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  1. Backing up Starcraft 2, along with Dawn of War 2 expansion - Chaos Rising, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, various other ones listed...
  2. Anyone up for scrims tonight on the RED server? Just need someone to set the place up. I thought someone said something about OCR Monday scrims about two weeks ago, so I figured I'd bring it up.
  3. And I got the topic where those pictures came from: http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.php?t=8671 (it'll take a little while to load) Yay hundreds of scouts in FortCraft!
  4. May our TF2 resident Pyro find a way to eat cake through his mask. Happy Birthday, Darke!
  5. I'm heading up to Kalamazoo, Michigan on Wednesday and won't be back until a week later, so more than likely, I'm probably not going to play TF2 until then, even though I'm hauling my computer up. So no ocrscrimming for me on the new scrim time (Monday, 7pm EST). ... well, maybe I'll hop on a little bit on Christmas, but no guarantees. To those of you that think I'm good with a medic, it only lasts one good round for me, and then I'm out. I just can't stand playing medic more than one round... that said, next time we do scrims, I refuse to be medic in a highlander match. ... and yes, scrims are fun.
  6. I refuse to play Diablo 2 again... at least, not the standard version. Too much meph/baal running ruined my life for too many months. On the hand of things, there's a friggin' awesome mod called Median XL that just makes the game heavenly. It says its compatibility is with 1.10-1.12, but it does work with 1.13. http://modsbylaz.hugelaser.com/ Best. Mod. Ever. Also, what's tppk'd? I probably know it, but it's been too long since I've played the original to know what that is.
  7. Somehow, I thought plr_panic was actually cause plr_furnace... no clue how that happened, but yes, definitely add plr_panic to the rotation. Also, need moar cowbell.
  8. Dunno about panic, but definitely add furnace. That is a darnright fun plr map. Also, is there any particular reason why the RED server is still passworded?
  9. http://www.teamfortress.com/war/victory/ ... still using shotgun (it's more of that I don't rocket jump much). Crafting time!
  10. It's supposed to be down until the update comes out, which I'm guessing will be out within the next two hours. EDIT: Two hours? Scratch that, it's out now. Go get it!
  11. Except me. Regardless of the damage buff, I'd rather have the shotgun. More than anything, I'm gonna mess around with the crafting system and see if I can get something awesome out of it.
  12. Sounds like the standard gameplay style meets Super Mario War to me... if anything, I think it'd be fun to get 4 really good players and have all of them try to speedrun the game at the same time. Haven't gotten the game myself... probably will for Christmas, but overall, it sounds funner to kill each other for a while until everyone gets down to one life, at which point it's funner to stay alive and work together.
  13. As someone that knows this very person, all I can say is that you've heavily improved from whenever I last heard you and this song is awesome. After listening to it several times... when it gets to the last thirty seconds with all of those 8th note triplet runs, they seem slightly out of place especially with the swing rhythm played behind it. It might just be the right/left hand volume issue, but it's the one thing in this piece that's sticking out to me. ... also, maybe it's just because I've heard you play it a few hundred times but... I keep hearing the chocobo theme during the first half of the piece. I think it'd be cool if it was intentionally mixed in there just as a quick snippet (random suggestion). Great job and I look forward to hearing the final performance of this!
  14. WindStrike


    I barely caught that one, took a second to realize "Wait, that's a Chrono Trigger reference! Holy crap!" You know, I think if they pretty much just cut out most volumes 3 and 4, it'd end up a lot better overall... but yeah, they're doing a great job with the latest season. Swords...
  15. http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01356/ - Seized with Fury, housethegrate For at least the beginning part... and the rest of the awesomeness that ensues.
  16. Dangit, atmuh beat me to Audiosurf! I don't completely agree with Audiosurf as its color goes moreso off intensity/beat of the song rather than the feel of it (except Silent Death). But yeah, the visualization of music is probably a natural process that goes on with every musician (except the blind ones... maybe), the most common obviously being color. I personally find I'm able to make a battle sequence in my mind from roughly 67% of the songs I hear... other songs cause more of a self-reflective feel for me. What he said.
  17. Did I say 5 hours? I lied - I meant at least a day. Download just suddenly dropped on me. I think the reason I have patience for this is because I've taken a torrent of something slightly larger that had only 1-20kbs download over several weeks, and I still say it was worth it.
  18. It might be overloaded... afterall, it's a 2.33GB download... You won't really find a "fast download" for this one - just use torrents (and my personal choice for the torrent program is uTorrent). For me, it probably won't be done for at least 5 more hours, but considering the size of the file, that's fine for me. It may not be instantaneous, but give the torrent a few hours and find something else to do.
  19. Dangit, I'll be spending 17th-18th for Bands of America... blargh. Well, do whatever is most convenient for ya... maybe I'll be able to make a different meetup or something.
  20. I'll take a shot at the Bb Clarinet music. I don't exactly know what your "not particularly difficult" is, but I might be able to do it. If it turns out I'm having too much trouble, I'll hand it off to someone else.
  21. Woah woah woah, seriously? Dude, I frigin' live here. Heck yeah I'd come... assuming it doesn't happen to interfere with a marching band event or practice. Then that'd suck for me. Sundays are nice for me personally, with the exception of October 4th... of course, it's not like I call the date of this or anything, just saying.
  22. I'm pretty sure he was just talking in general about the original game music and a little of the arrangements and the composers... cause I definitely heard "Nobuo Uematsu" and then a humoungous cheer, and a little bit later, "Yasunori Matsuda" with an almost a big cheer. If there was anything else, I have no clue what it was.
  23. ... mine's louder (probably cause I amplified it a bit since it was so quiet to start with). That asides, I think yours are just barely slightly higher in quality... plus you have the Encore that's not screwed up, which I thank ye for (and the Overture as well).
  24. Ok, UPLOADED! http://www.mediafire.com/?wdmdjnyzumt As I previously said, the Encore is slightly screwy as far as the intro goes, but asides from that, everything there should be of decent sound quality. And yes, it's about a 100MB .rar download (the tracks did not compress at all). Then again, it's nearly 80 minutes long... you could just stick it all on an audio CD.
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