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  1. Sensai

    Dota 2

    Predictions for tonight? Any heroes we all want to see?
  2. Sensai

    Dota 2

    I wanted to leave it ambiguous so I could always go back to him if I needed him, like an abusive lover or something. But now, after that first loss with him last night...I can safely add 'over' to my previous statement.
  3. Sensai

    Torchlight II

    The original Torchlight is my most played single-player game on Steam. I have been patiently waiting for months now for Torchlight 2. The inevitable delays only harden my soul so I no longer cry myself to sleep at night at their promises. I'm very much looking forward to the game, though.
  4. Any word on this? I'm excited to see what has transpired.
  5. Sensai

    Dota 2

    I'm officially my Invoker kick. Thank God. I've never felt more disappointed in myself. Anyone have any success with Tinker? I want to learn him (despite Rambo hating him), but don't know what to do besides be an annoying little guy and push all the lanes all the time. I think I 'get' his general mission (massive burst early, mid push, late perma-sheep/Shivas), but every time I try him the game is over before anything happens. What am I doing wrong?!
  6. Sensai

    Dota 2

    No no, hush. I'm not a terrible person for enjoying my Invoker play. I still think he's overpowered, definitely. I feel like they should remove the damage done by EMP. Surely losing your mana is enough? Especially since the damage done by Tornado isn't THAT shabby and if you're hit with Tornado, you're more or less guaranteed to be hit with EMP. Then again, I'm not Icefrog. I don't know what I'm doing.
  7. Sensai

    Dota 2

    Or games where they're on our team! Yay!
  8. Sensai

    Dota 2

    Invoker is a stupid, stupid hero.
  9. I was fearing I was going to get sucked back into DF, but the new update and the lack of a Lazy Newb Pack to go along with it assures me that it won't happen. When it does come out, though...well, who knows.
  10. I feel like I've been almost monopolizing the thread of late, which should stop after this post. Sorry about that. Anyways, here's my almost complete write up. It's long-ish and probably a little hasty, but it'll serve. It doesn't yet have pictures, so if you're wanting those, I suggest waiting for me to update it tomorrow. Without further ado, I give you the third year of Prisonshanks, as told by Sensai: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17670/DORFFORT.txt (text version) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17670/The%20place%20was%20called%20Prisonshanks.pdf (text version, now with pictures!)
  11. I think what I'm going by right now is {JPST} Sensai. It's likely easier if I just link you to my page.



  12. I'm writing mine up now. I stupidly left the pictures back at my place, so I won't be able to add them in 'til Sunday at earliest, but I should still have the plot of things written down soon(ish). Hey Jade (or whoever has it now): did Sensai make it? Poor little dwarf with nothing in the world but her ability to count.
  13. Sensai

    Dota 2

    We should have had her on our pretty ladies team. Also, hello everyone.
  14. HOW DID YOU LIVE!? I cannot wait to see your write-up. My God. I'll try to have mine done by the end of the weekend.
  15. JadeAuto, I don't think I know you but...I feel like I owe you a drink and dinner. I'm so...I'm just so sorry. I did everything I could. I think I'm going to have to rewrite my write up, so I don't know exactly when I'll get it in. I'm a little busy this weekend, so I'm hoping for Monday or Tuesday. The end of my term, though, I'm going to consider a mutiny due to -- well, y'know.
  16. The selection of species isn't random (assuming that you're on the PC). Just click on the big ass picture of the class and it'll switch you...unless the other classes have reached their limit. Anyways, I really like the game. I've never played the earlier ones, but it's obvious to me that this one has been dumbed down to fit easier on console controllers. Still, it's fine; it's a lotta fun. I have a few gripes with the game, specifically the way that the Aliens control...the ability to walk on walls and ceilings is one of the cooler things I've experienced in a game so far this year (the other being Braid; I know, I was late to the party)....but it seems a little broken. I understand that walking on the walls is cool, but when I jump, I don't want to always jump on the walls: sometimes I just wanna jump. Probably a simplification for console gamers, but fairly aggravating all the same. As for the melee system, I feel that it needs a little bit of...I dunno, explaining. It's not terribly deep, being not much more than a big game of rock/paper/scissors. Light Attacks (LA) are quicker and therefore beat out Heavy Attacks (HA) which take forever to use, but break through blocking, while blocking can block LAs. LAs > HAs > blocking > LAs I haven't gotten to play much (maybe 2 rounds of Alien and Marine, one of Predator), but something I did just figure out is that the whole 'hit stun' thing, where you've just been hit by an attack, seems to be purely cosmetic...I don't think that it actually stops you from doing anything. The Marine, especially, is strong in this area: middle clicking (or meleeing) after being hit pretty much stuns them and gives you the ability to kill 'em dead. TL;DR: Fun game overall, making up for the fact that it's a pure port from the console versions. A little polish could be nice, but hey, watcha gonna do? The melee system is simple, but once we all get the hang of it, I feel like it'll be better.
  17. Man...I bought the id super pack for ~24 bucks. We're talking like 20 games (one of which is the Commander Keen _series_) for 25 bucks. Incredible. Given, half of my games are now Doom or Quake related...but watcha gonna do?
  18. Braid for two and a half dollars? Absolutely for me. I think I'mma pick up Defense Grid or whatever for my dad...he absolutely loved Plants vs Zombies and I figure Defense Grid's the next logical step.
  19. Happy birthday mate! Can't hear me...? Turn up your hearing aid. I SAID, TURN UP YOUR HEARING AID.
  20. atmuh, I'mma call your bluff. Go 'head and tell me a 'decent' PC that you built someone for 300 dollars. I really wanna know what it is. @L$D2: Bleh. I don't wanna rain on people's parades, but...it seems pretty much exactly like the old one which, while fun, got really old really quickly.
  21. ....I swear, Pyro used to be the least played class.... ...I saw it happen. They used to be much more challenging to play... /cries
  22. University Internet permitting, I'd love to play. That being said...University Internet is usually not permitting. Don't count me out, but I probably wouldn't count me as a definite, either.
  23. Aaaaaargh. Those flags are going to be so badass and I'll regret it if I don't get one. Sign me up. God dammit, I am so poor. [Edit:] Also, I intentionally didn't vote. They both look really, REALLY awesome to me and either one would be a fine addition to my walls.
  24. It looks like school work is going to calm down a smidge from here on out...so here's hoping that I'm going to be able to jump on a bit more. I miss playing with you guys.
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