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  1. not an over-hyped response: THIS REMIX KICKS A$$!!!!! i agree with other posters about the twisting and bending of the themes. right from the start you're drawn into the groove and each change leaves you begging for more. actually, i felt as if i was playing the game on hyperspeed. then the ending comes and you're warped this way and that finally ending with a great twist. love it. i think you need to do this again for other classics. you could work wonders with say the zelda sound fonts or other SNES greats. you are a god. epic. period.
  2. i'm on board. i hear a lot going on though so sometimes i get a little confused but then the melody breaks through and i'm alright again. do i hear a bunch of different decisive battle themes in there. i know 6 but i can't place the others. also, love the little bit of prelude in there. great stuff and great playing. you've got some sick ass talent! can't wait to hear the finished product. -kobuu
  3. ok. so up until now i had my faves: terra in black, pheonix symphonic, etc. mostly stuff from the FF games that i know so well. but after i heard this you have reawakened my inner samus and i have to say that this piece is sooo beautiful. i feel as if i'm samus walking in the caves of zebes or sr388 look at the little enemies on my way to grab jump ball or something. i can hear the footsteps of dark samus in the deep and the screech of ridley in the distance. my new fave piece obviously. thank you and NEVER STOP mixing! (and pixie [your vocals right?] why are you not doing that professionally!!?) kudos from kobuu:-o
  4. ok, the flute has come a long way. felt it haunting into my head....so good. there is a little dischord right at the beginning with the choir transitions. i think it's intentional tho so no complaints really. i agree that the drums are written extremely well. some of the "trips" (for lack of a better term) and the synchopations are incredible. at first i thought you totally just messed up...but THEY WORK!!! keep going. can't wait to hear the submitted version!
  5. and i love the serpent trench bit at the end. im right, aren't i? sweet. cant wait for more. once this becomes official it's going right next to "Terra in Black" and "Phoenix Rebirth" as far as amazing ff6 pieces!!! KUDOS!
  6. yeah, got the info a while ago. just a shmuck i guess. anyhoo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! kobuu aka tot
  7. so my listening before thought it had other connotations in it. version 6 (which i'm thinking that you either just put up or i missed it) sounds a lot more put together. once you're done tinkering i think you'll have a solid piece. i do have to comment on that really heavy bass in the first half of the piece. it's a little over the top for my taste. you can have the same effect with something a little less irritating. and, change it up a little. it's WAY too repetitive. i agree with some of the other comments. love the piano and the glitchy-ness in certain areas. like the tempo changes in the middle. and, towards the end of the song, do i hear some tal tal? i think dropping some of that in there would be okay too. kudos for so far! can't wait to hear the next installment!!
  8. i have to agree that this is a "lush" arrangement. very nice and WAAAAAY better that the original. that music was too repetitive. i like this because it's interpreted and rounded off. and more YS love would be nice. so you have 2 votes for that one. oooh...and i LOVE the time changes. simply brilliant. keep up the good work and submit this one!
  9. ok. totally blown away! seriously, i've been following this one through all your hard work. i can't hear the little things, just the big picture and this one is AWESOME!!!!! submit now! cheers!:mrgreen:
  10. wow. i thot i was blown away by the beginnings of your KH remix, this one really did the trick! i really like the opening. maybe just tune it up a little...seems a little disjointed with the flow of the rest. but otherwise good. then the plays on the melody are amazing! i especially like the end play of the original theme. great way to slow it down a little and tie everything together. really a great piece. i can't believe that i hadn't heard a previous remix for this. oh, and about tying it to sora's song, or the main theme...i don't think that's a good idea. i think it would make it muddy. although this is short, i think this piece is already near submission time! kudos!
  11. ok, i agree with nekofrog, that beginning is just too long. either make it the same tempo as the end OR (and better suggestion) just start the song at 0:55. perfect solution...just might have to make a better intro crescendo so the song doesn't sound like it's coming from no where. also, Dancing Mad is an awesome song but there are a TON of pieces to it. what about maybe tying bits together in a totally new arrangement to balance the organ. there would still be a lot of organ but maybe in a better way. the percussion is beautiful at :55 and again later in the piece. some bass might really help carry the beat and tone also. and, in my opinion and probably lack of knowledge, where's the chrono? if that's where the sound fx/sample came from, kudos! i guess i don't know my odl skool square as well as i thot. but if not, or if you haven't put chrono in, or if it's there...it needs some power! dancing mad is a formidable opponent for any other song so you have to balance the image and weight of pure kefka evilness. lol. overall, really great start. can't wait to hear the next installment!
  12. i agree with "PF", one can never have enough of tal tal heights. and having never heard snake's theme before, this was a great opening. the end/beginning clearly needs work but you already know that. i like the "mash-up" feel to this song. the back and forth with the same drum beat unifying the two makes for easy listening. maybe punch up the drumline a little more? really make it edgy? i dunno, brainstorming here. really great start so far. i'm already psyched about getting a copy of brawl and this really helped get me motivated! keep up the good work and i look forward to the next update.
  13. dude. ok, i was not ready for that. i totally thot it was busted at the beginning with just the str8 up source but then...WHOA! i have to say that the sample sound fx are nice. the weird siren-sounding thing in the background at 2:15 is obnoxious however. and the woomp-woomp at 1:07 i think needs to be a dif. instrument. i don't know what your options are but i think what it is right now is just a little off. too...whoompy? lol. overall AMAZING start. love the transitions and the "naked" part at the end (touching back to the source and then picking up pthe dub again). can't wait to hear the next update!
  14. where did it go?! i wanna hear!!! you rock for any KH remix. seriously an under-remixed game. ignore that. just got it to work.
  15. i agree with the other posts, you should put it back in 3/4. well, actually, you could do some amazing things in a 6/8 time. you have flexability there to use a 3/4 and a 2/2 (4/4 sounding) meter. switching it up and bringing it together with some more concise sounds would do it great. that and the title doesn't fit. windmill gone berzerk makes me think of something going just totally out of control. this doesn't do that yet. it needs to do that slow speed up thing at the end, crescendo into some total cacophany of musical genius and sound great. i think you can do it. good luck!
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