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  1. Hey palp. I haven't been back at Corneria, but I recently put up a MM3 Geminiman WIP up on the workshop forums. Check it out if you like. I've done some mixing and EQing, but am looking for more direction in that area from some experienced folks.

    Happy Wednesday

  2. Hey Vinnie, I just got the decision on Corneria Airspace. I appreciate good feedback, wanted to thank you for taking the time to write some. Thanks!

  3. Hey Ocre, thanks for the shout! You still hang around on irc? Been a while since I stopped in there!

  4. Thanks. I would like to polish it up a bit, especially the quieter title screen / stage select interlude. Maybe I'll sub it once it is done... Are you making music still these days? Still @ Strike 911.net?

  5. I was thinking about that the other day! Sorry for the delay! I've wanted to work on it, but my CPU is crapping out and until I get a better one, I have been a bit put off of music making, lol.

    Here it is, let me know what you think.

  6. Want to say props for Chekan Winter, that is a killer track man, i dig it a lot. Nice work.

  7. Hey Rey, my friend did sell that guitar a couple months ago, I think he got the 1800 for it. Now you know! :-)

  8. Pezman! How much to ship that NanoKontrol to Canada, T8V 2Y2?

  9. We're still a green for tomorrow, as per the deadline. If its a sucky turnout, we'll talk about a potential secondary viewing party for those who almost finished and don't want to wait until new years.

  10. Hey Jewbei, so your Pretension remix is hot. White hot, I can't get enough of it. Do you have more music kicking around somewhere? If that track is anything like your other work, then I want it all. I very want it all :-) Thanks for the sick remix!

  11. Bro, I said it once, I'll say it again, loving your music. Sick Corneria Remixes, Absolute High is so great! When I post the next version of my perpetual WIP of Corneria I'll link it to you, its trancey also :-)

  12. Hey Josh, great work on your tracks in Songs for the Cure 2010; great double disc set! I like it a lot, good work.

  13. Jimmy, your track on Disc one of Songs for the Cure 2010 is awesome, I totally dig it. Props. Did you do vocals on that track yourself, or is it someone else?

  14. OKAY! I finally remembered the pictures of that guitar. Here you are sir. If it is late, oh well, thought I would do it anyway. My bad for being so slow, haha!

  15. Hey. I dj tonight. If I get done at a reasonable time, I will post round 2 tonight. if not, then monday, cause I am out of town on sunday.

    Also had someone suggest to me a first weekend in sept deadline, as that would be right at the summers end and more people may be actually around that time. What are your thoughts?

    Later Luke!

  16. They are coming back with Sonata Arctica? Really... well we will have to see then!

    I have an extra ticket for tonight as my friend also bailed, he got super sick! bad show for everyone I guess. Hopefully my other edmonton buddy will take it.

  17. Hey bro, I will definitely be there at the Powerglove/Hammerfall concert. I'll be in my black OCR T, so look for it. Come say hi!

  18. Dude, I don't have photos of it. I thought I did. When I get together with buddy again, I'll snap some shots and post em.

  19. Keep bugging me to get pics of that guitar. They are back on my external HD at home, I'll be there tomorrow. If I forget, feel free to remind me ;-)

  20. Wicked video bro, totally a step up in quality from the rest. Made some waves man, Irc was pretty loud about it.

    And on Lazy days, my personal hygiene routine is much more comprehensive :)

  21. Trance and Metal is not that big of a leap for me man, I dig both. I honestly haven't heard tons of chiptunes yet, but I have a buddy I hang out with who has some equipment to make that sort of thing happen :)

    I am probably going to be down in Edmonton for Hammerfall and Powerglove on the 21st of this month, @ the Starlite Room. Give me a heads up if you happen to be going, It would be cool to say hi to someone else on this forum IRL for once.

  22. Fragapalooza is Western Canada's largest LAN party, usually happens in or around Edmonton sometime in the summer. I was grasping at a possible connection, lol. Do you make it out to lots of Concerts down there?

  23. Hey Theophany, if you got something together for the OCR Music Video Challenge, that would be awesome! The more the merrier indeed, even if it is a bit thrown together :D

  24. Hey Demonstray, I see you are from Edmonton. I'm from Grande Prairie, good to know I'm not the only Albertan active here. Bit of a random question, are you familiar with Fragapalooza at all?


  25. Where in Canada are you from man?

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