
  8. Some of the music in Brawl was good (namely the stuff they actually made and not just tracks ripped from other games), but of course, there's always better stuff that can be added. About 2/3 the music in my Brawl is replaced by remixes and whatnot. I mainly play using other music and texture hacks, though I turn some moveset hacks on when I play with my friends (only the good ones though, which there unfortunately aren't that many of).
  9. Well, I'd say the Source server has definitely been fun so far. Source is still $6.80 people, if ya don't have it, get it! It obviously ain't TF2, but it's still fun. I personally play it for the sake of getting my aim better and having it not suck (... except it still does... ;_. EDIT: OCR temporary server (or possibly permanent) upon NS2 release? Heck yeah.
  10. Before I saw the trailer, I seriously thought it was "Kirby's Epic Yam". I'd totally play that.
  11. Enemy fire axes are invisible. Lots of lag whenever a lot of people die about the same time. However, the plus side is that there are no actual lag spikes. Ping is about 40-70 for me, which is where it's normally at. Also, since when did sixto play TF2?
  12. Packs that I used (does not include absolutely every single one of them, .mp3s not included, individual avatars not included either): Falco - http://www.mediafire.com/?iakjntzzq1q Fox - http://www.mediafire.com/?meyemwdgwm3 Peppy - http://www.mediafire.com/?mrmhmgkdjdr Wolf - http://www.mediafire.com/?jzenmyttmxz
  13. Thank you to everyone who was a part of the OCRTF2 Starfox night, whether you were on Starfox, Starwolf or just playing as yourself. It went a lot better than yesterday's rushed night, and kudos especially to ROB 64 for the best timing with the best quotes. More than likely, we won't hold another Starfox event for quite a while (probably another month), but if someone wants to organize together a different themed event, gather some interest up and go for it (my next suggestion would be Metal Gear Solid btw). The following is the list of "who was who?": Starfox: - Fox McCloud = ??? - Falco Lombardi = MAV - Peppy Hare = Wind - Slippy Toad = ctr_100, <DsH>Tatsuma - ROB 64 = Krowbar - General Pepper = Game kid Starwolf: - Wolf O'Donnell = Wind, Gamemaster - Pigma Dengar = ctr_100 - Andrew Oikonny = Draken-Korin - Leon Powalski = Kenogu Labz - Andross = !! ??? means I don't know who subbed in for that person. If I missed someone, I apologize. Thanks everyone again!
  14. I'm all for eyelander night, but not tonight, as we have Starfox night tonight (starts 10:00pm EST). Speaking of which, it's going on RED server tonight, not BLU, so if you wanna avoid the Starfox stuff, we're not messin' with BLU.
  15. Ok, the Starfox night that's planned tomorrow will still go as scheduled... however, for Brushfire's sake, we'll hold a mini one tonight starting 10:00pm EST, if you need an avatar, bug me and I will get you one.
  16. Wooooaaah Brushfire, it's TOMORROW NIGHT, NOT TONIGHT. TOMORROW.
  17. Yo and welcome to the OCRTF2 community! It'll install from the disc, but just know that Valve has added so much since its original release, you'll still going to be dling like, 2 more GB through Steam after installing. Friendly reminder that Saturday is a Starfox TF2 event night... if we get enough people, we'll shift to RED, otherwise it's going on BLU, more info in this previous post - http://ocremix.org/forums/showpost.php?p=686468&postcount=1195 Event already approved by Brushfire.
  18. Yeeeaaah buddy. I'd rather autojoin isn't turned on so I can join the team that seems to need the most help if possible. Friends? I believe in them... when they're dead. (I obviously don't mean in real-life)
  19. For those of you that missed it last time, myself and others are doing yet another Starfox TF2 OCR night this Saturday night starting between 9:00-10:00pm EST and running till it dies out. Yes, it's a Starfox micspam event, however, I am running the rule of no excessive micspam so that it doesn't completely overwhelm everyone. If you're playing TF2 that night and don't enjoy Starfox micspams, just mute everyone. We have a good amount of players, but... it's currently an uneven ratio between the two teams. So if you want any of the following slots, PM me or bug me in Steam (don't publicly announce it): Starwolf Team: - Pigma - Panther - Andross Bold - we really need someone to be Pigma If you want be someone else, it will be considered after Pigma is filled. And now to let this post be ignored simply because I am the one that posted it. http://www.teamfortress.com/images/posts/tomorrow_large.png - Headphones? Guess we'll know tonight.
  20. There's a really awesome looking Star Wars Freelancer mod still in development that looks like it'll be epic - http://www.freeworlds-tow.net/ ... but of course, no one really knows WHEN it'll be released. In related news, we could see a space simulator in Starcraft 2 when it finally releases -
  21. Whoo, finally finished all five cups! (Mountain of Pain or whatever that second last track was was ridiculous) Still gotta get all the unlocks, which is the even harder part. In other news, I ought to be shot, as I have just started recreating de_dust2 into Modnation Racers. Yeah, it's surprising how well this is working. I'll post again when I'm done with it (which isn't going to be today).
  22. That it has. Also... most regulars here know the approximate playing abilities of other players, so it really disappoints me when I see all "the best" join one team... even worse is when a mod does it and I know that he knows he's teamstacking. Granted, there's no real way to stop this... it's just something I'd like to point out... yet again (I'm not naming people).
  23. Oh you need not worry about AI difficulty at all. Three speed levels (Rookie, Pro and Elite) and then four difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, Hard and I forgot what the ridiculous one is). I'm not all that experienced at the driving yet, but I took my latest course (which is hard, needs some fine tuning) and turned the difficulty up to hard... it really is hard, which makes me afraid to know how insane the fourth difficulty is. I have not gotten far in the career to reach boss races, so I don't know how hard they are.
  24. This game is made of awesome. I've only played it for a few hours so far, but it's just been insane so far. The racing is seriously Mario Kart on steroids (imagine a 200cc mode) with ridiculous weapons that levelup and I've gone from 12th to 1st back to 12th and to 3rd in one 3-lap match (yes, you can change the lap count, I recommend higher because of long load times). Speaking of long load times, I hear Half-Minute Hero is a great idea to work in. o_O (I haven't tried this idea actually) I wish I could change the controls, but I can live with the controls given (take the accelerate/drift buttons in Mario Kart and switch em... wouldn't be too bad if the PS3 controller didn't have your finger keep slipping). Overall, despite control setup/looong load times, this game is definitely worth it, I've created a track called "What the heck?" because within the first 5 seconds of the race, all the AI drivers fly into the wall and crash many many times later. Not something I'm ever publishing, as I was literally just testing stuff out.
  25. Well, if anyone remembers that Starfox theme we pulled two weekends ago (which was an awesome night), I am setting up two more. The one this weekend... I'm keeping silent on it for the forums. Anyhow, the other one will be next weekend (Saturday night, May 22nd, starting between 9:00-10:00pm EST) and is totally going to be Left 4 Dead (1 & 2) based. Anything from those games can be claimed including enemies... that said, depending on who gets claimed and the like, it may be a team-thing like the Starfox event or just a giant glob of people as Left 4 Dead guys going around... killing people... obviously. That said, claims may start being made now, but either PM me or message me in Steam for the claim (don't openly post here, don't need everyone know who's who before the thing even starts). First come first serve basis. I will update this post everytime I get a claim... may not be instantly, but I'll be as fast as I can, despite having school blocking certain long periods of time. And due to an event I have that day, I will not make a claim. Claimed: - Nick
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