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  1. Been listen to Kate for a while on YouTube. Love her song covers and remixes, they're all so awesome... Personal favorites of hers are this song, "You're Not Alone", "The Place I'll Return to Someday", and "Aerith's Theme".
  2. Warcraft II, Super Mario World, and Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest. FF:MQ wasn't that great in retrospect, but it was my first RPG, so I've got a soft spot for it. I actually still have the cart for it, but lack a working SNES to play it *sighs* The other two games have long since gone missing.
  3. I gave all my Pokemon cards away, not too long ago, to a young kid who really liked them. I just kept a couple of the ones I was most fond of (I refused to give up my Dragonite or Lugia, or Ancient Mew movie promo <3) Still, the little guy was ecstatic. I knew the cards I had were before his time, and he'd probably never even seen most of the original sets before. I don't think I've ever made a random kid happier, and his mom assured me she'd make sure he'd take care of them. I figure he'll appreciate them more than me, and now I have a little extra space in my room.
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And congrats on everything else!
  5. I've never talked to bLiNd, but I've heard his music here, and it rocks. I hope he gets well soon, he'll in my prayers.
  6. A few years ago, I'd gone looking for a used copy of Xenogears at the local Gamestop. I found a copy, $15 which was great considering I'd seen 'em go for $50 at other places. The case was all beat up, but I figured I could replace it, and I could live without the booklet. I take it to the counter, and the manager, who I knew, told me he thought he'd seen a better copy in the back. He brings it out, I pay for it, and I go to open it to check it out. The case wouldn't open. I looked it over. I realized it was missing the plastic wrapper, but it still had its seal at the top that had never been touched. It was brand new. I couldn't believe it.
  7. I like Nall. He's cute, furry, and can turn into a dragon...and dragons are cool. Plus, Lunar's a pretty cool game, even if I wasn't actually the one playing it (I watched my brother play instead).
  8. Hiya, been listening to OC remix for a long time, but never thought to make a forum account til recently. I'll probably wind up lurking a lot (I have a nasty habit of doing that, I tend to be shy ), but at least now I can post when I feel like it too ^-^
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