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  1. Okay, I'm sorry if this was answered in the FAQ you posted, but I could not find the answer (I'm also sorry for all these questions...), but every time I try to load up a playstation CD and go to File -> Run CDROM all I get is a black screen. I have the latest version of ePSXe and I tried turning off some sound options like the FAQ said but I still get the same problem... Any help please?
  2. I have no knowledge of any forums that concentrate on emulators. At least not any active ones. I may have gotten a bad bio file, because when I put mine in the folder the emulator doesn't read it. I'll try looking for another one and see how that works out. EDIT: Okay I got the thing working, I'm just not sure how to play games.... Is it the same as the SNES emus, or can I put playstation disks in my compy and run them?
  3. I dunno if anyone here has any knowledge about PSX emulators, but I recently got one, and I am very confused. See, as soon as I activate PSX the wizard opens and guides me through the process of putting my PSX in the best working condition. Immediatly I get a message saying I do not have any PSX bios in my expse/bios directory (Which I'm assuming is "folders"). So the window told me what bios I should search for, I find them (Yes I have a playstation, but it broke sadly.) and put one of them in my bios folder. Both the English and PAL version just in case. Still I get the same message, and I'm clueless on this situation. Can anyone please help me out here? This is only discussion about emulators so I'm pretty sure it's allowed.
  4. I really like this piece. It reminds me of my town and how it would look like if it just got crumpled from war. With neverending rain pouring upon it. Gives me a nice relaxed feeling. Good mix .
  5. The first part kinda got me a little snoozing and tired. But OH MY GOD I loved the kraid remix. The blank spot in between the tracks wasn't that much of a good idea. But the kraid part I like so much I just HAVE to put this in my mp3 player .
  6. Awesome mix. I'm stil listening to it right now. Heh funny thing whenever I do homework assignments I turn on my SNES in DKC2, go to soundtest and listen to the swamp music while i'm working. Now I can listening to this sexilly modified version . 10/10
  7. Can I have one that is based on metroid? Preferably a super metroid one and if you can make it like a gray space pirate dancing (I don't know how just dancing) with big bold words METROIXER on top? The background can be anything.
  8. I only read the first two pages of this topic,but has anyone tried runescape? It's a nice fre game if you're a cheap bastard (Like me ). Although it does get boring after a while..
  9. Words can not descibe this mix. It is everything Zelda:LA music can offer to it's finest. At first I had no clue what it would be like when I started listening. Then oh the ocarina the beutiful ocarina that explains everything! From there on I just knew I was in for a treat, and I proved myself right. *Gives cookie to cthonic* cookies for only extremely well remixes like this. (>)>@
  10. I don't wanna put anyone down here but I did not really like this so much. I have no idea why but I just can't recommend putting this in your list of VG remixed music.
  11. I have 2 words for it also: top ten! This remix would be put in lower brinstar if kraid ever became an 80's fan. IMHO off course.
  12. Thank you! Oh one more thing: I'm russian. Just thought should point that out.
  13. I like this piece of art. I take it's from the village where tempest lives in? Or tempest's theme song?
  14. Haha hey hey newbie here! Yea I kinda posted a topic about me since I did not notice this topic. *thanks goes to sauzer for linking me* Anyway I think i'll make a more descriptive.....Thingy...About me . Anyway I love classical games over the new ones so I love how this site remixes the music and suh. I ain't much of a remixer myself since I don't have the equipment...Anyway I am very nice and tend to stay at forums/message boards long so don't expect me to leave soon! I hope I have a good time here! *Listens to electric clouds*.
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