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  1. That's pretty awesome. It'd be cool if they were to port Ooga Booga. That game never wanted to run on my Dreamcast.
  2. Sampling has been a part of hip-hop in some form or another basically since the birth of the music. Rappers will not usually address the specific sample used in the beat, regardless of the genre of the original sample or where it came from. Often, the sample will be recognizable to begin with (in this case). Otherwise, it's obscure, which may present a challenge for the crate diggers to find the original and listen for the chops. It's all part of the experience. That being said, the chops in this song are not really so creative or interesting, though it is cool to hear the Chrono Trigger sample.
  3. According to one of the comments, it's a song from Phantasy Star Online Episode II. As far as which song it is, I have no idea, I'm not familiar with the soundtrack.
  4. I'm not a big fan of J-rap the way they do it with the fast, poppy sound, but if you can flow in Japanese on top of an American-style hip-hop beat, that's cool too. I wouldn't mind hearing Japanese lyrics over a beat I can make, I think that'd be cool actually. 'Course, whatever language you write in for any particular beat is up to you. I'm gonna try to make some new beats I can send to you soon. I may start on one today.
  5. In that case, it'd probably be better I make new beats then. While they probably haven't gotten so many listens, my old beats that I actually think are decent have been online for a while. Just so you can get an idea, though, you can find some of my older tracks here. If you like it, then I'll try and make a few new ones for you to choose from as soon as possible.
  6. I'd like to contribute a beat or two if I could. I haven't been making music for so long, perhaps about a year or so, but hip-hop music is my main focus. If you're interested, I can link you to some beats I've already done, and if you like my sound, you could use one of those or I could even make something specifically for you.
  7. I wasn't expecting something quite like this. I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting. Either way, it's a great mix! I'm not familiar with the source tune, but from a production standpoint, everything sounds great. Nice work!
  8. That's 'cause that's the sort of challenge Sonic games are giving you, as opposed to something like Megaman where the challenge is to analyze the situation and to react accordingly. The faster the pace of a game, the more memorization and less analysis.
  9. If you're walking through a store and you see a game demo set up, what's going to be the first thing you see? If a game looks good, then you may consider checking it out. Once you start playing it, that's when you start looking at the gameplay aspect. If a game looks bad and you haven't heard anything about the game, you're not as likely to try it out.
  10. He'd play it if it looked good enough to play. The point isn't whether or not a game has cutting-edge graphics that beat last week's selection of games. The point is that if a game is trying to present its gameplay in a way that makes it not very presentable, it's not going to be an enjoyable experience.
  11. Yeah, I'm saying that basically everything aside from the graphics is exactly the same as either game. I understand the nostalgia point as well. In a lot of circumstances, I can't really relate to it so well; personally, I'd usually rather play a visually / aurally updated version of the game, but I do understand how one might prefer the older version of a game.
  12. My personal top moment of 2008 would probably be Chrono Trigger DS. I never got the opportunity to play the game on SNES, so to finally be able to play an RPG spoken so highly of that I missed out on originally was a pretty big deal for me.
  13. I do know some people that consider graphics to be of utmost importance, and they won't even play a fun game if it has bad graphics. I think most people, myself included, would prefer to play a game that looks good, but would not dismiss a game entirely just on the basis of graphical quality. I mean, honestly, if you could play two different versions of the same game, one that looks great and one that looks average-to-bad, which would you rather play?
  14. That's not necessarily a bad thing. There are producers, like DJ Premier, that often make simple beats, but they can be incredibly effective and elegant. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7nu9UeodZ0 That's one of my favorite songs. "Nas is Like" produced by DJ Premier.
  15. When I was much younger, I didn't like hip-hop at all. Probably because when I first heard about it, it came along with the notion that hip-hop is inherently bad and listening to it corrupts you. And, of course, I eventually learned why people held these beliefs: because of all the stereotypes about the music that comes, probably in a major part, from what is played in the mainstream. So basically, I had a vague understanding of what it sounds like, and a prejudice against it... Without ever having really listened to it. Eventually, once I actually heard some, probably from what was in some video games, I thought it sounded cool. I didn't really get into it at first, though. I just sorta thought it was cool background music or something. Now, I'm heavily into the music. I'll listen to anything, as long as it sounds good to me. I still don't like songs that overdo it on the cursing, but my reason is different now. At first, it was because I just thought cursing was bad. Now, I can understand that cursing a lot kinda hurts the integrity and creativity of the song. A few curses don't bother me, though.
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