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  1. This song has both an awesome groove and one of my favorite melodies from Monkey Island. Don't know how it could get any better!
  2. Something about this song resonates well with me, been playing on loop for awhile.
  3. I know I talked to DJP about this before, but want to make it official here in hopes it gets worked on. A nice XML interface(or similar) would help in making 3rd party software able to read/integrate with the ocremix site. If this appears, I plan to work on a library for apps(like music players) to integrate ocremix into the player.
  4. Even after buying/downloading the whole soundtrack, this song keeps on being put on replay above the others. Nice and catchy!
  5. I've been an Ubuntu user since 6.10 ish and I'm glad to see how it's grown. It's a great OS, and I wish some things were easier, but I like the fact I know I'm in full control of what happens in the system. I, technically, use WINE alot for the games that work(so far mostly Spore and Steam), and am supprised how much it does, but like in previous posts, it isn't enough, there are still things that are broken(audiosurf-which I like to use with ocremix songs btw). Best place for questions is the forums first, then wiki/Google.
  6. I am using the XML file I made in this (now closed) thread(http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=17430) to make an extension for songbird. It started out that I was going to make a new media player to incorporate my idea, but after thinking and after I started the UI design, I thought it was silly to make a whole new media player people would have to "switch to" just to make my idea work. So I decided to make a plugin of sorts for one of my favorite media players. I use Winamp, amaroK, and songbird, so I looked to these for options to write a plugin. After looking at them, despite the fact I'm not confortable in Javascript, it looked like songbird was the best due to the "extension" idea it used from Firefox. So now, I give you the first pre-alpha of my extension for those curious. I must say, though, due to djpretzel's worry about spidering(which I understand from my own server which I am sure dies under much less stress the ocremix.org), there will be no update to the extension's list it checks against untill djpretzel gets his database ready. Currently, the extension will check your library of music to see how many of the songs on ocremix.org you have in your library. It will eventualy tell you which songs you are missing and then show you ways to get the songs you are missing.(either bittorrent if over 50 or HTML if under) I'm sure there are lots of bugs and fun things to smash, so please let me know if you come across a problem. http://www.box.net/shared/2c8fmol4wo Eyecreate
  7. Great idea! I have updated the xml file link to include that info.
  8. I am trying to create a program that uses remixes downloaded from ocremix.org, but I needed a way to index all the remixes, so I created a python script that indexed the whole site(as of now). I now present an XML file with the name of every song, its "song number" on the website, the game the source was from, and the name of the mp3(can be diff from name). I hope that someone else may be albe to fins use with it. Once the software is done, I will release it here. http://www.box.net/shared/x55a1bvokw Eyecreate
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